Monday, September 7, 2015

Sunday Share

Good Morning 
Wow already starting the second week of September
*Times flies by*

The Folk Art and Primitives Etsy team is having a Fall celebration

Everything is Flying here, my sewing machine 
is heated up and going strong :)

There is not enough time in the day
actually this weekend I have been spending time will family

My to do list is growing so my Pen is flying too *smile*

By the way my little studio building has changed
we moved the bed out of it and now I have more room to work
If the Oklahoma Heat would just go away
My air conditioner we put in it is now not working *sigh* 

But we hung a screen door so when the days get cooler
I can open the door and window to get some cool air
I can not wait to start working out there
I will share pictures again of it soon

And this is why time flies
I am now in high gear doing two seasons
And It won't be long until I start making Rabbits :)

Have a Wonderful Happy Labor Day


  1. Rabbits? Already? Oh help. How time does fly, especially when you are doing projects to sell. I really admire your dedication. I don't think ( don't know if) I could do it. More power to you. Blessings

  2. What wonderful witchie-poo's. Oh, I missed your studio post - have been waiting for you to move in! I think that's great Brenda! ~*~Lisa


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