Friday, August 15, 2014

Amazing - Day two still here

Good Morning
I am online again this morning, counting the days until
I know I won't awake worried about a slow connection
so glad I could help those that contacted me on how to fix
the video feed that was affecting you as well

found on Pinterest

Which is one thing I do miss but dare I attempt to browse that site
In fact it was on pinterest that I noticed my internet was beginning
to work slow, when I opened a board and only seen a few photos
and lots of blank spots *sigh*

Why Yes the Holiday season is fast approaching
Fall will be here soon, and like most folks that create items to sell
I am bouncing all around with the seasons

Still making Elves
with the option to purchase or place on layaway
When I start Christmas items in full force it makes
me want to put up the trees and sing Christmas carols!

Layaway, hubby was just saying the other night that
my stuff is beginning to filter once again into the living room!
before long I will need a closet just for layaway orders, I love it!

I thought I had missed my Blog Anniversary
I started my blog on August 17th 2009

the trend of blogging sure took a back seat to Facebook lately
I noticed many do not post much and several report they do not
read them as often as they once did!
But recently I have seen more going back to blogging

Was trying to count the number of giveaways I have had 
since beginning this journey
I normally have one once a month

a Few talented members of A team I started on Etsy 

On the 12th of this month Little Miss Lilly
turned 6 months Old

she is growing so fast and just melts my heart with Joy

Hope you have a Wonderful Day


  1. Miss Lily has grown so much and such a wonderful smile. I have blogged less but only because I have less to say and make lately, things go a bit slower these days.


  2. Happy Anniversary!
    To our dear so very talented friend,
    I so love blogging.
    You are blessed. How very fast they do grow.
    Woolie Hugs

  3. Brenda I so agree...facebook has kind of took over. I haven't visited my blog for about a year and a half. The main reason was my laptop died and it was to confusing using K's Ipad. Well my Sethy gave me a laptop for Mothers Day and my birthday. So yesterday I decided to revisit. I couldn't even find it!! Lol..Have a wonderful day. Katie

  4. Happy Blogiversary!
    And happy HALF birthday to Miss Lilly.



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