Thursday, October 29, 2015

Shorter Days and new things

I was broken hearted when I realized I had lost all of my 
Christmas graphics, so I have replaced some and 
gotten some new ones.

I have more I will be adding in the next couple of days

You can tell Little Rango just does not care about a picture
and poor Shelby is curled up in my robe!

Yes your fur babies can catch colds!
And catch them from other dogs UGH
took the girls to the groomers a week ago, and they 
now both have colds. I had just had their vaccinations done
so I knew it was not Kennel cough!
They are sick babies :( 
both sneezing and snorting and they have drippy noses 
I shall give them some sodium free chicken broth today 

Miss Lilly had fall photos done, she is growing far to fast

And to end I will share that I am hanging onto the clock
I do not like Short daylight days!
Not looking forward to the time change this weekend
And we could just fast forward to Spring and I would be HAPPY
I Dread Winter

have a Safe and Happy Halloween



  1. Morning Brenda, sweet new Christmas gratis, love them. My Angel does not like her picture taken either, hope Rango gets better soon.... Look at darling Miss.Lily, so cute!!!!! Blessings Francine.

  2. I also hate the shorter days, so depressing to feel like it is bed time at dinner time, lol. Poor pups, mine is always getting sick, more from the fact that he eats anything he can get in his mouth. Miss Lily is so photogenic, and such a doll.


  3. Poor Babies! I don't think any of mine have ever had a cold. We always seem to get tummy things. Fun..Miss Lilly so pretty! Yes they grow so fast.I just went online to order gifts for my sister's shower and couldn't decide what size as I knew how fast the get to be big forgot we lose that hour this weekend. Warm Blrssings!~Amy

  4. Your little Miss Lilly is adorable, as are you creations. So fun to stop my and see what you are working on now. I am one that likes the return to standard time! I was born in Dec, so maybe that's why? LOL.

  5. Sorry you lost your graphics and your babies are sick. Cut pic of your little one. Not looking forward to the time change either.


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