Sunday, November 1, 2015

Technical difficulties and the Winner of October giveaway

I will begin with the winner of my October giveaway

and thank you to all who signed up and shared

NOW !!!! for other news 
My Camera bit the dust this morning
YEP right in the middle of setting up to take
pictures of new items!
So I dig out my old camera, guess what
had not taken it out in forever, that camera is 
an OLD digital camera, I took pictures with it
and they are not very clear
OH darn the Luck LOL

And my phone takes horrible pictures so I am just doomed
right now, suppose I will have to go get a new one in a day or two?

The only new item I got pictured was this one

I want a Great camera, so I can take better photos, 
but I do not have time to learn a new camera
so I will just settle for another simple digital camera
Anyone have any great advice to share on them
any certain one that may be a wonderful purchase

That possibly comes with a good picture taker as well
:) just some fun poked in there!!
Taking photos is not my favorite thing to do

Lilly went trick or treating yesterday
I may have to take a trip to see her soon, if they do not come down
She is growing far too fast

Happy November the first, we woke to a cool morning
and hubby and I took the Gater down to the lake to fish awhile
Caught two fish this morning, enough to fix them for dinner tonight

Hope you had a wonderful Halloween


  1. Congrats Angela, good for you!
    Little Lily is a cutie pie.,
    I just use my old digital Polaroid.
    It does well outside and in, but not for distance or night time shots.

  2. Lilly looks so cute! Sorry about your camera. That always happens at the worse time. I have a Canon and don't do anything fancy with it but it's been very easy for me to learn to use. Good luck!

    I certainly enjoyed my Mr. Pumpkin and my Fall tucks! Thanks.


  3. Congrats Angela. Cute Halloween costume.

  4. YAY for you Angela! And how cute is that costume .. She's a real dolly! Have a blessed week Brenda ~ Marge ~ :0)

  5. Congrats to Angela, nice win...lily is adorable, so cute.Blessings Francine.

  6. Congrats to lucky Angela! She is a sweetie! And so is Miss Lilly, make that trip Brenda, they do grow so fast♥ (hope you enjoyed the fish, yum!) ~*~Lisa


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