Wednesday, September 25, 2013

And the 13 Lucky Winners ARE

thank you all for signing up for the First Annual
Witches of Giggleswick Hallween Blog Hop

The lucky Winners are as follows
congrats to each and everyone of you
for those that may have won if you see your name
please attempt to contact the blog owner with your info
in case we do not have contact info for you
the link to the blog owner is by the winners names

Jenette : winner of Boggy Bottom Bayou's Prize

Dogs Mom : winner of My Witchy Women's prize

Tee: winner of A Piece of Lisa's prize

A Magical Whimzy : winner of Amy Bug's Attic's prize

Charlotte : winner of Sweetbearcreekwhims Prize

Lavender Dreamer : Winner of  Brady Bears Studio's prize

Miss Lilly Pad : winner of Rag Patch Primitives prize

Brenda : winner of  Charmed Confection's prize

USA Gypsy : winner of The Pixies Thimble's prize

Kimber : winner of Bonehead Studio's prize

AND the winner of my donation

Is The Cranky Crow
congrats Robin I will contact you
in the morning to get your address

thank you all for flying along with 
us witches in this blog hop


  1. YIIIIIPPPPPPPPEEEEE!!! YAAAAAAHOOOO!!! YAY!!!! :o))))) I am so stinkin' HAPPPY!!! How lucky can one broken down ol' crow be???? I LOVE this lil' fella and can't wait for him to get here!!! We are gonna get into all sorts of mean fun.... I'll even save some of my candy corn taffy to share with him!! Thanks sooooo much Missy Bren....ummmm...I mean Angelica Flysquirter!! ;0) I am happy and blessed, blessed and happy.... And thanks too to the other 12 Giggleswick Witches....This was one fun broomride!!! Hugs & Big, Big, Smiles ~ Robin

  2. yay! hooray! to all of your winners, congratulations!

  3. Hi Brenda! Wanted to fly on over to CONGRATULATE ROBIN!! Does she sound happy or what? She makes me smile or should I say giggle. Well, Robin enjoy your sweet pumpkin man. You know he is going to be fab since Brenda made him! Thank you, Brenda for being one of the 13 Witches of Giggleswick. Wouldn't have done it without you. Hugs! It has been fun! THANK YOU TO ALL OUR FOLLOWERS! We love you and so appreciate your sweet comments about all our art! You inspire us to keep going. Thank you from the bottom of our 13 witchy hearts! XOXO LeeAnn, Charmed Confections

  4. They are going to love their prizes!

  5. I am THRILLED to be a lucky winner! This was an amazing giveaway with so many talented happy I am to be a winner! Dancing that little witchy dance this morning! Congrats to everyone and THANKS to all of you sweet ladies that took part in making it so amazing! I'm with Robin...YIIIIPPPPEEEEE!!!! Sweet hugs!!!

  6. Hi Brenda! It's been great fun to be on this blog hop with you! I love your little pumpkin man, and obviously, so does Robin!! Congrats to her!
    A Piece of Lisa

  7. Congratulations to all of the winners!


  8. Zippity do da day! Congratulations ladies :) I know everyone of you will enjoy your winnings immensely. All you crafty gals are great!


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