Friday, September 25, 2015


Well should I say good Morning?
possibly insert here, I hope you are sleeping well?

Good afternoon or possible evening to those far away?

Won't you join me for coffee, 
because I have two full cups in front of me

*sigh* I am the only one in the house who drinks this stuff

And apparently from lack of sleep this week, my mind is not functioning well?
so yes at 3 AM this morning 
I poured two cups and took a seat in front of this computer

And NO my lack of sleep  is not because of being busy, 
although I am,  very busy
I turn the world off just fine when my head hits the pillow, 
my mind just seems to wake up
and run with the cue of GET up ~ get up now!!
Actually I was sleeping so well and then............

You see that little white butt???
yes she is the little escape artist, she can and does go
through those pickets and then gets scared 
because she needs back in????

WELL all I can say is come 5AM when hubby leaves for work
and that little white thing decides she wants to slumber
I am going to go and make all sorts of noise to wake her up

I was sleeping so well, and she has lately wanted out several 
times a night, let's just say the hubs got provoked at her
and regardless if I was looking beautiful and peaceful
while in my wonderful dreams
*** SHE shall not sleep if I can't*** must of come to mind
BECAUSE, they got me up too !!
Prior to this I have had nights upon NIGHTS of
either not being able to go to sleep at night
or waking in the middle of the night and not going back to bed?
getting OLDER is a OVERRATED wonderful JOY
everything is upside down

And now they are all sleeping and I am WIDE awake
well maybe not WIDE awake, I just can't seem to go back to bed once I am woken up ?

Nay I could not do that, if I wanted to, Sorry
although when I do nap or decide my body just
needs to rest, she comes over and wakes me up to move
so she can get in my recliner to sleep?
THIS is one spoiled rotten dog Geesh, I wonder who did that :)

YES I have been missing from my blog, I am extremely busy running behind this past week,
hubby was on vacation last week, that should explain alot!
Thus I do believe that is what turned Miss Rango's time clock
I think I need a vacation all by myself

source pinterest

A vacation from housework and cooking and well
just a peaceful NO noise no care week away
WHO wants to go with me LOL

I have a FALL Special in my Etsy shop

For a 10% coupon use code 
It expires on the last day of September

I have Pumpkins flying around here
Crows *oh wait they fly not pumpkins* :)
Why yes if the seasons of creating does not have me confused
or my lack of sleep does not have me twisted around

Life would just not be normal!!!
DID I mention I am building snowmen
and SANTA claus is coming to town :)

will soon end as well, so be sure to sign up
I currently have 8 of these guys going out the door today!
BUSY is what I am and I am loving it
It has been two years since I have been this busy

Now it is time to make a second Pot Of Coffee
WAKE the household up *BIG nasty grin here*
by all means my pleasure LOL
And get this day moving

Have a wonderful day
and excuse my rambling :) 


  1. I know what it is like to not sleep and it is awful so sorry you are having those issues. There is a breathing technique that may help inhale for the count of 4 hold the breath for the count of 7 exhale with the count of 8. Keep it up and just when you say to yourself this isn't working you wake up the next day. It has helped me become normal.

  2. Yes, Miss Brenda, I have noticed that you aren't posting and I have missed you.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  3. Good Morning Brenda from a fellow Oklahoman :0). I understand your plight,unfortunately. Once I wake up it is nearly impossible to get back to sleep. I have illness that makes getting to sleep difficult as well. And... My tiny alarm clock is black and white and they're double trouble! Our two Boston Terriers!! Haha! They're getting older as well, so they want out around 4am! Yeeessshhhh! The things we do for our four legged kids! I hope you get some peaceful slumber this weekend. And, loving your new SNOWMEN! Have a lovely day :0D. ~ Marge ~

  4. Lack of sleep here as well, but I can't blame it on a dog though :)
    Trying to get back to some kind of normal again but it's taking longer than I thought.
    I don't sleep well at night so I nap away half my day and then the guilt sets in........
    Glad you are busy creating and love your new snowmen.

  5. I love your wonderful Etsy goodies and need to pop over to your shop. So sorry about your lack of's the pits for sure. Happy fall.

  6. Oh, I'm sorry that you are having trouble sleeping. I hope this will resolve soon. You have such wonderful new additions to your Etsy.

  7. I, too, love your snowmen. Thanks for the giveaway

  8. Poor pooch!! LOL I know what ya mean! Our kitty Maggie is just as spoiled!!

  9. Once I wake up in the morning; no matter how early...that is it. I am awake for the day. No falling back to sleep. And that first cup of coffee is just what is needed. What wonderful pillows and decorations! I enjoy all your decor.


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