Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Hmmm Not at our house :)
seems I am confused as to what Holiday it is LOL

I should be sharing that I have lots of witches and pumpkins
laying around but the witches have done taken their flight path
to other places! and the Pumpkins, well I have pumpkin stems
That should sum that up :)
Guess I should go out and get some candy, although we 
never have trick or treater's out our way
But just in case.........

and as for the Turkey's
He is in the freezer waiting to be deep fried !!
This house has moved on to Snowmen, Gingers, 
and that big red suited Dude :)

On a good note I slept last night
~All Night Long~
Because at my age the long hours I have been keeping
just seemed to catch up to me :)
That is the normal around here, my fingers have holes
in them that snag on everything, oh I love my job :)

I ran out of Sanding blocks, so my hands are sore today
using pieces of sand paper just does not cut it
So when I drop these big boxes off at the Post office
I shall stop at the hardware store and pick some up

I can Not believe it is almost November the first
This year has flown by 

And as for the Man in the Red Suit
He will be here REAL soon :)
I sold the two I had yesterday of him
Guess I now HAVE to go to the flea market this weekend
to check out the booth with all the upholstery fabrics
Should of known to get more reds 

Have a wonderful day


  1. With all that you make I have no doubt your fingers have holes in them.......or aren't worn to the bone!
    All your creations are so awesome and I'm blessed to have many in my home.
    Have a great day!

  2. Love all your homemades, talented lady.Blessings Francine.

  3. tis the season! Love all your work :)

  4. I love that gingerbread man! Off to look at your shop.....again! Hugs!

  5. Lots of great pieces and I am working on christmas most of the time, hoping I might actually get done in time.


  6. Well I started working on Christmas back in September and I am behind for our show in two weeks..also started decorating too! Love your snowmen..too cute! Janice

  7. So creative as always! Love to see santa even though it is still October.

  8. Such wonderful creations. Love the ginger.

  9. When your blog header popped up I got a little spark of joy in my heart - loving the Christmas Brenda! ~*~Lisa

  10. I love the witch in the first picture..very cute..Cute creations Brenda.


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