Thursday, September 5, 2013

With a Hint of Falling Leafs

I endure this wonderful Oklahoma HEAT ~Not~

Oh my word we were going out in the boat today
but it is horribly hot out there, so it will have to wait 
until it cools off a bit

I have been creating, in fact my table is over loaded

My intentions today were to capture new pictures
on the water, but I will get those in the morning!!

It is still full blown summer temps in Oklahoma
but when we took the boat and put it in the lake 
today I noticed the colors are getting more vibrant
so I hope to get some pictures to share tomorrow
It should be cool enough in the morning to go out?

I love going to the water 
We have not been much this year
with the rainfall we have had and NO green algae 
The lake has been really busy all summer long

But now that the season is behind us and all of the out of 
towner's have mostly made their final visit over the 
Labor day weekend, maybe we can go and visit some
I enjoy the sunsets at the lake, so peaceful, and calm

See I am thinking COOL right now *Smile*
Winter time creations are showing their happy 
faces all over my little work area
*Note: we have not gotten a thing moved yet!!!*
It is just too darned hot to work outside!!! *sigh*
soon, soon it will start cooling down



  1. I will swap with you, I want my heat back, lol.
    Too cold to swim in the pool now, with the cold nights.


  2. We are having cooler days here, it is really feeling like fall. I love, love your pumpkin and candy corn.
    You know snowmen time is just around the corner. hugs,Lecia

  3. our temps are still hot, but the humidity has dropped some so it's more comfortable now. The little guys you are making are very cute!

  4. Love your sunset pic. It has been really cool here and fall like...can't wait.


  5. It's spring time here but still cold..
    Me loves fall :)
    Sweet pictures...
    Sending you hugs x

  6. I do hope you get a cool change soon. Heat can be so wearing. I love the little snowman I hope he doesn't melt.

  7. I'll take the cooler temperatures any day of the week. I so like summer, but the cool, crispness of the coming fall I love. I, too, live in a resort town in NW PA, very close to the lake and I'm always happy to see Labor Day come and go as we can now enjoy our treasures of the area all by ourselves, something that can't be done when all the weekenders and vacationers are here. Hoorah!!! for school starting again!!!! I love your prims, you are one creative lady.

  8. Great creations and pics - thanks for sharing.

  9. Hi Brenda,
    Thank you for following my blog! I love new followers :)
    I adore your blog! I am so excited to follow you back.


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