Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Little of Everything

 Good Morning to you all
Hope you enjoyed the Holiday Weekend

I got a wonderful surprise over the weekend
I Won a giveaway

Now this is not just any giveaway I really wanted to win
this one BAD!!!! I am so thrilled to have another
wonderful creation of  Carol and Tims

I will share when it arrives
I was in shock I have not won a giveaway in over a year
mine will be mustard colored
to go with my wonderful stove board and cupboard
*Yes my kitchen may soon be a real Kitchen!!*
And I may just may get to decorate it the way I want *smile*
You see this could not be a more fitting giveaway for me to win
I own only two vintage rolling pins and I have them on a shelf
that when Hubby goes to that shelf they always seem to fall off
So I had to hide them out until I could possibly find a place 
to display them at, and now I will have that

So much to share this morning
I am having a ~SALE~ in my 

It will run until September the 6th, get 20% Off
simply use the code LABORDAY13 when you check out

Mr Oliver Turned ONE!!!!

We went to Oliver's Birthday Party on Saturday

SEPTEMBER!! Really? this year has gone by so Fast!

also wanted to share I am participating in a Blog Hop
*hint* giveaway that some amazing artist are in

are hosting this wonderful event, it will begin on September 13th
so stay tuned I will be posting on it soon

Remember to sign up for my September Giveaway
It ends on the 22nd 
You will have to scroll to the bottom of that post to find it

I also have a giveaway on Facebook this month

I have so many things to get accomplished today 
and I actually slept in this morning
*hubby is on vacation*

Have a Wonderful Week


  1. I was happy to see that you won too, I have some of her pieces and they are wonderful. We got to visit my grandson this weekend and he is 3 months now, so much change in a few weeks and he is interacting and fun to spoil.


  2. Look at all the wonderful fall goodness going on at your blog!!!
    Congrats on a wonderful win ~ couldn't go to a better person!Enjoy!
    Happy Belated B-day Oliver!!!
    My time flies!
    Prim Blessings

  3. Happy belated birthday Oliver ...
    Congrats on wonderful win..so sweet...
    Big hugs xxx

  4. Happy birthday to Oliver!
    And congrats to you! I am so happy for you to have one this awesome piece. Tim and Carol have given so many so much happiness with their woodwork. Just as you have delighted so very many with your handmade products. I know-I have your items in every room of my house and I <3 each and every one of them.

  5. Oliver looks like one big happy boy! Congrats on the giveaway!

  6. Hi Brenda, I was so thrilled to see that you were one of the winners for Carol's giveaway! Carol sure is spoiling us rotten. The mustard will be beautiful. Little Oliver is adorable! Wishing you a lovely fall. hugs, Lecia

  7. Congrats on the win ..Happy Birthday Oliver

  8. Lucky you to have won Carol's giveaway.

    Your Olive is a cutie pie.

    Love your pumpkins.


  9. Awesome Brenda!! YOull have to share pics!

  10. Congratulations!! Omg, Oliver is a little pumpkin! Enjoy your win:)


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