Friday, January 3, 2014

My First Giveaway of 2014

A New Year for my Blog
and my first giveaway of 2014

I was looking back on my blog stats last night
and smiled with Joy for all of the wonderful
followers I have gotten, so many have become great friends

As many of you know I have a giveaway every month on
my blog, and yes I will continue that tradition this year as well

Today we are celebrating a Birthday in our house
So many are aware that my mother fell on the Ice
in December and had surgery on her arm
They placed a steel plate in her arm
She is doing great?? I suppose at 92 years old today
we could call her one tough Cookie!!
I know I would not be as tough as she is

So this giveaway is in Honor of my Mother
Who by the way has been sick, she will go to the doctor 
this afternoon, so say a little prayer for her if you will

This morning I pulled out some rabbits that are ready to ship
And decided to list them In my Etsy Shop

The Rabbit I will be giving away will be made
from a different coverlet piece then the ones 
pictured here, but I wanted to share those I have 
ready to Ship now

So for this Giveaway I will be giving away 
a rabbit like these to a Lucky Reader
Rules are simple the only one you need do to be
entered in #1

#1. Follow this blog, new followers are always welcome
and appreciated, and leave one comment on this post
include in that comment your email address if it is not
enabled on your profile or easy for me to find through blogger

#2. Share this giveaway on your blog sidebar if you blog
for a second chance

#3. Share this on your face book wall for another chance

And as always my giveaways are open to ship any where
This Giveaway will end on January the 31st

And last but certainly not least
my prayers and thoughts go out to all of those
that are being affected by the horrible winter weather
It is cold here and will be colder the beginning of this next
week, but at least we do not have ICE this time!!

Have a wonderful day


  1. I am a new follower. OMG these rabbits are adorable. I love them. I have my fingers crossed. Thanks and have a terrific weekend.

  2. I already follow. I hope your mom's appointment goes well.

  3. Happy Birthday to your Mom!
    I wish her a speedy recovery.

  4. Hi!!!! First commenter!!!! Number one could be the winner!!!! I love your snowmen!!!! So cute!!!! Thanks for the fun!!!!

  5. I am a follower. It is cold here. it is suppose to be minus 16 tonight.

  6. I don't follow here just for the giveaways but I really must enter for this cute prize. I'll also put this on my sidebar.

    Happy New Year!!

  7. Happy Birthday to your MOM and hope she feel better very soon.

    Please enter me into drawing. The bunny is so cute!!


    Happy New Year!

  8. Happy Birthday to your mom, hope she feels better! I'm a follower because I love seeing all the wonderful things you create!

  9. Hi Brenda. Would love to be entered in the giveaway, sweet bunny. Will try to put on my sidebar, have trouble lately with it......Prayers for you mom, Hugs Francine.

  10. Happy Birthday to your Mom and I hope all goes well with her.

    Please enter me into the drawing. Would love to win 1 of your Rabbits. I've also added your give-away to my side bar.

    BTW WHO won the last drawing?

  11. I am glad that your mom is healing well, but sorry she is sick. I have been fighting the horrid flu that is going around, just as long as I can stitch and keep my hands busy I am happy, lol. I would love to win one of your wonderful rabbits.


  12. Happy Birthday to your mom!!! And I will say a prayer for her that she gets better soon.

    It's cold here, but the snow has finally stopped. The kids were happy, no school yesterday or today so their Christmas vacation got extended :)

    I'm a follower btw and would love to entered.
    Thanks and Happy New Year!


  13. Wow, your mom is one tough gal! My dad, who is 98, fell down the stairs a couple of months ago and cracked a few ribs. Thankfully that was it! I guess they made them really sturdy back in the day, lol

    Your rabbits are such so SWEET!!!!

    Please toss my name in the hat!! I've been a follower for a wee bit even though I don't comment much I always read :)

    Happy New Year!


