Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lots to Share this morning don't miss out

Good Morning Friends
Well I certainly have started this year out
neglecting my blog, among other things!

this post will be a bit all over the place
I have so much to share!!

Let's start with Halloween 
*yes you heard me right*

I am Proud to be a part of the Original 13
Witches of Giggleswick
A group of Halloween Artist started by
Carly of Boggy Bottom Bayou
LeeAnn of Charmed Confections

They have now put together a Wonderful Website

this is not just your average website, please be sure to visit
It is a wonderful venue for Artists to join and sell their creations
Also a Place to Chat in Forums full of ideas and tips
Tricks of the trade etc.
It is in the beginning stages so be sure to join in on the fun

I can not wait to create for my Little Marketplace on the site

*A Rusty Thimble Original Pumpkin Head*

I am going to get back into doing some OOAK
original Halloween pieces

As well as offer some that I have created by others patterns

To Kick off this new site

You can possibly win this Amazing Wreath
Created by Carly by visiting her blog 

In Other news some of you know that I 
put together a Wonderful selling team of artists on Etsy
Called Folkart and Primitives

This team is putting together a wonderful
HeartFelt Love Celebration that will begin
on February the 8th and run until February the 15th

Yes there will be a giveaway so be sure to visit
bookmark this blog and visit on the 8th to sign up

When the celebration starts it will be featuring all Heart related items
there will be a future post on this when we kick it off

Don't forget we have giveaways going on

you must visit there to sign up

And The Rabbit giveaway for January on my blog

I have had so many contact me about being MIA
and asking about my Mom, she is doing great considering
thank you for your thoughts and prayers

As for me and being out of sight, well I am here
I feel like I may be getting the flu
this started last night, and it kicked me in the butt
very FAST!! But I shall be ok, just praying my mom
does not catch it! 
I am finally getting caught up on orders and I so appreciate
my customers for being patient with me

For all of my wholesale customers, I regret to inform you
This year hubby and I have discussed me not over loading myself
*so starting sometime around the 1st of March*
I hope to get a page up and only offer Cash and Carry
This way Items will be first come first serve and ready to ship

About my Etsy shop, I have had so many ask me What on Earth 
I am doing *sigh* I am doing the same thing I only have a few items
listed on Etsy for the time being, they are simple faster items to 
make up and ship.........I will soon be adding mostly items 
that will be available to ship immediately 

Around the Middle of February I hope to get back to some sort of
Normal with my business. 
If you want to get in on purchasing items I am currently offering
that are available to ship be sure to visit me on
I have been sharing pictures there or items as soon as they are 
done and I have been selling out fast!

I so appreciate everyone's kindness, the friends I have made online
are the greatest folks, full of compassion and love
And there are some wonderful Prayer Warriors on there

I will close this with one last bit of information

Lilly Nicole
will be making her grand entrance into
our Family in less then one month!!
And I am over the Moon with excitement
I can not wait :)

Have a wonderful day


  1. Lots happening and I'm excited for you. Hard as it may be but sometimes you just have to "cut back" on things in order to move forward. Every thing has a way of working out, in time!
    Excited for you that Ms. Lilly will be here soon.
    ♥ ya

  2. O Brenda, sooo much excitement for the new year, but I am thrilled to hear you are gonna slow down a bit I can't think of anyone more deserving of a l I lil break...however I do know that you will still run circles around most of us...I sure hope it's not the flu ...saying a lil prayer for you that whatever it may be is short go sip some hot soup and rest.Hugs...lil raggedy

  3. It looks like you have a good plan for this year, sometimes we need to step back and do what is best for us and our creativity. I look forward to seeing your originals.


  4. So much excitement! This is going to be a great year for you my friend! Sweet hugs!

  5. Well Brenda.....might I say "you have been busy"!

  6. Good to "see" you here! Good idea to cut back, I mean there are only so many hours in a day. You will also have to have more time to spend with Lilly! How exciting!!
    Be blessed,

  7. WHEW...I JUST read this and I am EXHAUSTED...LOL...don't overstretch yourself BECAUSE you only have two hands and ten fingers...NOT the other way

  8. Hi!!! Congrats on getting a new little one soon!!! They are always so sweet!!!! Hope your mom continues to improve and take care of yourself!!! The flu this year has been really hard on people this year...

  9. Good grief girl, reading this post wore me out lol! I'm glad you decided to let go of something because too much can really get us down in a hurry and then we have that much to try and climb out of, know what I mean? I'm so proud of you though, no matter what you seem to do, it is always successful and I believe that is because you put your whole heart and soul into everything you touch!

    Haven't been around blogland in awhile, don't know what's going on with your mom but I will be praying for her. Also congratulations on the new addition to the family, that will be so fun. Wishing everyone well and you for a great year ahead!

    Love you my Okie friend =]


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