Friday, January 16, 2015

Let's get ready to Celebrate

Good Morning

There is a celebration being planned by the 

We are having an early jump start to Spring celebration
Making it possible to shop and receive spring creations
in time to decorate for the change of Season's 

and we will also be celebrating our second Birthday
as an Etsy team

Be watching for more details coming soon !!

And be sure to visit and follow our

We have many members donating prizes to give away

Thursday, January 15, 2015

There is a Heat Wave coming to Town

Good Morning

and I feel great today, go figure why does
feeling bad linger for so long. I believe I shall be working
all day long and finish my last orders

then I will Move on to new items that have been sitting on the 
sidelines waiting for attention, so I can fill my shop up and get back to work

We are Suppose to see warmer temps for a few days

Please, please Weather man be Right !!!
I am sure this will be a short term improvement 
and Winter will come back with a bang???
but I am excited

I want to go out and play in the dirt that would be so wonderful,
I have been dreaming of flip flop days & warmth on my face

Miss Lilly says 
Have a wonderful day
It is hard to believe she will be a year old soon !!

Friday, January 9, 2015

The Sun will come out tomorrow??

Good Morning !!
Would you love to change the words to that song

The Sun will be warm tomorrow

The sun is out, but it is far from warm out there *sigh*

I am so ready for some warmer weather and we are not even
as cold as many of you I know are! But cold is cold and I for
one am sick of it 

I want trees full of green, these bare brown drab branches
are getting the best of me

I want to plant things, dig in the dirt a little 

But I suppose since Winter is a season and we can 
not rush it along, I will just Hibernate and day dream

thank you everyone that has contacted me
No I have not fallen into a deep hole, or gotten lost
I am still recouping from be sick, feel lots better
but the energy level is just not what it should be

The sun will shine again tomorrow, now the next day
it may not, and EEEKKK later this weekend we may even
possibly see some of that White stuff, UGH
for us that will more then likely be in Ice form 
Darn it if it is going to get Ugly out there I would rather it
just snow enough to be pretty, if there is such a thing !!!

And frankly I would take warmth and even the little critters that 
come along with it, just not the Big ones *smile*

the Sunset will be pretty this evening, but that water
will not be warm enough to go down to enjoy it on the beach!!

I think I shall choose red for my petunias this year

there I am day dreaming again.

Can I just go pull the blanket up over my head and
wake up to Spring time 

Nay, I must survive yet another Cold winter

I have four orders to finish and ship, that are late
My shop is still empty, I have only gotten up to work
the past few days to find myself back under my warm
cozy blanket feeling like I have not slept in weeks??
maybe that is because I spent so much time for over a week
sleeping in an upright position on a cold hard surface
*Too much info I am sure*
But a bathroom is not a cozy sleeping spot in your home!!

Gee being sick is no fun!! I apologize for being behind to
those that are waiting patiently for me to ship
But I thank you for being so understanding

I think I have the Winter time Blues

Hope you are warm and Cozy and I wish you a 
Wonderful Weekend

I will get back into action and create again

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Many thank you's to Tee Hall

Good Afternoon

I have been nursing a horrible headache for three days now !

It is not as bad as it was, but it sure has put a damper on 
me doing much, I have mostly been laying around 
*and dare I say I think I am enjoying, laying around*

I did check my mail today, and I received a sweet box
from such a Sweet lady. Thank you Tee 

The ginger set are actually magnets but they are placed on my tree

Love The spool it too found a spot on my tree

This Pinecone with a bird perched on top, and Love that tag

I love altered Art 

This adorable Tag with that precious tiny Clothespin 

All of my goodies on my hmmm, just noticed dusty shelf
so I could take a picture of them all together

Thank you Tee so much 

Hope you are all ready for Christmas

Friday, December 19, 2014

First Giveaway for the New year

WOW is is so hard to believe this year is almost over with ?

It has flown by, I feel like I missed half of it *sigh*

So I am kicking off my giveaway season early
for 2015

One winner will get a Rabbit like this 
the green fabric I have like this is thin lined instead of wide

Every year  I hear others select a Word for the year

In 2015 This quote will be my inspiration
I am going to focus on being Mindful of the little things
And thanking the Lord for them all

To Enter is simple
you only have to comment on this post
if you are not a follower of my blog I would love to have you join

I will not be giving extra chances on this one
if you feel like sharing I appreciate it

REMEMBER: to leave me contact info If I can not find your
email easily! Also my giveaways are always open world wide
so yes you can sign up no matter where you live 

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas
And a Happy Happy New Year