Thursday, August 14, 2014


Good well somewhat good afternoon??

What a Week!!!!

I can not lay blame on myself for this much *overdue* post

Oh my gosh! I recently went over my broadband limit
something I have not done in forever!!
I can instead lay blame on Facebook

Here while back FB was putting automatic feed of video's 
in the newsfeed, and before I realized it, POOF I was done!!
I have since learned how to turn the mess off !!

But not first without experiencing the downfall of it all
making me unable to print shipping to access sites like etsy without
getting frozen out of them

Or even here is an example photo editing sites UGH!!

I delayed in making the phone call
And did not want to pay for extra daily! until my bill was due?
So I made the phone call instead and they set me back to
some usage ?? how long that will last I have no idea
probably until I manage, *or so I hope* manage to get this post
up on my blog

I have many items done and ready to ship in fact
all of those pictured but now fear if I attempt to load them
will I be once again frozen out of online use?

We always seem to live where I am so limited to internet access
I only have two options here? One I may be checking into soon
if this continues to happen 
yes apparently that one may be the one I am not using LOL

I am here or maybe not *smile*
I may not be here for another week until they roll it back yet again?

Gee I pay way too much for this to happen to have internet access

I am happy for now, unless I push that button that says Publish and
then get the wonderful response Of WAITING..and waiting?

I will be back

Hope you are having a better week then I have had


  1. I've missed you and OHHHHHH what a mess......I can't imagine dealing with that on a regular basis! I know what we went thru just in the 11 months in rentals after the fire trying to get phone and internet. Love all your creations as usual!

  2. Total awww, fabulous as always... I just love your work, I cannot wait to add more to my layaway.. ;)

  3. Well your post went through. Yay!

    We are on limited internet as well and I hate those videos on my FB feed!! I didn't know you could do anything about them. I usually just hide the videos, but that doesn't stop them from playing numerous times before I scroll down and see that they are there!


  4. Oh lovely new items. Love the snowman, too cute. Sorry you have limited internet access. Wow, I don't even know how I would handle that after always having unlimited.

  5. I can't imagine having to live with limited Internet. What a pain. Love your creations. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. How frustrating. I feel for you. At least the lot posted Ok. Your creations are wonderful and I hope you get it sorted soon.
    Hugs kay


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