Friday, September 27, 2013

Snowmen and Severe Weather

Now that is a combination *sigh*

Yes I am working on Snowmen and Santas
And yes there is severe storms moving into parts of Oklahoma
tonight *Really??*
Our weather will change tomorrow with our chances then
up to a couple of inches of rain, which we so badly need

finally wrapping up orders and finishing some
new items, I love to create for winter and Christmas

But you can keep the cold weather *SMILE*

I have three of these guys one I am sending to my mother
The other two will be the last ones this year
I am doing some Santa's like this and oh my word 
they are adorable

Some of my past Christmas items

Have a wonderful weekend


  1. Love all your new pieces, wish I had time to do some pieces up. I have patterns, but never find the time.


  2. Gotta love those snowmen! Absolutely adorable. Christmas/Winter is my favorite craft time of the year.

  3. Hi Brenda, love all of your creations as always. You make such wonderful snowmen, and I love how you can leave them out all Winter. I am thinking of making some Winter things esp. if I want to make a few for gifts. Hugs, Lecia

  4. Morning Brenda, love your sweet snowmen, too cute.....Stay safe, Francine.

  5. Amazing! I love the extras you add on them. Blessings, Carol

  6. You are so talented Brenda. Love the snowmen as well as everything you have ever made. Can't wait to see the Santa. Hope you stay safe with the bad weather heading your way. Have a great weekend.

  7. So cute! Fingers crossed the storm passes you by or at least it is not as bad as predicted.

  8. Yikes! Stay safe in the storms. Love everything. Can't wait to see the Santa.

  9. The snowmen are adorable!! I just love your creations.
    Hope that the storms aren't too bad and you stay fast if they turned out to be bad.

  10. Love your newest pieces! I've been working on Christmas too, and it's been really hot here!

  11. Love all of your creations Brenda. Bring on the snowfolk ~*~Lisa


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