Thursday, July 24, 2014

A short giveaway

Good afternoon, Gee it is HOT and humid here today

I am going to be launching a blog hop giveaway
hosting a hand full of friends from the
Folkart and Primitives Etsy team
It will begin on August the first, so watch for details on that

Today I thought I would share a short giveaway
This on will run until August the first

One winner will win my two latest Pillow tucks

*graphics by Trina Clark*

This giveaway will be simple, all you have to do is
comment on this post to be entered
remember if you do not have an email in your profile
to include one in your comment so I can contact you
if you win

Hope you are having a Wonderful Day

I have been busy shipping orders :O)
Cute scarecrows almost done can not wait to share them


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Get em while you can

Good morning, get em while you can
No not the grasshoppers *sigh* they are thick
the heat has returned and yet again they are muchin on
all of my plants ! As I see it that is good Fish Bait *smile*

It is a beautiful morning, already warm and Humid
but I won't complain, I love fall but dread winter
so I will enjoy this summer Heat as long as I can

*photos by Lynn of Painting Thyme Needfuls *

Lynn has shared with so many friends and the results
are Awesome, Many of these guys have been made 
and many new ones will soon be done 

Get an Elf while you can, I have several of these
guys in the works for orders
*this is a vintage Polka Dot design*
Each gal names her Elf and shares photos with me

Or if you prefer to purchase him for full price 
let me know and I can add a custom listing for you

I will only be taking a few more layaway orders on him this year

I have been busy on orders for a few days now

It feels good to be back working full time again!
I should of taken a photo of them all finished 
I may of ? I have got to check my camera?
Making pumpkins today

Hope you are enjoying this day
I will post a new giveaway in the morning

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Small Spaces

Hello on this Cool Refreshing Saturday

I have been walking down memory lane
*ok more like forget that cause it was in the past Sigh*

In 2009 I started this blog living Here

That is right living in our travel trailer
Which we had already spent close to two years living in!
And I have to confess sometimes I miss it
Yes you heard that right !!

Small spaces, it makes you learn what you can survive without
And trust me when I say that is a bunch of stuff

We moved that travel trailer you can see it by the tree
to clear a spot for our larger *well ok maybe a little bigger*
640 square foot home, to some it may be just a mobile home
But hey to me it is our mansion, And yes I am still living with less!!

We removed that old leaky carport 

and added 
a building for hubby to house his things
We built a carport on the side of it
And look, you can see on the left side our Travel Trailer now
sets over there, we hope to eventually build a carport on the other side 
of his building to cover it
There are two large slides on one side of our travel trailer 
that are RUINED !!! yes it needs to go to the repair place :(
I am attempting to convince hubby to do that so that I can go
out the fence gate and use it as a studio instead of my building??

Excuse the trailer sitting here, he just traded for it and will be
completely redoing it into a nice trailer 

this tiny little Red House took the place of our travel trailer
this was shortly after it arrived on our lots at this Lake
Many things have changed since then
Many still yet to come, we always have plans and 
things in the works to improve it 

Well look at that, forget to pick up the hose ?
And the photo even comes complete with 
Miss Rango in it *Smile*
Shelby must of been inside?
Our fence and deck need to be stained this year
yes one of those many things we have neglected this summer

Wow the years have past many things have changed
Why this post...........well I have been redoing everything
inside this Huge tiny home, just to house my never ending
creative side :) 

And gee has that part of life taken on many changes
in these years..............the gosh awful HEAVY metal 
shelves with glass fronts (old store displays)
they now reside in hubbies building ! 

When I started I had so much crammed into my bedroom
I could barely turn around in there!!

My little 10 x 20 building that has yet to get it's sand colored paint 
job with cedar stained shutters
has yet to become my studio?? and it is once again packed full of
stuff, so it is not a job I want to start
surely the Oklahoma Heat will return after this cool spell and
I do not want to be out working in it, hopefully this fall we 
can tackle that job !! At least so I can use it for storing 
supplies in?

The past two holiday seasons were a mad house for me
working on retail as well as wholesale orders !!
When you have limited space you learn how to live with it !!

It was a never ending battle and due to spending the past
Five years creating in tiny areas, We never got to sit at the table
to eat a meal, Hubby always with a TV tray and me in front of my
computer !!!!!

Well recently we changed things up
* thus the injury, I am healing and feel great, not completely :) *
But I am getting there

Let me share with you our HUGE floorplan

That is correct, there you have it !!
Simple as it may seem it is HUGE to me
And warm and inviting and comfy and cozy
YES we are blessed !!!!

Now our living room since it houses three recliners and 
a BIG entertainer center I figured hey why not use all the
floor space I can *smile*
So we moved me in a desk, dang this thing is heavy it is solid wood!
You see all those labels !! I can now find everything !! It is Awesome

Want a close up?
click on the pictures !!!
I would love to paint all my paper mache boxes to match
But Matching is not what is important
it is utilizing everything to make it function properly 

I have a small work area for my table now just to do
finishing touches on items

And trust me when I say every inch of counter space I have
is used every day to stain, paint, and dry things !!

Oh did I mention I have tons of totes in my building
and a few stuck in the travel trailer
most I could not get to if I wanted to
Yes there are items I could use and really need
but again I have been doing without them since December
so apparently I can still do that for now :)

A small table top ironing board frees up floor space
I mean gee I have so much of that to use?? NOT

Just noticed that I need a pepper shaker LOL
But you see that looky there!! Now one end of my table is
easily cleared to sit down to eat a meal

Our life would not be normal if we were not looking at or
sharing space with craft stuff, Hubby does not mind
It just feels good to sit at a real table to dine !!

Well he just called he is on his way home from work
Time for me to move that fabric and fix a late lunch!

I will leave you with my droopy Elephant Ears
It rained hard all day yesterday and they are 
wanting some sunshine to perk them up :)

I am Sewing and Sewing, new things soon to share

Hope you have a wonderful weekend