Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cooler mornings

Good Morning
Coffee on the deck
I go out before daybreak
to listen to the birds begin their day
so peaceful!!

Cool morning, but oh trust me when I say we have 
been having very HOT afternoons

a bit fuzzy sorry

A small hint of things to come
yes the color is just beginning to change
won't be long until the green will be gone
I am not a fan of winter, fall is not bad
but I do hate to see the beautiful greens disappear

We have trees all around us
As soon as everything starts to change and get
vibrant with the colors of fall, I am hoping to go
down to the lake and capture some wonderful pictures
to share, now if we can just go straight from fall to spring
I would be so happy *sigh*

Shelby what do you see?

Well that got Rango's attention
someone needs to wash the deck!!!

And then it gets lighter out so it is that time

Hurry mom it is time for our morning treat!!
But wait what are you sniffing of Rango
In the evenings Bean comes to our front deck
Rango will sniff all around the deck every morning

Bean is a wild kitten that we hubby started taking care of
Now hubby can hold out food, and Bean stands right there
waiting for him to lay it down before taking it
He just gets closer and closer
when hubby goes outside to work, Bean follows him 
around, keeping some distance between them
but he is getting tamer!

Ok I suppose I need to get busy today
Hope you have a good one


  1. Enjoy your day dear..
    Big hugs
    Cucki x

  2. Always enjoy seeing the pups. Yesterday I saw someone was trying to find a home for a white scottie, but not sure I am ready, hard when you have a buddy for 13 years. We have a cat we feed on the porch, I feel bad but can't let him in. He is old and sick and belongs to my neighbor who is not taking care of him. Now she has moved and left her pets since she can't have them and not sure if she is taking them, so need to talk to her.


  3. I am enjoying the cooler mornings also. I dont know what I would do without my coffee. Your dog is so cute. Have a great day!

  4. I would like to skip winter too! Loved your pictures :) Have a great day!!

  5. Sweet pups. I do enjoy fall and winter. The older I get the harder summer is on me. Can't tolerate the humidity.
    Glad to see you are caring for the stray.

  6. What sweeties.
    I am ready for Fall.
    The mornings tease us .
    Then comes the heat and humidity.
    And the bugs..ugh..
    Come on fall sweater weather.
    Woolie Hugs

  7. Love the puppies & bean! I also enjoy the birds in the morning! So lovely ! Maggie

  8. I love the change in the weather...even if it's only a little change for us. Sweet photos! Enjoy your evening my friend!

  9. Love our cool mornings too. Some of our leaves are changing already. Pups are so cute. Glad hubby is getting Bean alot tamer.


  10. The first morning like has such a peaceful feel, as long as the wind is not blowing.
    I don't like the heat, so I hope the day is comfortable for you.

  11. Awww, the pups are so adorable and bean is gonna get fatten up and lookin' real healthy. Bless you and your hubby for taking care of Bean.
    You've got a real nice spot there to find inner peace and tranquility before you get to work :)


  12. beautiful place to live. Love it!


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