Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Finally a Giveaway

Good Morning
well yes my intentions took a detour :)
I was doing so good there posting daily??
and then.............well we won't go there LOL

Instead we will get right to the giveaway

This Guy is made using a pattern by Vermont Harvest Folk Art
sorry for being late I am finally caught up on orders and am now catching 
up on past giveaway items to ship

I am doing this one a bit different this time around
I will be giving two of these away one here on  my blog
So you get double the chance to win, and who knows if you sign up
on both you may be the winner of both of them :)

1. Please comment only on this post for an entry 
2. Share share and share and let me know in your one comment
where all you shared at for extra entries

Have a wonderful day

Monday, February 1, 2016

Bunnies are everywhere

Good Morning, Yep they are multiplying :)

And flying out the door, they are late but hey they are leaving me now :)

I love this pattern by Kentucky Prims I have made so many variations of 
this guy, And have a couple of new ones in the works for this year

I just used the last of my nails EEEKKK, best be finding some more
problem is I have a ton of rusty nails but none this length?

In Other news !! Wow Beautycounter is running an amazing special
TODAY ONLY!! That is right February the 1st
you can order any Color shade eye duo and get a free Precision Brush

If you spend as much as 200.00 you can also get a Free Neroli Body Oil
This stuff is Wonderful !!

there are some SweetHeart Deals in our Valentine's shop
I brag on a regular basis about this Everyday Clean shampoo and Rinse
I love it! If you should be interested in products or have questions 
I would be glad to help you
I have several photos of products that will target different skin types

Ok Back to Work I go, it is still nice today cooler then it has been
Our Cold front will now be here tomorrow :( 

But Patience Grasshopper Cause Spring is directly around the corner
Have a good one

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sewing and Planning, scheming and plotting

Hello to all, hope you are having a Glorious Sunday
It was suppose to be around 61 here today I am happy to say it 
is closer to 70 yet again, cold front was suppose to come in today
But not yet, maybe later.............hope it is late this evening :)
I have two dogs getting baths tonight! It needs to stay warm 

Can not believe this was a year ago, Lilly will be two in February
gee time has sure flown by, this sweet baby melts my heart with Joy

She is such a Sweetie

This weather is such a tease, wish it would stay nice
but it will drop into the 40's for a couple of days
Not to worry because soon it will be spring, and everyone will 
complain about the heat :) 
You will hear me complain about severe weather 
that part of it I do not like, and they are warning we are going 
to have an extremely active year this year?

Finding more photos of our flowers, I think I will go with a mix
of different colors this year of my petunia's and combine sweet potato plants in with them. I have decks and fencing to stain this year, think I need to play
the part of Tom Sawyer and hire me a crew :) 

Thank you everyone who commented on my last post
I am enjoying dreaming of plans of what I am going to do with my small 
backyard area. What I am hoping to do, I have a couple of trees back there, my studio building sets back there, chicken pen etc. I plan to put mostly plants around the trees, a walkway, very little grass and a sitting area with our fire pit

I have always wanted to improve that area to enjoy it

About my little building, since we could not keep it heated well enough 
for winter I will soon be out there to work, as soon as as the cold spells 
are over with, I will share photos with you all, in the mean time
I gather supplies out of there and bring them inside to still create in my tiny kitchen. But it is working right now
This summer when we replace the window air conditioner we are getting one that has heat in it as well. So once I start working it will service me year around.

I have a pile of boxes and envelopes growing today to ship out in the morning, 
it sure feels awesome being back to work again, I am so blessed

Blessings to you all

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Flowers what are you favorites

Every Spring I always pick up potted Petunias to hang from my deck
The white ones were a gift from my husband a couple of years ago

My petunias get Huge and so pretty, I dehead them everyday 
they just get larger and larger!

I have Pink and Yellow Lilly's that grow but honestly they just do not
last long enough, I love the beauty of them and watching them burst into bloom

I have plans to add several Hostas to my backyard this year
We have contained our chickens in a pen 
last year they roamed free in my backyard and 
Well I lost my grass and everything back there, so this year I hope to add some shade loving flowers to that area
What would you suggest for shade?
And we will be planting some herbs for our chickens to feast on around their pen

Each year I change colors on my petunias  this was last years flower
Not sure what I will go with this year possibly Red or a solid purple

He is not easy to see but the cardinal was enjoying bathing in the sprinkler
We have honeysuckles on the back of our picket fence, about three different 
ones, I am hoping they start to bloom longer then they have, my dad had a 
beautiful honeysuckle plant that I always admired

Yes I am planning and thinking of adding things that are new 
to my yard this year.
The above picture got lots of attention a few years back
My elephant ears this year will be thicker
last years heads were HUGE! I love this photo with the little garden snake
coiled around the stem

I always have Sweet Potato Plants here and there

I have tons of these plants growing in different places they Multiply 
I keep having to move them around
My dad had this plant, my sister gave me some and I have so many
I have to weed them out now. They bloom in late summer, and stay green from early spring until winter begins. It is actually referred to as a cemetery plant
They do not require much attention and grow and grow
I love the delicate flowers on them when they bloom even though I know
it means summer will soon be over with!

I have tried Clematis, and had no luck with it, although I love the plant?

I did plant Morning glories on my fence last year they were beautiful
but I planted them too late to get much enjoyment out of the flowers

                     I am looking for some great ideas for Perennials this year
please do share some of your favorites with me
As I am dreaming of Spring time :)

Have a Wonderful weekend

Friday, January 29, 2016

Well spit in my post toasties LOOKIE here

I am Back :) and apparently on a roll LOL

Did I happen to mention that yesterday was a glorious day here
Yes pretty weather, and I may have dried items in my oven before
I realized how warm it was outside, Had to turn on my ceiling fan
But wait.............it got up to over 80 in my house, so yes I may of turned 
on the air, long enough to cool it down some :)

Had a dream last night I was digging in the yard 
I am so ready to go play in the dirt this year
It will be almost if not 70 degrees here today, and yes I currently 
have some carrot bunches in my oven drying?

Miss Lilly broke her sunglasses

Yesterday her mama shared this photo of her
cleaning her Toy box up

Note to Self : Stop looking at all the new fangled 
(that may be my new word for the day)
math junk on Facebook
I just shake my heads at the new math they are teaching kiddo's today

So I had like 8 bunches of 3 carrots to get made up
Now we all know 8 x 3 is 24.........well I missed the mark failed the grade
What was I thinking :) I only made up four and had to throw four more bunches
together, thus the carrots in the oven drying, bring on the heat!

BIGGER note to self : you have to complete 42 printed pillows today Brenda
COUNT, you know how to do it LOL 

Wishing you all a Wonderful day today

What will you be planting for new flowers in your gardens this year?

by the way as soon as I catch up I will have another giveaway