Wednesday, August 20, 2014

It is time to pull out the TREE

Yes The Christmas Tree, well the small one *smile*
I need to set it up out on my deck for photos !

wonder what people will think LOL

I am making new Ornaments this year
And attempting to take photos of them
without the TREE is just not working for me

I feel like something is missing 

Even though they are in front of my basket full of cedar cuttings
That I am drying for the stems 
Thus the dead appearance of the greens (sigh)

Face it Ornaments just look better on a TREE

Heck maybe I should pull out the big one and
just proceed to decorate 

Nay I think the short one will work just fine
Stay tuned, I think folks passing by will think 
the folks living here have gone and lost their minds



  1. Nope, you are perfectly sane - and LOVE Christmas. You are NOT alone.

    I'm decorating the house for fall this week. (o:


  2. Hi Brenda!! It is okay, I have a small one in our guest bedroom and it is out all the time...even on the kitchen cabinet sometimes! lol! If you have to have a gotta have a tree!! lol!

    Could you tell me who designed the Santa in your post today? Is that a CCC pattern, hope so, because I have it already!

    Take Care friend and try to stay cool. It is hot in Enid, OK today! Ugh!

    God Bless and thank you for sharing who makes that Santa pattern! Donna

  3. Sorry to bother you again, I mean the single Santa...not any hanging on your big tree.

    Thank you so much! Donna

  4. Countercrafts I can not reply to your message by email, the santa is a design by Country friends

  5. These are so darn cute!! The snowman with the red and white sweater may just have to come and live at my house.

    I can;t wait until they are for sale.


  6. Such cute ornaments. Love the gingerbread man.

  7. Shhhhh I already have a tree up.
    I had a rough summer so my hubs bought me a new one.
    It is slowly being covered with woolie apples and pumpkins.
    Your ornaments are the snowmen but oh my Mr. Ginger :))
    Yes they need a tree...hehe
    Woolie hugs

  8. Each one is so cute and beautiful my friend Brenda!


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