Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Fall is in the Air

Good Morning Fall is in the Air
ok maybe not so much it is but let's just say it is not cool
enough here yet! Oh my yes I just typed that
Being a Spring and Summer loving person I am ready for 
a break in the Heat this year

Woke to Rain this morning the sweet sound of it hitting
our Metal Deck roof, only now it has stopped!
Wishing it would of rained all day long

Everything is parched here, burnt up, I miss the green grass ~sigh

The leafs are starting to fall
It won't be long until the trees are bare and 
Old man winter will make himself known

And I refuge to like Cold Winter time ~smile

I am working on all seasons right now
all Holidays 

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I will be adding new things in a few days

Have a Wonderful Wednesday 



  1. I am so ready for fall too. Although we are still HOT here, you can see signs of fall's approach. Love your adorable snowmen.

  2. Very cute snowmen, one of my favorite collectibles. Yes, our weather has been a bit cooler but really rainy as well. I am also looking so forward to autumn :)


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