Sunday, August 3, 2014

I have some New Girls

Hello I hope you have had a wonderful weekend

I have some new girls, back during the spring
we had gotten three chickens
I loved them so much got extremely attached

We have three wild dogs that roam our area, two that are half Wolf
They got into our coop and got all three of our chickens

So since then we have fenced in our back yard area where the coop is at
And this morning we went and got four more Chickens

I just came inside, I need to clean the coop some and was out
checking on how they were adjusting to their new home
The last round it took a few days for them to get comfortable 
And start laying, Well one of these gals wasted no time
I already have my first Egg, I was so thrilled!!

The Top two are already layers
These are young and should be laying in about a month

Yes I am Happy with my new chicks *smile*

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As for Miss Shelby and Miss Rango, they are jealous
once again LOL, they are so spoiled



  1. Hi Brenda! That is so neat that you've got chickens again and that you already got an egg, how cool! We can't wait to have some of our own someday. Hope the dogs don't get your new girls!!

  2. So sad that chickens fall prey so often. Thanks for the adorable pumpkin. Can't waste to decorate with it.

  3. OH MY GOSH...I can't believe you already GOT an egg...That is awesome...NOTHING is prettier than a home grown egg and I don't even LIKE to eat eggs IF I can taste them...IF I don't taste them, then they are fine...LOL...I hope these have a nice life...I have a friend who lives in the woods and they have the hardest time with coyotes and raccoons getting their chickens...they have a beautiful coops, but just can't win...Happy EGG Hunting!! xoxo

  4. Chickens are such joys.
    SO happy for you.
    Woolie Hugs

  5. Hi Brenda, Love your chickens, my sister and BF have chickens and they love them. How awesome that you are getting eggs. hugs, Lecia

  6. Lucky, lucky you.. I would love to have some chickens. Yours are so pretty and have you named them?

  7. We have coyotes out back so we have to keep ours locked up but out of no where we had a duck show up.. now he lives with the

  8. Well bless your heart Brenda! That is so cool! I wish we could get chickens but we are not zoned for it!! I have a metal Goat!! And some lil metal chicks!! LOL I'm sticking it to the man!! I'll get some Farm animals one way or another!! XOXO Love ya Fran.

  9. Sorry abou your loss, bu glad youa re willing to give it another try.
    Look into a red eye guardian light. It keeps many preditors at bay.

  10. Congrats on the new chicks! Shelby and Rango are just as cute as ever!


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