Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sharing my latest creation

Good Afternoon
started out as a chilly morning, and now it is better
but just still too darn chilly for me I want HEAT as in
Warm know shorts and flip flop kind of days
Been catching up on orders finally, my back is still giving me fits
along with my hip and knee..........I feel like I need an entire new left side
So this morning I had this sheep made and waiting to finish the
other part of this pattern, this design is by Peach Bottom Primitives
I recently got some wonderful Tight tight curl Sheep's wool
*Yes he looks like he is ready to be sheared*
So I finished the second part of the pattern this afternoon
The Prairie Doll, I love this set it is so much better in person

The Set is ready to ship, I will sell more then one set
and the Sheep is also available to order by itself

My April Giveaway will run until the last day of the Month
Hope you have all had a Wonderful Day
Hubby just called and he is taking me out to dinner
So best get up now since my get along is moving Slow!
And get ready to go this evening


  1. I LOVE the sheep and prairie girl! That wool is so curly! Hope you and your hubby had a great dinner out Brenda and you get your getupandgo back soon! ~*~Lisa

  2. Hope you get to feeling better soon Brenda. 'Love the new sheep and prairie doll! So cute :)

  3. I have added you to my sidebar and enjoy each post. Hope you have a great dinner.

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  6. I always love to see your creations..what a sweet sheep and the doll is great.


  7. Awwwww, that sheep is adorable!!
    I received my Giveaway win the other day and posted on my blog about it. So cute! My little girl just hugged it! She has her Mother's obsession for dolls!
    Thanks again!

  8. Love that sheep and doll Brenda! It is beautiful, Valerie


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