Friday, December 27, 2013

This Year

Where has it gone to? Yes just like every
year there are the same number of days, 
but the days seemed to go by far too quickly!!
I am actually ready for 2014
We will have a new grandbaby in February 
And I am excited about that

Wanted to share with you a Sweet, well ok 
Cute but unhappy photo of Miss Vada and 
Mr Oliver visiting with Santa Claus

This is the only one they shared with Oliver

Vada apparently warmed up to him a little

I have not been online much
my Mother fell on the ice on December the 8th
and crushed her elbow, on Christmas Eve she had
surgery and they put a steel plate in her arm
She is doing ok, but is so limited to what she can do
for herself, We brought her home with us to take care of her
so Yes I am behind on updating my blog, behind on lots of things
but fear not I am getting caught up and will still be sewing

I was in a Secret Santa Swap we had between some 
of the members of the 

My Secret Santa was Karen of

Such wonderful gifts, a Box full

I have to share a close up of the needle punched Snowman
ornament, I would love to learn this, if only I could find 
some spare time!! I am still searching for that, maybe I 
will find it in 2014? Spare time is not something I seem to 
ever have 

Right before Christmas I won a Giveaway 
I won the Red Snowman Ornament
Cynthia is a member of the Folkart and Primitives etsy team

She was having a wonderful sell in her 
Etsy Shop so I treated myself to some goodies for Christmas

The details are wonderful, I seldom purchase anything
other then items related to supplies to create with

I am probably not making much sense today with this post
but felt I was neglecting my blog
I feel like I could sleep until 2014 *sigh*
Hope you all had a Wonderful Christmas
I will post a giveaway in a couple of days


  1. Prayers for your Mom and for you for some much needed rest.


  2. Merry Christmas, Brenda, it certainly sounds like you have your hands full! I hope your Mother recovers speedily, poor dear.

  3. Looks like you had a very special Christmas!

  4. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Brenda..Wishing your Mom a speedy recovery..

  5. Wonderful swap presents, always fun to get something from friends.


  6. Love this post!! and OMG that pic with the kids crying is so cute!! It would totally look vintage in black and white hahaha!!!! You take care of yourself, prayers still coming for your moms healing.

  7. such cute kiddos crying with Santa!
    hope your Mom will heal quickly.
    love the things you received!
    hope you get some rest!
    blessings in the new year for you Brenda!

  8. Oh my. Praying for your mother. Secret Santa items and win from Cynthia are all so cute. Yes, this year is almost over. 2014 will be here soon :)

  9. Thinking of you and your mom. Hope she has a speedy recovery! Love all of your goodies!

  10. Adorable pics of the kiddo's with
    I agree this year pasted to quickly ~ I know I didn't accomplish everything I wanted to and couldn't find the time to keep up with everyone in blog land.
    Love all the wonderful creative goodies!!! I took a class on punch needle and it is much easier than it looks ~ you should give it a try ~ I'm sure you will like it and once you start it ~ it goes fast!
    Hope your Mom heals up fast ~ sending prayers for her.
    Brenda ~ I Hope you have a Wonderful New Year and you accomplish all your goals!
    Prim Blessings

  11. I do hope your Mum is slowly getting better. Plus I wish for you a bit of sleep time.
    Hugs Kay

  12. That little snowman ornament is so cute. When you learn how to do that would you post a link to it! I've seen more of that lately and would love to give it a try.

    Your Mom needs lots of rest so maybe naps all around are fitting at your house now.

  13. Brenda, the Santa in the first picture looks like he is crying a little too. Sweet little ones and how nice are all those new things. I am so sorry your Mom took a tumble, it must have been very painful. I know she is so thankful to have you to care for her. Happy New Year to you all.

  14. I sit and look around and see things that my facebook family has made and I smile...Thanks for helping me to SMILE today, yesterday and for days to come...Happy 2014...we will deal with it JUST as it comes and it is going to be GREAT! Hugs and love to YOU...

    thanks for sharing my giveaway! =)

  15. You are blessed to be with your sweet mom. Give her a gentle hug for me. I hope she heals quickly.


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