Friday, July 24, 2015

Post One My She Shed

Good Morning
I am doing this in two parts

I once had a Wonderful Room all my own 
During that time I sold on Ebay as
*Hackleberry Creek Orginals*
Then we picked up and relocated to East Texas, 
Where most of you know I opened The Rusty Thimble. 
Yes I still miss Texas and my Store
and then
We moved back to Oklahoma, a few months after coming 
back to our home state we moved where we are now 
That was in 2009

and lived in our RV for awhile
We lived in this when we were in Texas also

I had become accustomed to working in Small spaces
These two photos are of our kitchen dining area and
living room in that RV

All I can say is if you love what you do you can 
manage to do it in any anywhere
I will add as long as you have a patient husband :)

we did not gain what looks like much room
But we then purchased a small One bedroom mobile home
there is more square footage then the RV but when 
you run a business from home, There never seems to be enough!

Being that I worked in my Kitchen and Living Room
I attempted to keep it maintained, but The supplies
got out of hand. Things began to take over

This is a straight photo, because that Table never stayed that way

IN Fact let me share!
Dinner at our house is Hubby with his TV tray at his recliner
and me sitting at my Computer desk

Well Ladies I have a Kitchen
Did I mention it feels great to not have to move
my projects to prepare a Meal :)
Now I am on the home stretch, almost done enough
to move the few items I have on my dining table out to my new studio
Yes I have been continuing to work on orders while doing all of this
And Yes I am worn out, In fact I am considering a short vacation
after all of this is completed......sigh

So anyways back to my story

And then comes this little building
When we lived in our RV this building served as
a Home for my Washer and Dryer
and a full size Refrigerator 

And when we moved out of the RV it became an
all around Storage *JUNK* Room!!

This is nothing compared to how much was actually crammed
into this 10 x 20 foot building
We cleaned her out *my soon to be She Shed Studio*
And piled all of that stuff up and down the center of Hubbies
building *UT OH* Cause let me just say I have heard about
that one, sad thing is 
*I will confess I still have boxes and boxes of stuff in his building*

Next I will have to have a Yard Sale, what does not sale
will be donated to a local Church

She was all cleaned *WAS* smile
they tore out my loft and dropped the ceiling
*I wanted to leave it high*
something tells me Hubby knew in the back of his mind
if we did that I would be hanging things from the rafters
and would refuse to part with all of the many many things
I have that I simply Do NOT need 

And construction began
All along I was thinking how on earth am I going
to ever get everything into this building
As it will be serving as a guest room as well

WELL let me tell you I have moved MOUNTAINS
I am serious LOL
Next part coming up and it is VERY picture heavy
Stay tuned I think I need an Ice Tea break
grab something to drink if you intend to come back :)



  1. Tapping my foot here.........hurry back !!! :P

  2. Okay, have my tall glass of water....waiting.............


  3. So happy for you! You have waited a long THYME! Hugs!

  4. Got my glass of Diet Dew, and some chips ((looking at watch...tapping watch to make sure it is working)). Well, gonna get a sandwich too...:)

  5. Looking forward to more! Will check back later for sure!

  6. so exciting and encouraging to those of us who work from our diningroom tables :)

  7. Come on Brenda.....don't leave us hanging! Haha! My iced tea has condensation dripping off the sides. :) Just kidding......I am SO HAPPY for you that you will have your OWN space to create more beautiful items. Can't wait for the next installment.

  8. Excited for you! Patiently waiting for more photos!

  9. Love your new Studio can't wait to see all the pretty things you will be making there

  10. you sure must love your crafts, and he must sure love you, grin!
    so happy for you!

  11. How exciting - so jealous - can't wait for the pictures - did I mention I'm jealous!

  12. I think you deserve a vacation, can't wait for part 2!


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