Monday, January 27, 2014

Old Man winter has out stayed his Welcome

Good Morning on this COLD ~Windy~ Day

Old Man Winter, you can go away

No this is NOT outside my window
This is from a couple of years ago
We have been so lucky to have only had One Ice storm 
in our part of Oklahoma this year
And feelings would not be hurt one bit
if we closed out the winter with only that one *smile*

so many of you have had Snow Storms and more snow
And yes even more??
I was watching the news and it reported there would be
ice and snow down to the gulf coast in Texas again
today and tomorrow, It has even been cold down in Florida?

Bone chillin Cold! 
The above picture has floated all over the internet
We live on a lake that is well know for the 
Fishing *Stripper* Guides
One that lives down the road from us, normally
leaves this old four wheeler out decorated 
for various holidays,  This morning I believe it 
would all blow away, as I am listening to 
all sorts of things blowing around out there
44 Mile an hour gusts right now, and we shall only see 
a High of 33 Today
Lows the next two nights in the Teens BRRRRRR

closing with a basic white photo is nearly impossible
*at least for me*
So I will share this see that little rear poking out of the 
fence!!! It was in the high 50's on Saturday here
and in the 60's yesterday and my poor neglected
~grown out~ fur babies loved being able to stay outdoors
but Rango, let me tell you the Squirrels were out in full force
And Rango kept going through the fence to get a closer look!!

Yes all the way through the fence
I will be getting an appointment for the groomers this week
Maybe in the later part because we will be back into the
the 60's by Friday
No new Grandbaby yet, so I can't keep putting things
on hold, I even unpacked my bag yesterday

Have a wonderful day
Hope it is not too cold where you are


  1. IT has worn out it's welcome here too. I don't mind the snow but it is the horrible cold.
    we can't get out in the snow and play so come on spring.

  2. I agree Old Mant winter has overstayed. I am in East Tn and we have had several nights of single digit temperatures. No snow, but VERY cold. Loved the dogs!

  3. Today's (or at least this morning) it's not too bad here in S. TX, but tomorrow morning is supposed to be nasty! At least there isn't any snow, and then it warms back up to normal for a few days!

  4. We are finally supposed to see some snow tomorrow and Wednesday! We are so excited since it is such a rare sight here. Hope you have a great day!

  5. Crazy cold all over, your right, go away!!!!!!Love the skeleton picture and the little rump, cute, Blessings Francine.

  6. O Brenda how I wish we could just wish winter away...but am glad it's not being too viscious at your homestead in Ohio it's colder than Alaska...sigh I'm over it lol...Love those sweet lil furry bottoms...poor Rango ..those squirrels are such teases they drive Fudge crazy too..enjoy your day hugs lil raggedy Angie

  7. Cold and windy just across the border in southern MO, so ready for the 60's to stay with us for more than a day. Tuesday will be our coldest day so will make some more blackberry jam to warm up the house and our belly's.
    Stay war, Connie

  8. Winter Weather Watch for us here in GA. for tomorrow and Wednesday. I am soooo excited as this is a rare event for us. Doesn't mean we will actually get any of the white stuff but I will be glued to the window . DOn't want to miss a flake. Have a great day.

  9. I have had enough too, love snow and cc skiing, but all it is cold and now the snow is too low to ski on, so not worth it, lol.


  10. That's cold! But I know you're sewing and getting things done! I hope you get all of your comments! Hugs!

  11. Very much worn out it's welcome here! Below zrro again and I don't know what the windchills are. But I don't think that it is as cold as they predicted! I love the snowmobile picture! lol. And your fur babies of course! My little girl goes in for her spaying tomorrow. I will be glad to get that done!

  12. Yes, winter has outworn his welcome here, too.
    I am so ready for Spring....but at the same time, I don't want to rush the year long!!!

    have a toasty day!
    diane @ thoughts and shots


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