Friday, July 24, 2015

MY Studio

The Lighting was terrible this morning
I should of waited but I am so ready to get 
back to some sort of Normal routine

So without delay let me share
My Someday She Shed Studio
I thought this day would never come
But great things happen when you are simply grumpy patient

Miss Free Range is welcoming you to our Yard!
My chickens will be None too happy with me
as we will soon be doing a run for them and they
will no longer Rule the entire back yard
Right now they come up on my porch of my building and 
talk to me while I am working :)

Let's turn on the Light, notice I have a temporary fix
for covering the electric panel, Hubby was suppose to do that :)
and someone forgot to straighten my Christmas trees
Hey this girl is tired, and I am sure I will get to it soon
I have to have my Trees so I can take pictures

this is a very eclectic Room so be prepared
I have had so many Wonderful Online Friends that
have sent me some Amazing gifts, I had to surround myself
with them all so I can finally enjoy them
*not to mention I often use them in Photo shoots* 

I should of left the lamps off, but it is too late now and I
am not redoing this

Vintage hankies on my window
and that item above my window

See the cross, this is an Old Baby Cradle that 
hung in a covered wagon

Recognize the sign it was in my window of my store
*We went back for my store sign, but it was no longer there* 

My Mustard Stove cover will serve as a prop
for taking photos

Yes everything is very secure and anyone that sleeps on
this Bed will not get hit in the head during Their slumber :)

A vintage Wicker laundry hamper houses Vintage Chenille bedspreads
I have one empty cubbie in that corner, in case I find fabric in those
boxes that I just can NOT part with :)
The blue pop up hampers, well let me just say it is amazing
when you go through boxes how many started stuffed items you find
GEE, and I have more to go through 
One hamper contains scraps of muslin and osnaburg that I use often

There is a place for everything, and as many times as I have
added to those places during this process, I know right where

I will be doing some rearranging on the top of this shelf 
as it will hold a small TV and DVD player 

Yes the OLD machine is in the case, and yes I want
to someday take it to see if it can be put back into
working condition, it is a beautiful machine

The two large trunks will hold my Christmas Decor
did I mention there are four boxes under all that is still 
left to go through, naturally I could not manage to move all
of those heavy items, so those will be relocated later :)

I have so much cleaning to do, and that small heater does not
go in my building I have a large ceramic Heater that will set 
there for the cold winter months!

When pressed on space you go up and hang what ever you
can find to hold stuff

My sewing Machine will set on my desk
As soon as I finish this last round of orders
Hopefully by Monday it will be placed in here so 
I can start creating in my Studio
My Ironing board will serve as a work area
and is easy to take down to tidy up for guests

Lots and Lots of new Christmas fabrics for Elves

The wire stacked baskets will hold my items to sew and items
sewn up and ready to stuff

Another small work area

A comfy spot to read magazines 

and I will set on the love seat to do hand work

You may possibly find me NAPPING here :)

Why yes it will be a pain to move all of this to put away 
Christmas, heck I may leave it out for this year and then put it away

I have an old Heavy wood crate that will be placed
here for This Very OLD machine to set on 

I am sure like many I will rearrange and change things up

my Son just came in for the Weekend
I got his approval, He said
" mom this is like having your store again :) "

I have had a great time putting this all together 
and still have more to do

I hope you enjoyed your visit today
and if you are ever in my Neck of the Woods
you are welcome to come stay in my little
Guest house / Studio 
She Shed Studio

Now is it time for me to get back to work
have a wonderful day



  1. Love, love, LOVE the look inside your little studio. Looks like a great place to let the creative juices flow. I am so glad you finally got it all done :)

  2. Your She Shed Studio is bursting with creativity and pretty things. I admire that baby cradle from covered wagon days, wow, and all the fabrics for crafting, and the old Singer sewing machines. Do you want to be in there all day? I would think so :)

  3. I Love your She Shed Studio. What a great place to create. It is so cozy and comfortable looking. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Ta Daaaaaaaa its all done! I am so happy for you, this has been a long time in the works. Enjoy each minute you spend in there working. It is amazing!! :) :) :)

  5. Congratulations on your special space! Enjoy ")

  6. Yay! Enjoy your lovely new space!

  7. Love it!! So much room and surrounded by great things!

  8. Thanks for sharing. It looks great. Enjoy your new space!! :)


  9. I love you new creative space. I a sure it will serve you well. Would you mind sharing how big it is, I would love to get an idea as we are looking at plans to build one soon and keep second guessing the size we are chosing.

  10. I could just weep. My heart is SO happy for you....

  11. Yay! It looks awesome! I'm so glad you have a new space to work in. I love that you have it decorated with gifts you've been given. :) It looks like a great space now!

  12. Love your studio, looks great !!!!! Blessings Francine.

  13. Wow...that is all I can say...WOW!!!

  14. Amazing Brenda!! You deserve this!! AND I LOVE what your son said to you!! It really looks inviting and fun!! I love all the quilts especially on the chair!! Go ahead and take a nap in there you earned it!! XOXO Love Fran.

  15. Hi, Brenda ~ Yvonne here from beth's raggedy attic prims. Been a while I know, have had family things going on and the busyness of summer with gardening and all. Your She Shed/ Studio looks wonderful . I'm jealous lol. I know you will enjoy it very much. God Bless

  16. The day has come! Wahoo! So happy for you Brenda, what a joy to be able to create in an area surrounded by your favorite things♥ Can you share the measurements of your building (width/length)? I can't believe how much it holds and it all looks so great. I hope someday I can create a she-shed too! Thanks for sharing ~*~Lisa


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