Monday, November 23, 2015

The New photo in my sidebar

I will begin this post by wishing you all
A Happy Thanksgiving this week

many have asked if I am going to stop creating my items
NO I am not, I will if God allows it sew until my final days
on this earth. As it is what I love to do

I am however now a Consultant for a wonderful product
called Beautycounter

To shop click on shop under my picture at the top

You can read about this product on my website
At the ripe age of 60 I wish I would of found something 
like this years ago! My skin is now super sensitive

I will be sharing more on this in the days ahead
If you are on Facebook you can follow my 
I will be launching my Beautycoutner business with 
an online social next week on Facebook
and it will be packed full of some wonderful information

Enjoy Family and Food this week

And remember to be Thankful everyday of the Year

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

2015 The Last Big giveaway

Good morning 
I wanted to take this morning to extend a Thank you
And to share my Blessings

KEEP reading for info on the Elf

Thank you for all of your support
Your friendships
Your kinds words, to all of my blog followers
and customers as well

Without all of your kindness to share and help
me grow my business, I would not be doing what
I love to do, so Thank you, thank you
After all this is my job, I do this to make money for
our household, it is not for fun and games
although I do enjoy it, and I love that I have had the 
chance to, online meet some amazing people
thanking the Lord for all of those blessings big and small

Let me touch base with you of what will be happening 
the rest of this Year!!

look I am learning my new camera, it is amazing what a little patience can do :)
still more work to do for improvement but I am gaining on it

As some of you have read on December first 
I will be hosting a Blog hop giveaway for one week!!
This is the sweet ornament I will be donating for this event
He is a new Rusty Thimble original 

I currently have about 14 Blog owners that will be joining
me in giving an ornament away, so be sure to mark your 
calendar and come back on Dec 1st 2015

Remember Those bottle brush trees *sigh*
If I can not find one for this giveaway I may have to 
improvise LOL, but I will try my darnest, I do have a 
larger one so I suppose I can cut it down, Hey that was 
a fly by the seat of my pants Idea YAY
**I think my coffee just kicked in**

I am thinking of taking a week off in December
We shall see, every time I plan that course of action
I always change my mind

NOW for the Last Giveaway of this year 

You like that *Brothers* smile, no two of these are alike
I love this pattern by Brenda Sanker to find her online simply type her name in

As most know that sign up for my monthly blog giveaways
each person is entered already for this giveaway but
you must comment on this post for that entry to count

But Hey I love and welcome all new followers

To sign up:

1. Comment on this post, and remember if you do not have an email
accessible for me to find it easily, to include info on contacting you
should you win, If I can NOT contact you, I will move on to the 
next winner!

2. For an extra chance share share share, that is right you 
can share on pinterest, on facebook, on your blog, on google plus
and each one counts as an entry

I am doing this early so it can be shipped no later then the 18th of Dec.
which should make it to your doorstep before Christmas

~for those waiting on giveaways etc. I hit a bump in the road~
those boxes are heading out the door this week :)
The Elf is already started
I will end with this I want to thank those loyal customers
who have this year been patient with me, sometimes I get a bit behind
After all I only have 10 fingers, two hands, and I do this all alone :)

I will close with a REMINDER that my sale on etsy will end on
November 22nd
I changed the coupon to 15% off of all purchases
Large or Small

Wishing you all a Wonderful day

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Blog Hop Ornament giveaway

There is still time to participate
If you have a blog and would like to contribute a prize
and be a part of this blog hop giveaway please go

and leave a comment, this will begin on December 1st and run
for one week.
IF you do not have your email enabled please leave info in your
comment so I know how to contact you

thank you

Sunday, November 15, 2015

A Celebration and I am Having a Sale

Called Deck the Halls with FAAP
you can click on the link above to the team blog
there are coupon codes by some members to use in their shops

The Rusty Thimble has a sale code as well

There are over 50 shops participating and over 900 items
listed, so grab a cup of coffee, or Hot chocolate and a seat
to do some Holiday shopping

But remember the codes are located on the link shared above

In My Etsy Shop you can use the code DECKTHEHALLS
to get a 15% discount on a purchase of $25.00 or more

I have been so busy with Orders did not list but a few new items

The coupon is good from today until November the 22nd

And I am living a nightmare with this camera :)
Miss conservative here should of just opened the wallet 
and purchased a better camera LOL

I am sure they would throw a fit if I attempted to return this one
Oh well lesson learned
Have a Wonderful Sunday


Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Turkey's are Gobbling and Sleigh bell are ringing

Good Saturday Morning to you

Thanksgiving is less than Two weeks away
Oh my

Santa is working on his sled (smile)
Ok maybe not he is getting those toys ready for Christmas

and someone turned on a chill in the Air here this morning
I have been refusing to turn on my heat BRRRR
Being that we are total Electric, with no wood burning stove
we have put in a small propane heater in case of emergency
**It works :) cause it is now nice and warm in here**
I am so OVER winter and it isn't even here yet!

So Many things to share with you

And tomorrow begins a week long celebration on Etsy
for the Folk Art and Primitives Etsy team
There is time to still purchase Christmas decor and gifts online

I can't believe it is almost Christmas

A new set I will be offering, a great gift for someone
who does what I do, they will come with or without the hangers

I am having a rough time figuring out my new camera
I should of gotten one like the one that is broke
Because I already knew how to operate it!!

I will be adding a few items to my Etsy shop this evening

And if you missed the POST here about the blog hop giveaway
I will be hosting the first WEEK of December
And you would like to donate an ornament 
please visit that post to sign up to participate

So Far I have 11 other Bloggers who are going to participate
So be sure to follow my blog, and come see me December 1st

Have a Wonderful Weekend