Sunday, April 28, 2013

Where have I been??

Well Apparently not on my blog
oh my I have neglected posting this past week
nothing out of the normal been making an entire flock of these sheep
I have many bags of wool and lots of felting to still do *smile*

making a load of these for a shop owner
yes I am still wholesaling to a few shops
if you are interested you need to contact me as I have
set a deadline up for summer and fall orders this year
as well as limited orders

This gal and her sheep together have been a big hit this spring

And I have posted a few ready to ship items On SALE

I need to thin out the items that are sitting around
we got some new or new to us furniture this weekend
and while moving things around to make room for the changes
I have cleared out a lot of things and will continue to do that
I would like to think of it as simplifying but with our limited space
I do not think that is possible *sigh*
but it is better, still so much to do but I ran out of energy
And I am TIRED this weekend
My April Giveaway will end on the 30th
Wow I can not believe it is almost May
And in May we have a birthday in the house
Miss Rango will be Two Years old!!
I have not taken pictures in a long time
but promise to get a new one and to put together
a grouping of this little rascal
A couple of weeks ago we restained our deck
and decided to stain our little picket fence
we had strung wire around the bottom of it so she would not get out
Well we thought she had gotten too large
NOT........she is now my little escape artist, we have chosen not to put
the wire back up and instead we are correcting her, attempting to teach her
that it is a no no to get out of her protective area
And to save the outside world from the little white thing
that believes she is larger then Life, that thinks she can take on the largest of
ANYTHING and ANYONE!!! Oh my gosh !!
Hope you have had a wonderful weekend


  1. I have been admiring your sheep and pieces on Facebook. I think Rango is my favorite online pup, he is such a cutie.


  2. Hi Brenda, some how dogs can wiggle out of anything......
    Getting some new furniture sounds exciting.

  3. I sure love your sheep and prairie dolls! I hope you have a good week...don't work too hard my friend! Sweet hugs!

  4. Evening Brenda, love he sheep and sweet Prairiw doll, great work.....What a sweet puppy she was....the little escape artist....Blessings Francine.

  5. You can just tell she is a rascal from the pics. She sure was a darling pup! Our youngest tries to climb over the fence! He is a pistol!
    Love all your sheep and prairie dolls.
    Sending great big hugs your way. Enjoy this beautiful weather.....

  6. aww i love your sheep and dolls so much..
    beautiful work..
    big hugs x


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