Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dreaming of good Old Summertime *Sigh*

Good Morning
That is right I am dreaming, dreaming of warm weather
the wind in my hair and the warm water, going fishing
And standing outside without FREEZING

I want to go down to the marina and enjoy the pretty sites

or go sit on the lake bank and watch the sunsets

But instead I am sitting here looking at ICE, yes that is all ice

packed solid BRRRR
we got out yesterday and oh my
there were cars everywhere more in the ditches then on 
the roadways!!!

I know I have been missing in action from my blog
it is that time of the year
I wanted to share my last 

I will be giving away an elf to one winner on
The first of January

And my last giveaway on my blog for 2013
*sigh* is this year really almost over with 
but hurry it ends the 10th of December

And now, we had company the weekend after
I wanted to share pictures of the grandchildren
they have grown so much

Miss Vada

And Mr Oliver

And our new one is due in February

The name is still not completely decided upon
It is suppose to be a little girl
but they are not sure *SMILE*

Glad you visited me today
I shall work a bit harder to get back to blogging

Have a wonderful day and where ever you are
I hope it is warmer then it is here


  1. You can come pick me up and we can head to Florida, lol. I am dreaming of a warm sun and kayaking;) Your grandchildren are so cute, definitely a joy.


  2. That elf is so cute! Plus I love how colorful he is! You make the coolest things!

  3. Lovely grandkids. It's cold here too but I'm not ready for summertime yet.

  4. Wow Brenda, love all of your giveaway creations! I can't believe how the time is flying - sure looking forward to spring! Love Miss Vada's pretty red hair and congratulations on the 2014 new addition to your family♥ ~*~Lisa

  5. what adorable babies! love that red hair!

  6. Your little grandchildren are precious. Wish I had some!

  7. The ice is terrible but the grand babies are beautiful.

  8. Awww, reality bites sometimes. Hang in there darling :)
    Those babies are totally beautiful! I'll bet you get a lot of huggin's and lovin's in. Enjoy!

    Happy Holidays!
    Carol and Tim

  9. Your grands are so adorable!! We have the "white" stuff falling on Cape Cod......hoping now that it seems to be tapering off to venture out and "start" Christmas shopping...yes I said "start" I am so behind I don't know which wayI am going!!!!! I too am going to try to blog more....we'll see maybe in my "free" thyme!


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