Sunday, October 11, 2015

I went Christmas shopping this morning

Ok maybe NOT I did not buy gifts
the bulk of my shopping always seems to be for supplies :)

I had to run to get some Warm and Natural batting at my
Favorite Walmart store, just what I wanted to do on a Sunday morning

So I go in through the garden center
To go Christmas shopping for Christmas Greenery and
Those darn Bottle brush trees
By the way Walmart, yes it was me that opened up boxes
you had stacked on shelves waiting to set the rest of your
partially put together Christmas section
*SHHHH don't tell nobody* LOL

I am proud to say I left a couple for future shoppers 
aren't I kind? If the flocking on them would of looked 
better you can bet they would of been in my cart as well :)

I may not be feeling great these days, but I am super excited to tell you I have found and put my routine of production back in place, I have not done this since December of 2013

I have so many orders going, and yes I am taking more
And I have tons of new stuff in the works as well

It FEELS so GOOD to be back at this full time
Fun JOB of mine!! 
Feeling Blessed

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday


Thursday, October 8, 2015

Feeling BLAH

I dove in and cleaned up my work area yesterday after my post
I am going to have to break down and either get a new machine,
or pull one of the few I have on the floor out and see if I can get it working
mine is giving me fits, it still sews but it sure is aggrevating
I should own stock in a sewing machine company :)
And I just noticed how dirty the outside of my machine is LOL
I oil and keep the inside of it in great shape
This sewing machine was given to me by my Mother in Law
we had it repaired and the guy told me something was broke on it, that it would still work but the part could not be replaced
seems I recall him saying it may not work for along time

It has serviced my needs for two years so I am very happy with it And I think of my Mother in Law every time I take a seat in front of it
I Miss her so much

I Even organized my mess on top of the fridge

I know I am like many when I say I work and work until I just 
can not handle the mess anymore and I have to rearrange
Make it all tidy (so I can mess it back up again)

I recently got a few boxes of Goodies I purchased from a Friend And inspiration kicked in, funny how some new trims and fabrics will do that to you
The two pieces of Fabric on my table top came from those boxes, I use fabric so I can change it out now and then for a fresh look And then I laundry it and it goes in my stash 

Ok maybe I should get stock in the foil pans you see here :) I keep my orders straight by using a foil pan for each order

I have Not been feeling well, 
I actually just had not shared that I have not been feeling
well for awhile. One thing then another, Everything is ok though

Oh the stress of unknown things, being unsure of what is going on that alone can make one sick! Suppose I am Ungracefully Aging *sigh* Body parts seem to be doing new and different things with me 
~ a bit of humor thrown in there~

Had to take Miss Rango and Shelby in for their shots this morning did not think I was going to survive, started feeling yucky while I was there. I sure hope I do NOT have a bug of some kind, I Hate getting sick! And Flu season is probably going to be wild this year

October is not an easy month for me nor is November
Wishing my Grandson a Happy Birthday today, I have not seen him in a few years, life sometimes is just not fair

Today is also my Daughter in Laws Birthday
They may be down next week, I hope so

So I will close sharing a recent Picture of Sweet Lilly

And a Picture of Lilly's Daddy when he was a Little Boy
With My Dad

My dear sweet Dads birthday would of been this month as well
I miss him so!

Have a wonderful day

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Crazy Here and my Hey someday yet again studio

Good Morning, had to actually look at the clock 
as I figured it was later then it is.
That is how you get when you are working overtime :)

Cooler weather is finally here, the days are still warm
The leaves have started turning

 and falling, Yep they are there, I need to find me a go to person to hire :)
go here, do this, get that, you know what I mean
fix dinner, do laundry, feed animals

was going to share a picture of my paint job on my studio building 
and my screen door we put on the front of it, but nothing like
getting out the back door snapping the above photo and your camera
batteries going dead ?
Just the norm these days LOL

 (my nice clean Kitchen with a dining table is now overtaken)

So yes I am going to share pictures I would not normally put on here,
as you see life is sort of hectic, The busy season has started
so there is little time to do much
Oh I gather supplies, and clean my work area every day 
but only Mess it up once again the next morning

 (orders in bags ready to sew, it is a lot deeper then it appears) 

I was waiting on cooler weather to get out there and organize my building again
We moved the bed out, but managed to move more boxes in
But with being busy I do not have time now to get out there 
to rearrange things again, unpack boxes and tidy up

So now everyday I cart supplies in and out, at least it has not totally taken
over my kitchen yet !!!

Every nook and cranny has things in it now :) just not piled
up all around me 
And at least I have my building right out the back door to
keep supplies in

  By removing the queen size bed I gained more room in my building
Not sure if I want you to see these blown up cause it is a mess out there
but I know where everything is at

Even the boxes on the floor, I know where to go to get what I need

I am telling you a nightmare :)
there is my pillow, I normally have in my chair I work in?
see I need a go to person

 I still have more totes to get out of our RV and a couple in hubbies building?
I may need to add on to my building LOL
that would not fly with hubby at all :)
And if I had more room, well I would just fill it up too
I bought a little shelf three weeks ago at an estate sale
That shelf is still behind the seat in my pickup

I suppose it would help if I would quit getting more supplies
The above photo is a small amount of the upholstery fabric
I purchased at a flea market, a store was going out of business
so I grabbed lots of pieces, I need to get back to that flea market
before everything is gone
(where is my go to person..........I need one )

Someday I will get my act together and get out there to put my building
back into some sort of order and function
I am thinking I may spend a couple of all nighters out there and do that
Who needs sleep anyway ?

singing Christmas Carols, and working away

Santa Claus is coming to town :)

My giveaways this month are somewhere up there in the sidebar
be sure to sign up

Have a wonderful day, my mid morning snack break is over with
time to get back to work

Thursday, October 1, 2015

SNOWMEN are everywhere Come win one

For real they are taking over my Kitchen :)

It is time for my October blog giveaway
But before I go on, let me just say I need to huff and puff 
about the weather more often LOL
It Rained today it is cool outside WOW, I think Fall
has finally arrived, about time we had a break in the heat

So since Snowmen seem to be taking front and center stage
on my work table, my ironing board, every counter top I have
I figured I would offer another one for my October giveaway 

To sign up all you have to do is leave a comment on this post
Note: many signed up last month that had no contact info
please be sure to add that if I can not find you easy to notify 
you should you win

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Let me know in your one comment how many times you have shared

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Good Luck