Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April showers bring May Flowers and the word of the day

Good Morning
I suppose you thought you were coming to see pretty
little flowers all bloomed out
Not happening!! I confess I believe I lost my petunias!
when we stained our deck, we put them on the ground
over night, The next morning it looked like something had
layed in them the stems were bent over, well they survived
only to see a cold snap, make them look worse!
And then a colder SNAP *sigh* you getting the picture
And yes ? if they have predicted correctly yet another cold front
should be arriving today??? REALLY!!!
hubby just called and on his way to work it was
in the 70's in one town and then down the road it
was in the low 50's and he said the cloud hanging over looked like
it was bringing in the front
Oh well bring it on I have sewing to do *smile*
My word today is judgement
isn't it sad just how harsh that word is JUDGEMENT!
I am so glad that I do not sit and judge others for what
they do *when I do not even know* or for how they act!
As for those petunias I will just go out and get more !!
I love those plants that are already grown the ones that I do not have to fuss over
to enjoy their beauty *Grin*
Oh darn I wanted white ones anyways LOL
this is last years and hubby has been watching the place across the road
from his job, so he can get me more of them this year!!

While orders are drying, I am finishing new items
that have been sitting and waiting, yesterday was this
this little Patriotic Annie


Today I will finish orders, and a new cat
as well as a new Uncle Sam
Hope you have a wonderful day


  1. Hope you get your Petunias.......I usually have to wait till the end of May to put things out. I go buy my plants and such for my bday every year. Just to cold here to put out any sooner.
    Love the new items you've been making!
    Have a great day ;-)

  2. Hi Miss Brenda,

    Oh, don't give up on those 'tunias, see if water and a little plant food will help them along. Okay?

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

    (The nice thing about being a teddy bear - we don't don't know anything about judgement.)

  3. yup..dont give up dear...
    sweet stuff you making..
    big hugs x

  4. Brenda,
    Seriously, I thought our weather was weird. My sister said one day OK was 80 degrees in the morning and freezing rain in the evening. Bleck! I so love petunias! I love pinks and purples. However, Charlie likes to eat plants. I don't think that petunias are poisonous, but it sure will change how I do my patio this year. Your work is just beautiful! I am loving the birds! I hope your weather improves, dear!

    Love and hugs!!!!

  5. I love your new annie, she has such a fun personality.


  6. Been there done that with flowers before, Go get more :) ........love the prim Dolly, great job, Francine.

  7. Petunias usually fair pretty good. Cute Annie!

  8. Love petunias too.
    Hope yours survive.
    So happy it's Spring.
    We plant flowers outside after Mothers Day.
    Can't wait.
    Woolie hugs

    Love your Annie

  9. Aww Brenda your dollies are dandy!
    Around my NOTW we can't put out flowers until May.
    I missed the fuss on FB, but you're right, it's not our place to judge.


  10. Sorry about your petunias but as you said...you can get more! We've had the same kind of weather...in the 70's and a few days even the 80's and now it's in the 40's today!

    Love all your creations!


  11. sorry about your flowers. I would love to plant some too but it is still too cold here. The sun is warm some days but the air is still cold.
    Hang in there soon it will be HOT and I don't like that either.


  12. Yeah, the darned old weather is not being cooperative here either. CRAP
    We planted new raspberry bushes and the rabbits ate them off. We planted a couple burn bushes and the deer ate them. 77 on Sunday but really chilly and windy the last few days. Yeah, so far, spring really stinks. But it will all come around.
    Do you grow Sweet Annie? I've been growing it in a dish pan for 3 years and it does real well. This year I am going to try to preserve it so it is soft and quits shredding. Wish me luck!

  13. Dear Brenda... The rusty bunny arrived safe & sound after his journey here. Thank-you so much for having a draw on your blog. The flowers here are popping up; Spring is in the air.Have a great week-end.


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