Monday, August 17, 2009

My First Blog Post

Good Morning all,
Well blogging is a new thing for me and easier then I imagined.
My husband and I are now living at a beautiful lake and enjoying it so much, something we intended to do at a later time in life. Although it makes it difficult sometimes to stay inside and work on my creations, there are days when I can be found outside making things LOL. I will be dragging items out soon and taking pictures, being offline for so long gave me the opportunity to have a large inventory of finished products, so I will be listing them on auctions and other places to sell.
We sold our home and made a work related move for a couple of years, but I do have to say I had a blessing that has always been a dream of mine. I opened a store and did so great when the time came to move back to Oklahoma and close my store, I had several customers that actually showed up at my store in tears. I do miss them and hope that I can get this online business adventure kicked in gear soon so I can sell to them again and to find new friends and customers online.
The largest challenge I have faced in the last couple of years is the issue of space, as you can tell in the photo above we are living in a travel trailer. I am fortunate to have a patient Hubby LOL my stuff takes up all of the living space we have for the time. Lets just say we have a large family of dolls and critters that are living with us. My supplies and work areas are in every nook and cranny we have. Well I do leave his recliner and view to the TV unblocked, and we do have a sotrage building where several boxes of things reside LOL. We are going to be starting a home in the fall and I simply can't wait to have more room again.
Will be posting often so be sure and check back to see what is going on.


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  2. Hey Bren!!! Good to see you back online!!! Your place is beautiful! I'd love to be right there next to you in the peacefulness! Love and hugs, Becky

  3. Hello Kami thanks for stopping in, this is so new to me

  4. HELLO there Becky glad you found me LOL. Yes it is peaceful here. I can't wait to post pictures of my surroundings we are only a quarter of a mile form the lake it is glorious!

  5. Brenda!!!!!!! I'm so glad you are back online!!! I'm so excited!!! My name is Dana and I'm one of your customers from ebay and I bought alot of your dolls and I LOVE them. I'm the one that kept emailing you about coming back to ebay!! Well... I've kept you in my favorites all this time just hoping you would be back and tonight I was going through some of my favorites and I notice a new name and checked it out and low and behold you had changed your ebay ID and it was YOU!!! So I went to your about me page and read about your blog. I'm so glad you are back and I can't wait to see all your new creations!!!! YAY!!!


  6. Wow that was my goal Dana so glad you found me I am just thrilled. I have alot made up and will be listing on blogs and ebay and even etsy. Should be starting that in a couple of days. Great to see you


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