  14. Hi, hope your Moms appointment goes well and she has a wonderful birthday, I am a longtime follower and shared on my sidebar thanks

  15. How cute Brenda! I love rabbits. Please enter my name for this giveaway. Praying for your mother.

  16. Oh, and sharing on my sidebar :)

  17. Hi Brenda! My best to your Mom, Sharing your Giveaway but not entering.

  18. Happy Birthday to your Mom..Cute Bunny Brenda..I'm already a follower..

  19. Hi Brenda! I follow you anywhere! Love those rabbits so precious.
    A prayer said for your sweet mama and I hope she is feeling better soon. I was enjoying the holidays and boom, the flu. I thought death would be an easier pill to swallow. Now I struggling trying to regain my strength. A prayer or two would help me also.
    I will make a button, I am so good at it! LOL! A;ways love your giveaways.
    Happy New Year~ Hugs Anne

  20. Brenda, such a lovely tribute for your Mom's birthday. This rabbit pattern is one of my favorites! I am always in awe of your workmanship and detail! I know I will be adding to my home , more of these. Taking down Christmas is so blah! Your sweet rabbit's are just the right mood elevator!! Thank you! <3

  21. Hi Brenda, I am a happy follower for some time now. And a big fan of your work. I just love the rabbit. Ascold as nasty as the weather is here, the rabbit is a nice reminder that Spring is on it's way....... Thank you for sharing. I shared on fb. Hope all goes well for your mom.

  22. awwww Brenda, you are always so generous with so many giveaways.
    Hope all is well and a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your mom.
    Wynter Blessings

    Gina Hannah

  23. Hi Brenda, I am a happy follower for some time now. And a big fan of your work. I just love the rabbit. Ascold as nasty as the weather is here, the rabbit is a nice reminder that Spring is on it's way....... Thank you for sharing. I shared on fb. Hope all goes well for your mom.

  24. Happy New Year Brenda! Definitely something to celebrate - my mom will be 85 this year and each day of health they have is a blessing - hope your mom is better soon. I am a follower and will share on my blog and facebook! Your bunnies are sweet - thanks for hosting this great giveaway ~*~Lisa

  25. So cute
    new gfc rodney jackson
    mrsrodjac at

  26. Hello,
    I am a follower and enjoy your blog.
    We are receiving a cold blast too.

    Happy New Year
    I love your rabbits. :-)

  27. Hi Brenda, Happy Birthday to your mom. Hope she is feeling better soon. I would love to be entered in your giveaway, and I will post on my sidebar. I love your bunnies. Hugs, Lecia

  28. Oh no, sorry to hear your Mom is sick, but I'm glad her arm is getting better.

  29. Been sending up prayers for your mom.Wow 92 what tales she must have. Of course follow you and posting to my sidebar.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  30. I am a follower.
    Happy Birthday to your mom.
    We are under a winter storm watch for 6 to 10 inches of snow on Sunday and will have temperatures with the wind chills being -30 to -40 this next week!!

  31. I am a follower and I will share on my facebook page! I hope and pray your Mom heals fast!

  32. I follow on GFC as tcrowley122

    tcrowley122 at hotmail dot com

  33. Happy Birthday to your mom! I am praying the appointment went well and that she is feeling better really soon!
    Be blessed,

  34. Those rabbits are beyond cute! Happy Birthday to Mom and hope she is feeling better.

  35. sorry to hear about your mom.count me in on the giveaway and i'll share on facebook.

  36. Your rabbits are delightful!!! Hope your mom is feeling better soon! I am a long time follower of your blog via Bloglovin' - thanks for the chance!!

  37. Your bunny is beyond cute. Would love to win. Understand about your Mom as mine is 95, prayers are with her to get well soon.

  38. The rabbits are great!
    I hope nothing serious is wrong with your mother.
    Broken arm and surgery at her age....I would say she is one tough cookie!

  39. Hopefully this year will be better! I feel I should be giving you a treat instead!! Your rabbits are wonderful! Thank you!

  40. What adorable rabbits I would love u to enter me for one prayers for your momma the she will get better Hugs from Ohio

  41. We'll continue to pray for your mom, bless her heart. Wow, 92 years old and still going strong! Happy birthday to her. I know you'll make it a wonderful one.

  42. I just love your bunnies Brenda.

    I am a follower.

    I am posting you on my blog and sidebar.

    Good luck to me and pop over I am having a giveaway too.


  43. I love your creations. I wish I had your imagination. I follow you by email.

  44. Hi Brenda, Love your rabbits! Hope your mom is doing better!! I will also share on my FB page!

  45. follower---hope your Mother is feeling better!!! love the lovely rabbits! hope everyone is toasty and warm during winter's mean streak

  46. I'm already a follower. Ty for the giveaway , love those bunnies. Wishing your Mom well and a speedy recovery!

  47. I am already a follower! Thank you for the giveaway ! Love those bunnies! wishing your Mom wellness and a speedy recovery.

  48. I would love to give one of your rabbits a good home.

    Prayers for your mother to get well soon.

    Thank you for the giveaway.


