Friday, March 27, 2015

Lost and Found

Good Morning 
Do you see that? do you see how many days it has been since
my last I am going to blog more often Post ? Lost ?

I have found myself buried in what should be a giant box of Kleenex

BUT wait I ran out of those so I had to resort instead to 
my stash of Overstocked hmmm? I need to replace that :)
TOILET paper, Extra soft yeah right ??? my Nose does not 
feel like that

I have been sick all week, dang it all and I am tired of this mess

I have been sick off and on since the first of the year !!!
you may find this humorous, the cart full of toilet paper
BUT I have news for everyone, next year during sick season
this gal is stocking up with three months of EVERYTHING
I need *even if I have to stack it in the middle of my living room*
And I refuse to go out in the public or around anyone to catch ANY 
sort of illness !! UGH everything I have had I have caught from 
someone in the family who was sick, or at the pharmacy where folks 
were blowing noses and hacking, or the hospital! 
and I am not doing this again! I shall HIDE next winter

and that will not be hard for me to do, because I love
staying at home, unlike most that like to go, go, go
I would rather be comfy cozy in my house, creating !!

I am shipping out the orders I got behind on today
and tomorrow, and starting all new orders I have from this week

PLUS finally I will be finishing up all the new started creations

Lots of those being Patriotic items

I have three of these BIG guys started that are dressed
different then the one pictured and they are going 
to be great, all decked out with lots of accessories !!
*more to come on that later*

Ok it is time for me to get a fresh roll of TP and get to work :)
Note: to customers here, as most already know I stop production
when I think I am contagious, but I am no longer contagious
which is a good thing, because days without creating gets me
behind in orders !!

Have a wonderful day

Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday Mania & the winner of my supply stash giveaway

And so it begins (The Week)
Monday Morning, and I have piles of boxes
piles of projects
piles of laundry
piles, just piles :)

The Winner of my box of Supply goodies is

Congrats Vicky if you see this before I get a chance
to contact you please send me your address

My fingers are numb from working

The Folkart and Primitives Auction kicked off this morning

I have four items in the auction this time
all at $5.00 starting bids !!!

Be sure if you haven't to go to facebook and join the group
so you can bid on items also
There is an album that is packed full of wonderful creations
I believe over 100 last count I had 

A wild and crazy sort of week is what I have going
Hope you have a great week too 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Seriously Silly Saturday and a SURPRISE

A cheery Happy Saturday to you

Are you ready for this post?
It is LONG and the surprise is worth it
The title alone should make you think WHAT!

Rabbit is a design by Sassafras Hills Prims
I just used my imagination to make it into a faux pull toy
And to add the Vintage Canning Lid as a cart with carrots
I sort of Roll that way

so let's start out with the Seriously segment of my post

SERIOUSLY, wow what a wonderful response I have had to
the above giveaway, the amount of orders I have gotten 
for this little Rabbit and cart have been Unbelievable
I announced I was SOLD out, but hey while in one of my
mad dash I need that stuff, search parties *sigh* 
yes one of those moments when you are throwing boxes
open and looking for a certain item to finish a project
*I happened upon a few more lids*
(I really do need more room for this business of mine!)

By the way

And so now let's get to the Silly part of my post

They give away stuff, not sure if it is always a box filled with craft supplies, 
As I just started participating on their page
but they give it away to 20 people, the contest is to fill in the blank
I could not resist sharing this blank on my blog with you

Now when I Filled in the blank I did it simple and plain
But Seriously I wanted to break out into full fledged I can tell you
the answer to that one, but out of respect I did not want to write
a lengthy comment on their page, describing my life  *SMILE*

This week's question was 
Behind every crafter is a ___________

Fill in the blank!!
I believe my answer was simple and dumb enough that I 
would not stand a chance of winning LOL
it was something to do with strings on my clothing
YEAH: one of those oh just throw something on there deals

But Seriously: I always have strings hanging off of me,
regardless if I am dressed nice and headed out the door
or if I am in crafting attire just running a quick errand
I promise that attire is not the Normal, 
PJ'S I do not go out in public in my pj's
~ Hubby is often pulling strings off of the seat of my pants~
prior to going into a public place?? I just laugh !!

