Sunday, February 24, 2013

She is under there somewhere!

Good Morning to you all

Yes I am speaking of myself, I am buried in paperwork 
and orders
And as for our spring type weather, well they were wrong once again
It is COLD, in fact the North West part of Oklahoma is suppose to see
Blizzard conditions starting tonight and into tomorrow

With the possibility of some snow, depending on what weather man you
choose to watch *Smile* as far down south as we are but to the west of us
I prefer they be totally WRONG!!

sorry to bore you with my negative attitude
BECAUSE like many I am beyond ready for spring to get here

There are only a few days to enter my current giveaways

to sign up for a chance to win one of the little rabbits

the Frog and the rabbits are designs by Crows Roost Prims

for a chance to win the three rabbit tuck pillows
or bowl fillers

Hoping that next week I will find more time to post and get myself
back to a normal mode......*SIGH* as if there is anything normal about me

Have a wonderful day


  1. Hi, Brenda~ keep safe ~ hoping not much snow for ya all~
    Wishing you a wonderful sunday~ love your creations!! makes me ready for spring~

  2. Look at that little guy with his umbrella! How cute! I'm glad you're busy but hope your weather improves! Take care of yourself, sweet girl!

  3. O.M.GOSH, BRENDA!! I've GOT to have one of those Frogs!!! Let me know when you get caught up. SOOOOOOOOO cute!!!

  4. It is amazing how many things you get done and done so beautifully. We are getting more rain so no snow storm this weekend.


  5. Mother Nature keeps reminding us that it is still winter. We are forecast to receive another snow event on Monday into Tuesday, unless the temps keep it warm enough to be ice. Actually, I'll take the snow anyday.

  6. Brenda it isn't a negative attitude it's winter Blues and youre not alone I think everyone is ready for Spring to arrive and the sun to shine...

    Hopefully a little Sunshine Peeks in on you to lift your spirits!


  7. Always a pleasure seeing you here. I think this crazy weather makes our brains freeze! LOL! We are buried under lots of the white stuff right now! Plus I have had the flu! : (


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