Monday, July 20, 2015

This job is taking Forever

Hello, why yes my blogging schedule is messed up?

And No I have not been posting much online!
thank you to the many that have contacted me to check
and see if I was ok, it is not like me to be MIA this long

And GEE it is HOT and HUMID outside
prayers to those affected by all the strange weather

Just a couple of sneak peeks Yes I am still putting my
building together and it looks nothing like this now :)
There is a story of this item hanging over one of my windows
I will share that later

I will have a post put together sometime this week
with Pictures of the Progress of my new 'She Shed Studio'
I need more room LOL, it is full and I have so much to 
still get in there, it is amazing how you can move things around
to accommodate more ! Where there is a Will there is a Way 

Bear with me I as endure this horrible Heat we are having
to get everything moved in, thank the Lord for my Air conditoner
The building is cool, it is just the trips to and from with boxes

**oh wait I love summer, just a little cool spell would be nice**

Orders are all going out this week and I have new items I am
determined to get finished. I will share more on that later as well

I am so behind on everything, but I foresee many new creations
in my new little Studio 

See you Soon I promise
now it is time to go throw some dinner on the Grill


  1. Good to hear from you Brenda. Can't wait to see your Shed. Take care and stay cool.

  2. Glad to hear all is well there. Your she shed looks so nice! I'm jealous... ;)
    The 4 o'clocks... at the top are so pretty! Mine are bursting with flowers this year... I think the extra rain has helped!
    I'd love a SHE SHED by the way... but I won't complain. Right now, we're busy working on my little camper... SOOOO... I guess I won't beg for a shed. ;)


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