Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Santa came to my house

Yes there is a Santa Claus
I got a surprise today in the mail
One of my great friends painted this and sent it
to me for Christmas, Yes she owns an elf!!

Her Elf's Name is Hinkley
and he helps her create Magic during Christmas

Lynn is a Wonderful Painter

Isn't this Sweet!! When I get a studio done
I will have an area set up just for creating Elves

Awhile back I shared another gift from

Sheila is a Wonderful, Near and Dear Friend
She makes the greatest arrangements

This is the latest photo that was shared by 
Vicky shared her photo on Facebook
her Elf's name is Simon

Another wonderful blogger, who has a beautiful home 
in Florida blogged about her Elf

Still working on orders
and new spring items too!!
Hope you have had a Wonderful Day


  1. There's my sweet Elfie! It's so much fun to see everyone's elf...just look what you've created my friend! Do you remember the first photo I showed of mine? He looked like he was in camo on my sofa in the lanai! Same colors! We love your beautiful creations my friend! I hope Santa is extra good to're so sweet to all of us! Merry Christmas!

  2. What wonderful surprises and wonderful gifts. Lynn does such beautiful work and I love the arrangement, nicely done and nice prim piece for the house.


  3. those are wonderful gifts, I'm happy for you! your elves are just too cute! love seeing them clowning around!

  4. What a wonderful gift for a sweet woman! Lynn has a heart of gold and is so talented. What an appropriate gift for you! I am smiling ear to ear as I read this! You are both wonderful friends! :) Sheila

  5. What a SPECIAL gift...Just warms one's heart seeing the fun our elves have brought to our lives...Thanks for creating them! ;)

  6. Love this, Brenda! Lynn does Beautiful work, doesn't she?

  7. I'm showing lots of my prims today and mentioned the big giveaway I won a couple of years ago. Hope you can stop by! Merry Christmas my friend!

  8. I love Lynn's art, she is so talented, but so are you. Many, many of your creations adorn my tree.. I love them all.
    Merry Christmas


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