Saturday, January 25, 2014

Blogger you are not a Good Friend!! I am seeing RED

Good Saturday Morning to you all

Yes reread that title!!
Hope your Saturday is going just a bit easier then mine

For over a week I have not been able to access my blog
I was thinking it was something I did, may be??

I had to go in and block things to reset to default
What a Nightmare

I had to remove my blog list there were many that 
were showing as unfound??
I have noticed lately several have fallen into the 
Facebook life and just stopped blogging all together?

Not I, I shall survive *smile* just a little humor in this
otherwise nightmare of a task

All week I dreaded attempting to find out and fix the issue 

so this morning with an EXTRA large Cup of COFFEEEEEE
yes I believe I have had too much :o)

I set out to fix my problem
UGH blogger........if this happens again??
But apparently I was not the only one, yes on the help
section of blogger there were other complaining about 
the same issue

So yes I am still here
No there is no Grand baby yet??
My mom is improving, it will be a long road to heal

so on this Cold Winter morning
*Who else is ready for Spring?*

I will leave you with
with one last Red picture
by Sharing Miss Vada's Christmas photos with you 

Wishing you a Wonderful Weekend
I promise to update my blog list on my sidebar soon


  1. Your granddtr is beautiful with that red hair! Glad your mom is improving - sorry for your computer frustration. Have a GOOD Saturday Brenda♥ ~*~Lisa

  2. Oh, Bless Your Heart! Glad you seemed to have solved the problem now! I wouldn't know where to begin! Hope your day improve now that the trouble is over! Your little grand baby is darling with that red girls had the same color hair when they were young! Love it!

  3. Hi Miss Brenda,

    My best bear bud, Wilbur, is showing up on my sidebar as "unfound" to, but I still get his posts and we can write to each other through comments. I don't understand and I am not wanting to mess things up so I just left it.

    Prudence ♥

  4. Morning Brenda, oh yes, can be very frustrating, grrrrr.......Such a sweetie pie, adorable, Blessings Francine.

  5. She looks so adorable in her Christmas dress.
    I have noticed blogger acting up, that is the problem with free sites, no guarantees. I had a blog on yahoo originally and when they went down, I lost all the photos on that one.


  6. Beautiful little one. She is adorable in red. She must be such a blessing. I haven't been on much this week. We had some bad news about my mom. Cancer. Inoperable. So I am trying to get my head around that. Facebook can be good at times. But I still like blogger better. Even if I don't post as much as I should. It is more controllable on who sees what. I am a lot more private on FB. Especially with news like this. I hope you get everything cleared up. Blogger can be frustrating at times.

  7. Hi Brenda, your granddaughter looks so adorable!

    I've been making a come back to the blogging world and I know the trouble that you can have with blogger! I do have to admit that one mistake I made myself and it took me 1.5 days to fix it! Urrrrugh. I intend to keep blogging.


  8. I haven't suffered that blogger problem YET. I would be so frustrated!! So glad you were able to solve the problem!

    I've noticed that blogging is becoming a think of the past. I love blogging but am losing the interest in posting as very few read my blogs (maybe it's because it says it's unfound, LOL, doubt that many ha ha) and even fewer comment. I tend to read blogs on my ipad which isn't always the most convenient for leaving comments AND then some have the captcha thing and that's a real pain.

    Happy to hear your mother is doing better and your grand baby is just waiting to make that special entrance :) What a cutie your granddaughter is!!!

    We are having temps in the 70s which although I do like we are going through a drought which is not good and so I am praying for rain!


  9. Hi!!! Hope you Mom continues to heal well. Vada is a doll!!! Beautiful!!!!

  10. looks like you got it fixed!
    loved her picture in red, she's a cutie! hope things go well onward for you mom.

  11. Hi I have to admit that I haven't blogged as much as I use too. I still read the blogs, but don't get around to blogging too much. I do use FB (not my personal one) to advertise my dolls. Even use Pinterest. The majority of my sells comes from my FB and Pinterst followers.

    Your granddaughter is so adorable!

    Take care,

  12. Hi Brenda!
    Your little Granddaughter is adorable! Great pic!
    I would much rather Blog than FB, much more personal and rewarding. I disagree about blogging being a thing of the past, I think it has just slowed down a bit and it is like the Tide, ebb and flo...
    Don't toss in the towel just yet. I have been MIA as I fell and broke my ankle, now getting back in the swing of things, your post caught my eye!
    Hugs and happy 2014 to you!
    Love Marilou

  13. What a cutie Brenda! Forget Spring..I want SUMMER! Janice

  14. Sorry you are having blogger problems. The bug hasn't hit me yet, hope it don't. Glad you Mom is getting better.

    Miss Vada is adorable.

  15. I need to get back on the BLOG wagon and stop "procraftinating" (saw this on FB today) :)
    Miss Vada is beautiful!

  16. What is that I read from Prudence. I'm not found!!!! I am still here and I love reading about you all.
    I surely know when Granny gets mad with Blogger if something goes wrong, so we both feel for you Brenda.
    Hugs Wilbur and Granny

  17. What an adorable picture of your granddaughter. I so dislike computer/blog problems!

  18. Your granddaughter is so adorable!! I really dislike it when my blog does not so nice things. I actually lost 4 years of post on my blog. One day I got on my computer...went to my blog and it was just all gone and I couldn't bring it back. My hubby works on computers for a living and he couldn't save it either. I feel your pain!!

  19. Oh, Vada is adorable. So glad that your mother is doing better also. Yes, Blogger has been acting very badly lately. The Search does not work most of the time, and Blog Lists are acting funny. Blogs are also loading very slowly in IE, Firefox, and Chrome. Maybe it will all be repaired soon. And, yes, I am also so ready for Spring :)

  20. Sorry about your blogging troubles....I had been away from my blog for so long so I've had my share of troubles!!! BUT I'm trying to make an effort with my blog also....never enough time. Ms Vada is a little doll. Can't wait to hear that your new grand is here!


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