Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Good sunny morning to you, well it is here

It does not feel like fall at all ! 
Bright sunny days and warm weather?

Seeing a slight change in the trees
Apparently fall will happen here with a bang?
As soon as we have a few cold nights 
it will change dramatically!
I went ahead and listed some new items in my

My plans always seem to go South,
think they flew by with the Geese this morning LOL

Making Halloween plans and attempting to 
complete some new elves, some smaller Special elves 

Thinking I may need to start working again 
after the rest of the household goes to bed!!

Still coping with my brooding Chicken *sigh*
I am really tired of pushing her moody rear out of the nest
so she will eat and get a drink of water?

It has put a damper on my Eggs !!
Used the last one last night to make Brownies at 8:30
YUP you heard me right, we had a sweet tooth sort of late!

Gee they were GOOD *SMILE*

Hope you have a wonderful day
back to my work table  

Monday, October 20, 2014

Good Monday Morning and threading needles

Good Morning

I am running in circles catching up *smile*

Tell me I am not the only one that has bent needles? 
that must be a sign of using them so much !

But you see this needle see that thread! I use small eyed 
needles to close items up and to do handstitching, so threading 
them became a challenging task for me, I normally have 10 threaded at
a time. When I run out, I thread 10 more

we finally got to go get me some new specs
on Saturday, it had been 5 years since my last update on glasses
Yep I got regular bifocals, I did not want to risk getting used to
no lines and it hampering with my production

No my face is not behind them in this photo
a bit too early and to be honest with you
This is my full time job
So on any given day of the week, you will find me in my
jammies, no makeup and most generally not a hair style
I would want to share with folks online *GRIN*

But I am so thrilled that I can see now, I did not realize how
scratched my other glasses were, not to mention I could not
see a thing out of them!! or at least I strained to see

for those signed up for my Blog sale newsletter
Be watching today, I am running so far behind with what
I intended to have done, but I have counters and tables
full of items started, what I will do is send those signed up
a Special coupon code to use for one week in my etsy shop
details will be in the Newsletter

This will give me the chance to do the normal 10 days 
to ship on orders, so I can turn my attention to finishing
all these new little Elves I have promised to get done
that way I can get a schedule down and get myself back to
the normal mode of production and work on orders as well.
NOW that I can see Better 

For a couple of Months my left eye has been swollen up
and like a faucet just dripping all day long.
I had not mentioned this before, but out of concern 
and the fact that my allergies normally bother both 
if that is the problem. We went to get these old eyes checked!

Yes I have the beginnings of cataracts in both eyes but
I am good to go for a few more years on those *MAYBE*
or should I say hopefully !!
Instead my eye issue is caused by my High Blood pressure
*I wanted to give that eye doctor a Fat eye myself*
well yes my blood pressure was up that day! 
we drove an over an hour to get my eyes checked and
the eye doctor was out on an emergency UGH
if they would of been in, I would of gotten my exam and 
got glasses within an hour there for a fraction of the cost!!

So we drove back and I had to pay three times as much to
get my eyes checked with this local doctor, I freaked out!!
sure my BP was up I was stressed about what the problem 
could be? And I knew if I got glasses there it would 
take over two weeks for them to mail them to me??
{so we opted to take my script to another place}
where my glasses could be done the same day !!

By the way when I got home my BP was normal!
Let's just say I won't be going back to this over rated
place again, he was lacking the skills of kindness
or thoughtfulness!! I hate going to an office and 
the minute you walk in you can tell, they are overrated!
And really don't give a darn about their profession
they are there to channel folks in and out and over charge!

OK stepping off of this podium :) before I have to drag 
the old blood pressure cuff out LOL!

Look what came in my mail box this weekend
Isn't she precious, I played along on Facebook with 
Kat Kosch of Kats Country Prims
on her birthday as she shared posts all day 
and I guessed the right answer at the end of that day
and Won this Adorable Annie as a prize
I love my Annie, thank you Kat!!

Don't forget to sign up for my current blog giveaway

Ok back to my work table, I have boxes to pack and
shipping to do
Wishing you a Wonderful day

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Winners of The Witches of Giggleswick Blog Hop

Thank you each and everyone of you that signed up
shared and helped us get the word

I am so honored to be in the copy of these amazing artists
 of Wiches and Warlocks 
If you see you are a winner of one of the great prizes
click on the blog linked with your name and visit them today

Winner on  Boggy Bottom Bayou
is Lori Platt

Winner on Dreamed by Arlene
is : Lynn of Life on the Wienee Ranch

is: Crystal Bowen

is : Chickzilla

is : Darlene

is : T. Johns from SC

Winner on My Witchy Woman
is : Dogsmom

is : I'm Steele Full of Scrap

Winner on Witch is Why
is : Joe M

Winner on Treasures N Whimsy
is : Autumn Wind

is : Sara Anderson

is : Janice Moore - Petty

Winner on The Irish Witch
is : Wendy at Ravenwood Whimzies

is : Fran Caswell

Winner on Brady Bears Studio
is : Kimberly at Griffin Wyse

is : Wicked Faery Queen

is : Deanna Ward

Winner on Ho Ho Halloween
is : Pumpkin Hollow Primitives

is : Cheryl Barcus

Winner on my blog The Rusty Thimble
is : LeeAnn E.

Congrats to all the winners and Thank you for signing up