Saturday, September 12, 2015

And it's Magic

Amazing in a the blink of the eye the temps changed
yesterday the winds blew and cooler air came in

Stay tuned I am sure in the blink of an eye the leafs 
will break loose and all fall ~Smile~

Season's do not seem to change over a period of time
anymore it just goes from one extreme to the other 

Our Weekly forecast

Oh wait never mind it will be Hot again next week LOL
No wonder I am having trouble getting these snowmen made

But I will gladly take those over night temps

Update on Studio:
I have had several ask me about my little studio
It is still out there, I am still working in the house?

The Air conditioner does not work and I refuse to go boil ~sigh~
But that is ok in due time I will get out there and share
with you the changes I have made

And Work :) I have brought supplies in daily and just
find myself shaking my head, this transaction has not 
gone as I had planned, but I am still being patient
It will all work soon enough 

I will also share a big score I got last weekend
I went to a flea market and there was a little building packed
with fabrics All upholstery, but it is a store from out of town 
that is closing and they are suppose to be bringing in more 
this weekend, so I am going shopping again this morning 
And since I am a Home body that does not shop often
I am excited to go today

Wishing a wonderful weekend


  1. Enjoy your cooler temps while you can. Your forecast looks like ours, 80s and 90s still. Cute snowman. Sorry your A/C isn't working in your work shed, hope you get fixed soon. Have fun fabric shopping.

  2. While I just love the Fall and the cooler temps I am just not ready to say goodbye to SUMMER, especially after the WINTER we had last year!!!! Enjoy your shopping trip! Hugs!

  3. Send some of those cooler temps my way, Brenda! We have been SO HOT this year! Looking forward to a little FALL for us Floridians! Happy fabric hunting!

  4. I am looking forward to fall also after a hot summer. Love that little snowman...

  5. Your little snowman is sweet. Can't wait to see your fabric score - very exciting! ~*~Lisa

  6. Gorgeous sunset and I have enjoyed seeing your new pieces, lots of great ones for fall.
    We are cool tonight, got home today from New Hampshire and it was hot there and now cool, guess the heat is coming back, but I am not complaining, would love an indian summer.


  7. Oh how happy I was to have the cooler air make a return Oh it was so hot and I thought I couldn't take it another day.

  8. very pretty!! My cousins in Oklahoma told me..if you don't like the weather just wait a few minnutes it is bound to change. ;)

  9. aahh, this picture is beautiful. Autumn is my favorite season, and I'm still hanging on to everything it brings. You like flea markets too? They are just my cup of tea. : )



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