Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Somewhere out there, there is .........

Someone Lonely
Someone Sad
Someone hurting
Someone in Need

If you do nothing today but say a prayer
Remember others, it is the Christmas Season

We are not a family that buys and wraps presents
for under the tree, sometimes we do 
but most of the time it is just the two of us here
If we see family we have to do the traveling
Everyone is so scattered and so far away

*I am really missing my kids this year*
I have a son over 2,100 miles away
a daughter and grandson over 900 miles away 
I have not seen the above three in over 5 years :( 
and a son that is 5 1/2 hours away, in the same
state just too far!
my hubbies three all live 2 1/2 hours away
2 daughters and one son and two grandbabies
*and of course all the spouses*
So this year I believe we will celebrate our Christmas
during the spring or summer when they all gather at the lake here
Not sure if we will do any traveling this year
just too much going on right now!

I am still doing Elves, This one shipped this week
along with others I did not take pictures of
I even got orders for more yesterday 
I think I shall have a Santa's workshop year round *smile*

Last night I shared Several pictures of Rabbits 
Was just thinking of spring and what
I was going to have on my work table

Well apparently many are ready to see Bunnies LOL
Everyone got so excited! But many I know are snowed in
and settled in for Christmas, and they are thinking ahead
for what is next!
I see several crafters, comment about loosing season's
due to always being ahead of season's in creating
For me, that is just a way of life and has been for years!
I am counting my blessings
I love what I do!
And love all season's
but in all honesty I would rather it be warm
sunshiny weather year round :o) 

I have some gals blogging about their elves this year

He has made best friends with Sheila's beautiful cats

He always seems to be helping her with the magic of Christmas

This boy love his DQ blizzards
so do I but darn it all the nearest Dairy Queen is so far away

If anyone else blogs about their elf let me know
so I can pay you a visit!!

I have been up and at it since early morning hours
*I need a nap, just a short one*

Hope you have a wonderful day
hope you are ready for Christmas



  1. Good morning! Same here, although we don't have children, but the family is all so spread out that it's usually just Richard and I and maybe my Dad and stepmom if they don't go to their daughter's house.

    Oh, I LOVE the bunnies!!!! Is it spring yet?!??!

    Hope you have a wonderful week!!


  2. NOT ready for bunnies JUST yet, but I will be in a few! I have a tough time PLANNING ahead, so I'm usually painting the SEASON and stressing myself OUT!! BUT you are right, I am SO blessed to get to do what I LOVE. YES...so many people in need and I am trying to LISTEN when God lays a need on my heart!

    Thank you SO SO SO much for sharing Charlie! He is a blessing to MY LIFE and because of YOU and LYNN, I have him with me...He will NOT just be a CHRISTMAS elf or MAYBE HE will be, BUT because of HIM I will be reminded to Keep CHRISTMAS alive in my heart ALL the days of the upcoming YEAR...I can't wait to see what he gets into! =)

    Love and hugs to you this holiday season...

  3. Well I have YOU to thank for creating LES years ago to help me make the MAGIC happen for Christmas. I have begun to write LES story on my blog ( a work in progress) and now I have HINKLEY.....he has brought a much needed SMILE to me this Christmas and for that I love you!

  4. So true. When I get to kinda feeling sorry for myself, I remember those who are far worse off than myself. Prayers for all of the downtrodden. Our family is scattered by the miles also. This year, not many of us can get together at mother's house. I just love your elves. 'May have to use your Layaway and get one ordered :)

  5. Hi Brenda, yes, prayers to the lonely, this time so year is very sad for so many......Love your Spring Bunnies, very sweet.....Hugs Francine.

  6. Love your elves..So cute..Have a Merry Christmas Brenda..

  7. Your elves are so cute. I understand now about the seasons too after having a shop. Merry Christmas Brenda.


  8. I'm loving my elf and posted pics a week or so ago. You make so many pretty things! Happy holidays my friend!

  9. Hi Brenda, I know Christmas is such a sad time for some people, I know my aunt who lost her husband is dreading the holidays. And it doesn't have to be Dec. 25th. to celebrate Christmas, why not Spring.
    A lady told me the other day that her favorite Christmas was when her and her husband didn't buy each other anything. The knew of a poor family and bought them a load of wood and groceries and the children gifts. Her husband dressed up like Santa and they delivered the goodies. She said she will always rem. the family standing there and all of them were crying and so thankful for what had been done for them. I cried just listening to the story.
    Love your creations and hugs to you as you miss your family. Lecia

  10. Hi Brenda.
    Having family so far away has got to be very hard. We will be moving away from my family, once our house sells, and we will be 12 hours away. I am excited to move, but I also know it's going to be very difficult!

    Your elves are so cute! Wishing you and your hubby a Merry Christmas!

  11. Hi Brenda! You are so talented. I so love seeing your beautiful creations. No matter what you make it is always putting a huge smile on someones face!


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