Friday, April 19, 2013

Cold Weather Go away come come back next Year

Good morning, first off just what season is it?
Gee it is COLD this morning, I am ready for it to warm up and STAY that way
I hear people say this is strange it is suppose to be spring etc, etc,
Well I have seen it snow in April in Oklahoma before
I believe that we are all just getting a bit impatient for the
warm weather to get here and stick Around
I hear the little birds outside this morning
poor little things are shattering instead of chirping LOL
Look what I found on Facebook yesterday

Miss Vada, on one of those warm days playing at a park


  1. How cute is that? smile..
    A bit cool here, too, for Eastern Canada but the heat will come..

  2. Awwww! Ms Vada is a doll baby! It's a little chilly this morning in Texas. Hang in there, soon we will get those hot days. I am just so glad for another blessed day.


  3. Love Ms. Vada's fashionable bonnet! She is a cutie pie and looks like she's loving the sunshine.
    It was down to 17 yesterday morning!!!! Could not believe it and the high for the day was 47.........I want to be outdoors but the wind has been awful too. Crazy weather.

  4. She sure is sweet! Hope it warms up soon. It's nice here today but tomorrow will be cooler! Hard to figure...or plan!

  5. Oh my, Brenda. Vada is Adorable, and getting so Big! What a Sweet heart!
    This certainly is some crazy weather. It rained here for the last couple days and now this morning it is snowing! And so cold. Praying for some Spring weather soon!
    Take Care and have a wonderful weekend.

  6. This is one cutey pie.... I love her bonnet... Cant wait for nice warm weather also.

  7. Hi Brenda, oh my goodness, that is one sweetie pie of a cute, Blessings Francine.

  8. Now that is adorable! Cool and damp here today.Have a great weekend.Hugs,Jen

  9. Miss Vada is sure a cutie pie. Have a great weekend Brenda.


  10. What a cute photo of Vada. Yes, here in Alabama we are facing 30°F tonight! 'Doesn't seem too much like a Spring temp does it? Stay warm :)

  11. Aww, pretty Vada baby. She's ready for her close up :)
    It's cold again in my neck of the woods too. Had to go from ac to fire.


  12. I agree!! It has turned cold here again too! We woke to temps in the low 40's this morning and supposed to be in the 30's tomorrow! Where has spring gone? Miss Vada is precious!

  13. ADORABLE!!! Still cold here too! doesn't seem to want to go away, UGH! OLM


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