  49. We are so lucky to have our Mother this long.. My mother passed away 11 months ago and I miss her so much but had her in my life of 72 years, she lived with us 33 of those years too. My Dh and I talk about things she did and said! hang on to each day with her and I will be praying for her healing
    I love my Americana rabbit that I got from you a few years ago.

  50. I love, love, love your rabbits! I would love to be entered in your giveaway. I am a follower and I have also shared about it on my sidebar. Happy birthday to your mom--hope she's feeling better! ~Karen

  51. Hope your mom is feeling better soon.. By now she has been to the doctor... Saying a quick prayer as we speak for her also.. What a generous giveaway.. A follower through google connect..

  52. I also shared this giveaway on my sidebar.. Thanks again.

  53. Shared this giveaway on my facebook as well. Thanks! Have a wonderful Sunday!!/pam.ballard.313/posts/250241225152817

  54. Happy New Year, I am one of those hit with all the snow and cold and more expected next week. Would love a cutie rabbit to signal spring :)

  55. Hope her arm continues to heal, hope you have a wonderful New Year! I follow, I shared on FB, I would love to win it! thanks!

  56. Happy Belated Birthday to your Mom.
    She is in my prayers.
    I love all your creations but oh my those bunnies are fantastic.
    Warm Woolie Hugs

  57. I already follow :) LOVE these rabbits!
    Wishing your mom a VERY happy birthday and a speedy recovery.

    Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway :)

  58. I follow your blog! The bunnies make me think how Spring is right around the corner. Happy birthday to your Mother:)

  59. WELL, I follow you (creepy, huh!)
    I posted on my blog's sidebar
    AND I've shared on my FACEBOOK Page
    You have my address, SO you might as well go ahead and MAIL it to me!! BWAH!! Happy Weekend, my sweet friend...

  60. Such wonderful giveaways. Shared on my blog.

  61. I am a new follower on your blog But friends on facebook. Love love love your creations. Praying for your mamma. My husband and I also care for a 92 year old..

  62. Hello Brenda, thoughts and prayers for your Mum...I have been a follower for some time....I would love a chance to win the gorgeous rabbit you have made...I wish we could have some of your cold weather...not looking forward to the heatwave this coming week...Warm Regards, O'faigh

  63. I love your rabbits! And I hope I get the number might be my lucky number this year! haha! Thanks for the fun my friend! Hugs!

  64. Brenda I would love a chance to win one of your sweeties,please add my name !!!

  65. Hi Brenda, I would love to be added into your giveaway! I have posted to my sidebar. Thanks as always:)

  66. I am a new follower (yeah!). I am a GFC follower (katja9_10). Thanks for the giveaway.

    katja9_10 at hotmail dot com

  67. I shared on Facebook (Les Johnson).

    katja9_10 at hotmail dot com

  68. YeeHaw! Only 54 days till Spring!!

  69. Sending Prayers to your Mom!
    Love the bunnies.
    I would Love to be entered in your giveaway!


  70. Better late than never so please enter me into the contest. Love the rabbit. Wishing you and your Mom a blessed day

  71. Yay! The year is off to a great start with another one of your great giveaways! I'm a follower

  72. Love reading your blog. Please enter my name for the give away.

  73. Good Morning.. I am a follower of your blog.. Those bunnies are just adorable and I would love to be entered into the giveaway :-)
    Saying a little prayer for your mom that she feels better..
    Have a wonderful day!! Hugs~Melissa
    my email is

  74. What a generous give-a-way .. he/she would be a welcome addition in my home!!
    diane ...

    thoughts and shots

  75. Happy b-day to your mother. Love the bunnies! I have a vacancy here on my mantel.

  76. So very cute!!! Love to have one sitting in my entry way!

  77. Aw your mom is a tough cookie, NOT to enter your giveaway as much but to say what a sweet daughter. God bless you and your Mom.


  78. I just love these bunnies!!!!! love your work!!! If by chance you pick me, please give to someone else since I have two!!! plus you must know my email by heart lol

    thanks for doing the give aways!!!

  79. Oh rats, Rats, RATS!! Once again too late to the dance..... Just trying to pull myself back up out of that abyss that keeps trying to swallow me whole.... I apologize for my absence and silence..... I adore your sweet, sweet, little bunnies.... You're gonna make someone very, very, happy....(AGAIN!) I especially love that sweet red striped coverlet material.... (And HAH! glad to see you stocked up on some Family Weaver remnants....every time I saw a piece come it, it was spoken for by you....which is a very good thing since you put it to a much higher and better use.....) Smiles & Miss You Hugs ~ Robin


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