Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bunnies and more Bunnies

Thinking Spring!!!

Creating Rabbits

Ignoring the fact that Mother Nature apparently 
realized she had over looked us, and dumped a bit
of Ice, Sleet upon us this past weekend

And she must not be done with us yet as today is the 
only day of the week we do not have a prediction for 
precipitation !! Darn it all, I was enjoying this winter
But not now, I am dreaming of Flip flops !!!!
Not freezin cold weather and ICE !!!

Item are listed in my Etsy shop

Orders are everywhere, and I have supplies being 
mailed to me, I can not wait

Ok back to my work table I go
wishing you a wonderful day

Thursday, February 19, 2015

An exhausting couple of days

Ok let's recap that title
An exhausting Month, yes an entire month
First a stomach bug where I went through more toilet paper
then I care to disclose *I know Too much info*
Then got an upper respiratory infection, that turned into the flu
that turned into a SINUS infection, and then a severe Ear Ache!!
Good grief I felt like I needed a new head ~ sigh 
Well I am still not 100% but I can assure you I am in no way
contagious, so I am back to sewing up a storm

And THEN!!!

Miss Shelby got sick day before yesterday, yes same thing
as last summer, but we caught it. She has a very sensitive tummy

So for the past couple of nights I have not slept well at all
OH to HECK with it, for a month I have been sleep deprived LOL

photo collages I am sharing are not this years
But I have many NEW graphics and new ones started 
in fact I finished a few today and will be updating my etsy
tomorrow, I even have some other finished items I will be listing
It feels great to be back to work!!

Again a old collage but I am also working on some new Americana
and I will add it includes some bunnies
Hope you are thawing out if you are covered in SNOW

Have a wonderful evening 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I want to ask you a Question

Good Morning 
Shoot I may ask more then one question before this post is completed

Yes I am dreaming of Spring, While so many I know are covered in SO much snowfall I am sure you are dreaming of it as well!
Darn I read online last night that some of you may still have snow on 
the ground well into spring? It actually said all spring, but hey I do not want to depress those of you that are covered in that white stuff

First Question do you go with One color or shades of a main color choice
when planning your planting of flowers?? Silly question, wait grab a cup of coffee there is more to this post. Oh it is me that needs that other cup
Be right back :)
I must be lacking in sleep, from feeling bad LOL Because that was not the question purpose of this post

I have seen so many Link parties on blogs
 many decorating, many based on home decor etc. I am thinking of doing a Link Party once a Week Where readers will link up a post of their latest creation
or a link to an item they have for sell?? Would any of my readers be interested in participating Or should I ask what your thoughts are on Link parties on blogs
do you like them, or are they too much to have on a blog? Or could I possibly hope that your response would be a positive YES

On our Etsy team Blog we have added pages
offering different styles of creations for sale by team members

But wait don't leave me just yet, click that link shortly

I too am planning on doing a few pages on my blog And offering items to my readers do you like that on a blog

Why Yes I am asking my blog readers to interact on this post I am doing spring cleaning 
**Need to do that in the house: smile**
I want to do some changes on my blog to make it more interesting more inviting, more enjoyable to participate !
And I think link parties would be a good way for me to get to know my reader better !

By the way I added a New giveaway to my Facebook Page
and from the response I do believe most are more then ready for spring!

And remember these guys are sitting in a box waiting to 
take flight to a Winner's home 

In the mean time, Gee I need to go back to bed
I have gone through three cups of coffee attempting to put
this scattered post together this morning
I do believe my brain is still asleep 

Hope you find some sunshine today, have a good one

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hurry Last day to sign up

Hello to all of you, hope you had a wonderful weekend

Today is the last day to enter my Facebook Giveaway

I will announce a winner tomorrow

as for orders they are all ready and will ship on Tuesday
I apologize I have had a miserable Ear ache, sinus infection
something, trust me when I say it had me all messed up

I have never in my LONG life *sigh*
had such a horrible pain in my ear !!
went and got some things to get some relief on Saturday morning
and I feel better now

If I could just get over the darn cough from having the flu
I would be one Happy woman 

Closing with a picture of Sweet Lilly and their dog Goose
This was Valentine's day evening and she was waiting on
her Daddy to get home from work!!

She needs to get on Goose's back to see LOL
on her tippy toes

She painted her Daddy a Valentine's Day present 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Really The White Stuff WHY

this was a few years ago !! we have been so lucky this year
No snow No Ice !!

the Weather folks are saying we have a chance of Snow
on Tuesday
today and tomorrow will be in the 60's and then
we will go back to winter BLAH!!!

I am so ready to see the bright colors of Green and Flowers
The warm glow of the sunshine on my face
**OK it is sunny out we will see if these guys are right for today**

something tells me I best enjoy today and tomorrow *sigh*

I need to be busy working
Geesh I have NO bunnies done ??
Guess I best kick start myself and get in gear 

Have a wonderful day, for those friends up in the Northeast
stay warm and safe!! for I hear you have a justified reason to
complain, and I do not think I do *grin*
for our lows during the onset of this White stuff moving this way
will only be at 32* 
I know shame on me, but I am just so ready for Spring to get here

New feature on my blog
you can now Pin my pictures or share posts

Coming soon I will be changing the format of my blog
and adding Product to it to purchase

Have a Wonderful Day