Thursday, July 30, 2015

Summer!!! Nuff said

Pretty bad when it is too HOT to fish *sigh*

As most of you know I am NOT a Winter person
It is by far my least favorite season of all, in fact we
could simply skip it every year LOL
I hate to rush Fall, I love fall don't get me wrong,
I just know that Winter follows fall :)

This year in a nut shell is like the Summer that wasn't
We spent the entire month of May and June Flooded here at the lake
The water is finally receding

And Summer did not totally skip us because you know that old saying
*The Dog Days of Summer*
Well it is DRY and Yucky out there :)

let me tell you this morning at 5 AM it was stifling Hot
I just came in from feeding my Chickens and it is better now 
then it was then? go figure.......... the Heat has been horrible
The kind of days where you just want to stay inside due to the fact
that if you go outside, and stand still you Just DRIP and get soaked
with sweat, I know such an attractive way of wording it, but True

Ok I will stop complaining
I can not believe it is almost August!
So it won't be long until Fall is upon us
and the relief of cooler days will be here

My blog giveaway ends tomorrow night so 

And Miss Lilly says Eat Ice Cream to stay cool 

Hope you have a wonderful day


  1. Miss Lily is a smart cookie! And cute too!

  2. Looking good, summer fun.Blessings Francine.

  3. We have been very hot and rainy here. the beginning of summer was cold and windy so yes we too are in the dog days but I will be missing them this winter.

  4. Hello Brenda, we are right in the depths of winter here in New Zealand as you are in the middle of summer over there. I dont enjoy either season & much prefer the spring or autumn (fall). I meant to pop by in your last post to say that I just ADORE your new creative space & you have so many beautiful & interesting things in there to look at, I dont know how you ever get any work done. Its all soooo beautiful. Well done. Julie x x


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