Friday, August 29, 2014

Morning Coffee and Rain

Good Morning

I Was so thrilled to hear the rain drops during the night and to awake 
to them still falling this morning, things were getting sort of parched outside,
and I have not been keeping up my chore at the end of the water hose 

I hear so many online, jumping for joy because it will 
soon be Fall! Oh I so love the beautiful Greens

(source pinterest)

I love the beautiful colors Fall brings, just not the bare trees
that winter claims !! I won't miss the Hot Temps we are having
It has been horribly HOT lately

but if there is one thing I can be sure of, this is not a view I want
to see out my window anytime near Soon !
Yes I become a grouchy person when it gets bitter Cold *sigh*
So in all I am hoping the month of September sort of decides
to take it's time passing by too quickly 

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Have a Wonderful Weekend

Sunday, August 24, 2014

A tiny one is better then none

Good afternoon, or morning to those to the west of me

Ok so I go to my storage building look inside, eye the tree I want
but it is way back in there. Thinking I do NOT want to climb over 
things to retrieve said tree, I opt to grab the first Christmas looking
box I find and it has one tiny tree top in it that I use for our fishing tree

Taking the tree top out of the plastic tote I realize
it is not this tree but yet another tree top *smile*
yep my house should be a nightmare when I get ready to
decorate, apparently I did not store things my normal way
after Christmas last year?

So I plop the tiny tree top in a Minnow bucket
how appropriate for us *smile*
Notice it even has lights :0) 

so for now I at least have a place to take photos of new ornaments

this one is a Liberty Creek Prims design
I love the detail on him

And Yep I just realized I did not even straighten the branches out
I believe I was just in a hurry 
Hope you have a wonderful Sunday
staying inside today it is going to be a Hot one again

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Still no Tree?

Yes you heard me right, I still have not gotten that tree out *smile*

why yes this is an old picture :)

Still making ornaments I had no idea I would sell
so many once I started, I love it !!

I have made so many of these, Every time I do a different
color I forget to take a picture before sending it off in the mail?

I am currently down to only the brown fabric like this!
I will have to round up more red and navy so I will be doing some
in the stripe coverlet pieces I have 

Sort of hard to think Christmas or snow with this heat *sigh*
Worked outside all day in the yard, I am Worn out!!

Hope you are having a great weekend
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