Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

I will be back to announce the giveaway winner
and start my last giveaway of the year!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Giveaway Week Three and Winner of week Two

Good Morning

It is warming back up in my Neck of the Woods
I will gladly accept more normal temps after
the last few days !

*Winner of week #2 announced at the bottom of this post*

Thank you all who have participated in my giveaways this 
year, as most of you know I giveaway something every month
of the year, on my blog and on my Facebook Page!
And I welcome new followers

Week Number Three a Design my me
I often get down to the scraps in my bucket of muslin
and just Trace heads out at random
I then set them aside in a small plastic tote, 
when time permits I pull them out and throw
simple things together, 
This Santa Claus came from that tote of my 
Not so often Spare moments *smile*

Week Three ends on November 25th
I will announce a Winner and post Week #4
on November 26th

Week Four will be my Last Blog giveaway of 2014

Rules are Simple
The only thing you have to do is comment on this post!
Please remember if you do not have contact info easy for
me to find you need to leave it in your comment

If you are not a follower of my blog I would love for 
you to follow along

If you would like extra chances

you can do the following but please only Comment 
once and include what you have done for entries

1. You can share this on your blog sidebar if you are a blogger

2. You can share this on your Facebook wall 

3. You can add me to your google plus if you are signed up
*and please share the post on your own google wall*
there is an arrow under the post to share it

4. You can share on Pinterest

Thank you all who have signed up and Shared 
week #1 and #2 remember along the way of these
I have a running list of those that have signed up
each week, as that gives you an extra chance every week
that you comment

The Winner of Week #2 is 

Linda if you happen to see this please email me
using the link in the sidebar and send your address
I will email you after I get my networking done this morning !

Congrats on Winning

And also Remember you can win more then once
so keep signing up 
Have a wonderful day

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Last day to sign up for week two A new giveaway tomorrow for week three

Sign up closes at midnight tonight for 
Week two giveaway 

I will be adding a new giveaway for week three
and announcing week two's winner tomorrow

Added a New snowman to my 

As some of you know almost two years ago I started
an etsy team called Folkart and Primitives
We have kick started Cyber week 
with a celebration on etsy

This celebration will involve a coupon for a week 
after it is over. I am doing mine a bit different

all of my customers this week, I forgot to include the coupon
most are not including it until December 1st
But for this weeks customers and from now until Christmas
I will include the coupon in my packages for everyone to use
starting right away !!!
for those that have made purchases this week
I will contact you and notify you of the amount and the
code to use on Etsy 

I am thinking of taking off from Jan. 1st to the 15th
Have not made up my mind on that yet !!
so you may get to start using it earlier :) 
I am itching to make Bunnies

I will not reveal the amount on the coupon 
it will be a set amount, more then what I normally offer my
repeat customers. But I am adding a twist to it

Everyone that has purchased from me this week until the end of 
the year will be in a drawing
The winner of that drawing will get a SPECIAL coupon
for a larger percentage off 

This has been a wonderful year for me
my friends that share my work 
and my customers have made that possible

I am truly Blessed to be able to work from home
Doing what I love to do !!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Been busy lots of new items, and chicken update

Well for openers, let's just say 
HEY it is still darn Cold out there *sigh*

I am Happy to announce I am getting eggs now
I will say the Black Hen does not like me moving her
off of them and taking them away from her :o)

Been busy busy here with orders
and while those are drying I finish up new started items
and then go back to orders
My work table looks like Santa's workshop 

with the exception of the Elves they were orders
I have a few more of them I am working on now 

Hope you are enjoying your Weekend
Stay warm out there

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Easter *big Grin* Wow

Good Morning on this not so Warm Morning

I am trying to get my chickens to understand that the clock 
has changed I do not want to do the 7 AM feeding LOL

It is Cold and only going to get colder
So with Shelby and Rango sitting in their window throwing 
a fit at a Squirrel I thought ok I will go feed 
the chickens and the Cat

my first three chickens that the wild dogs got in the spring time
these three were consistent with laying eggs everyday

My youngins, Ellie and Gidget,
these gals have really filled out and grown
they should of started laying around the end of October
with the cold coming in I figured I was not going to get any eggs
or not MANY

The old White one her name is Granny
or Chicken soup as Hubby calls her because she
has yet to lay eggs, we figured she was just old 
The Black one her name is Mammy 
she laid from day one every day 
and about three weeks or so ago decided she wanted to
nest !!! And let me tell you she is MOODY !!
So we have been eggless or so I thought??

I go out there in the cold open their coop to let them out
and by their ramp is a little brown egg
I got so excited to think I had another hen laying!!
*point in having Chickens LOL*
Well for three days now
The old gal has been hiding up in a corner I can not reach
in the nest! I have to pull her out to get her to get a drink and eat
and she would go right back to the nest!!

I had a hard time getting hold of her this morning and up under
her straw I see the top of an egg, as I pulled on her I see another
one OMG !!!! I am cramming eggs in my coat pockets SMILE

most I am sure are not good I will do the test on them
But apparently we have layers again YAY !!!!
I see a Big Omelet dinner in my near future *SIGH*

sorry I am excited, and Hubby now has to go out in the cold
and put another door on that corner so I can get into it
without struggling to reach
And by the way I am sure Miss Mammy is going to 
be really put out with me now :o)

Shelby and Rango are because I did not let them out in time
to catch the squirrel LOL !!