Sunday, April 14, 2013

Plotting and Planning just how I can pull it off?

Good Morning, hope you are enjoying your weekend
source: google images
Yesterday we went into town and purchased
A New grill, came home and proceeded to remove everything
from our deck, and cleaned it, had to let it dry in order to restain it.
 I had planned on moving my swing and
other items around, yes that urge to decorate and rearrange it was
tugging at me bad!! But since the size of our deck prevents me from
moving our swing, that was put back in its place? SIGH
Today's job *smile* is to dream of finding others to do my work for me LOL
thus the above Photo, who remembers the good ole story of Tom Sawyer?
So this morning, once this household wakes up??
we will go out and restain our deck
and gather up everything that we left scattered in our yard
Now the deck is not a problem hubby will do that
and use a sprayer to stain it, as well as the shutters on our windows
But the Job of this picket fence WELL..........that will be mine
I have rollers to get it done easier
As I glance outside at daybreak, I look at all of those little pickets
and know that by the end of this task, I shall really be hurting from
bending, squatting, etc.
But I will take pride in the finished job
the only thing I can possibly think of that would make it a much
more pleasant job would be if it weather would be warm enough
to put on shorts and grab some sunshine while I am at it :)
Oh did I mention I have orders to finish also
they have to ship in the morning!
life is grand
Just need to drink more Coffee to get my energy up before
tackling my work filled day ahead of me *smile*


  1. If we lived closer I would show up with paintbrush in hand! I promise! Anything to help a craft buddy gain more time to sew LOL. Hope you can enjoy the weather and get things to where you want them ~*~Lisa

  2. I have a picket fence and a bad back. My solution is a little stool to sit on while you do it. Just shift along every 3 or 4 pickets. Put some music on and it will be done before you know it.

  3. Oh happy Spring.
    We are filled with all those jobs here too.
    I've got a brush to help too.
    Woolie hugs talented friend.

  4. I hate painting, so I am useless, lol.
    I hope you get to enjoy your new porch now that spring is finally coming.


  5. I would gladly come and paint the picket today, using a little stool as mentioned above.....good idea, in trade for a bit warmer weather. Absolutely the worst windy day in the 24 years we lived here yesterday!!! and today, it's 22 degrees, no wind (yet) and lots of sunshine, what the heck???? Enjoy your day my friend, I'll be stoking the wood stove!

  6. It looks like we would all pitch in if we were close by. What a mess we would make...but what fun! Happy Sunday my friend!

  7. Have fun and don't over do it. You can always finish the pickets later.


  8. too bad there are not more bloggers around, you could throw a paint party for everyone to help. don't rush it, but keep at a steady pace, & you will get it done, hugs

  9. All I can do is still dream, much to much snow here still......Just go slowly painting the picket, no hurry.....a painting party would be fun, Blessings Francine.

  10. Well, since you're not as young as those painters in the photo, I suggest you pull up a chair and plant your derriere whilst painting your picket fence :)


  11. Hope you got your pickets painted and your not to sore to complete your creations.
    I'd surely come and help if only you lived next door!
    Prim Blessings


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