Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Winner of my September giveaway

Good Morning to each and everyone of you

This will be a short post to announce the winner
of The Rusty Thimble September giveaway

Thank you for signing up for my giveway
I would love to send each one a gift *smile*
But there is one winner today 

The Pumpkin stump doll will go to 

congrats to Holly I will contact you today to 
get your address

Also later today The 13 Witches of Giggleswick 
will be announcing the 13 winners 
So stay tuned to see who the lucky winners are

I have been behind in posting and...........
well just behind in many things lately *Sigh*

I am also behind in sharing and showing some love to 
a couple of special friends online

I wish I could of gotten a better photo
This paper weight is just the sweetest
And so fitting, yes when I *if I at this point*
ever get my little studio / guest room done
I will be doing in a shabby, rustic decor
This paperweight was one of those unexpected
special little gifts from a SWEET friend
When I look at it on my desk it just makes me smile
And oh boy could I really use some smiles these days :o)

This next photo like the one above hmmmmm 
Sad, I have so many things to add to it, and they are boxed 
up at this time??
I recently won a wonderful Giveaway from

It actually sit in the box a couple of days before I opened it
Someday that ugly brown wall will be painted UGH!!!

I have a mustard stove board, and a spice rack from Carol
And I am thrilled to add this to my collection.
I have got to find something called time 
time for me and what I need to get done LOL

Have a great day
congrats again to Holly


  1. What a great way to start my day! I am so excited! Thank you!

  2. Congratulations to Holly!
    I need to go through my patterns and organize them, I have a lot of freebies that I collected over the years, but never have time to make them.


  3. Congratulations Holly, you are in for a treat getting one of Brenda's creations! Thanks Brenda for hosting an awesome giveaway! And your shelf from Carol is beautiful, love it. Doesn't Carol and Tim do the most beautiful work. Have a lovely fall. Hugs, Lecia

  4. WHOOHOO!!! Congrats to Holly! Brenda does awesome work!! OLM

  5. Congrats to Holly! I see that she is thrilled! thanks for the fun my friend!

  6. Congratulations to Holly!! What a fun, fun, win!! And thanks to you Brenda, for always hostessing such beautiful and generous giveaways. It's good to see you've gotten some sweet treats of your own....LeeAnn makes some of the sweetest things....and, well, we all know how wonderful Carol and Tim's pieces are.... Yay for you!!! Just read about your very sorry to hear this and will be sending up some belated and continuing prayers for her and you all.... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  7. Congrats to Holly!! I'm sure she is really excited.

  8. Congrats to Holly on a wonderful win! Your paperweight is magical and sweet Brenda. I have so much I would like to do day at a time :0) Hope this day is good to you♥ ~*~Lisa

  9. Good for Holly :) Forgive my lateness in commenting. I'll love to see your rolling pin rack all dressed up. When you find time of course :) It's a fleeting thing for all of us these days.


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