So let's have fun with this one?? what would your answer be?

I May not be Factory Direct's warehouse
*I may possibly pull in a close second place* 
ok maybe not that bad!

as I have more of what other's call Junk then the normal crafter hoards!
and to think I am all giddy because it is almost garage sale season
and I know I can find all sort of stuff I NEED ok Want :)

My answer would of gone something like this

A household consisting of a Patient hubby 
*there could not be a better one*

 Two very well trained mini schnauzers 
who know they have to wait until she can open the door to let them out due to paint on her hands or a project with needle and thread, really I am serious they patiently set under me and just look up and WAIT, 
ok they may whimper at me as if to say can you hurry Up
~the simple little whine as if to say I really do not want to bother you
but can you let me go outside to Pee~

 piles of I need to's, other piles of I want to's 
And Boxes of orders on a daily basis, 
stacks of fabric overflowing
and containers of started projects, counters covered with foil and painted projects, an oven door that is propped open all day long with a poor 
worn out HORRID looking cookie sheet covered in foil so my next 
project to dry can be tossed in there

*Three chickens who come to the front corner of my house 
to squawk at me every morning so I will come to feed them*
~and YEAH they are making their noise right now~

A CAT that comes to sit under my front window by my work table
hey she even flips her tail, that is her cue to say Woman
get out here I am HUNGRY!

This crafter's Life is a Mess so much so that one room or the other does 
not appear to be what that room is entitled to be, because my
business has taken over every nook and cranny I can possibly 
stuff full of CRAFTING supplies ~SIGH~

*the only room in my home that is for it's designated use it the bathroom*
and I can assure you, if I run out of space while in my multi tasking mad
crazy days and I need the counter I will utilize that room as well :)


While putting together a supply swap box for a fellow crafter this past week
I realized just how much stuff I had that I could spare extras of
*YEAH, there is a lot of that*
~but hey new's flash FACTORY DIRECT, I could always use more~

So I want to do a quick giveaway, Fill in that blank and I
will select a Winner to get a box of my overflow of craft supplies

We will run this this weekend and I will pick a Winner Monday Morning

And Now it is time to start my day, my crazy mixed up
I have work to do, and boxes to get packed sort of day 
My seriously Silly life

Have a wonderful weekend

Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday already

Gee where did the week go ??

I have orders flying everywhere No not in the air but in my house :)

I am going to have to take a day and do some major cleaning here

I have a few creations I will not post to sell until after this next week
instead they will be going up for an Auction on a facebook group
for the Folkart and Primitives Etsy team

requests are monitored as to who joins so if you prefer you 
can go to my facebook badge on the sidebar and leave me 
a message on my page that you want to be added to the auction page

and I will leave you with a picture of Lilly 

We wish you a wonderful day 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Good report

Just look at that face, it is even worse then this picture right now
*Ice, Rain, Mud.....if it is outside she will get into it*
really if it is only one small spot of mud in her yard
she is going to find it *sigh*

after a few weeks of up and down and back and forth
of her injuring herself, her leg is healing well

Do not know how when where or why? 
But she had a severe sprang 
with days where she could not stand, would scream if you 
touched her wrong, she was just miserable!!
Finally we no longer have to take her out to go out to potty, 
because she could not get up and down the one Step off of our deck
she has been on half a baby aspirin every night ? 

 *believe it or not she does stay white for awhile*
and yes the bottom center picture, she can go right through
those pickets ! and she knows once she is on the other side
she is in major trouble !! She is a MESS

Well I took her in today and it doesn't appear it was any more
then a bad sprang ! If she shows any further symptoms with it
we will go back again ! 
and by the way she felt special when her mom was put in the cage
and she got to go with me by herself ? This dog is Rotten to the core!

Shelby was extremely put out with me for leaving her alone
this morning, she is at my feet right now
and I can assure you she won't let me out of her sight the rest of today 

Now I can take them to the groomers !