Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Almost just Almost Here

Good Morning
Wow I can not believc it is almost March the 1st!
Spring will be here really Soon
My sale on all Pillow tucks or pillow bowl fillers will end
in a couple of days
Also on March the 1st a New Etsy team is having a grand opening
of their blog with a wonderful group giveaway
So go and visit and bookmark the blog
another cup of coffee on the Nippy morning and then
I am off to my work table all day
Hope you have a wonderful day


  1. It all looks great! Yes, go have some coffee. I think I will too! It's pouring down rain here! Maggie

  2. Morning Brenda....normally I don't drink coffee but it's a snowy morning here and I'm on my 3rd cup.
    Love your creations.

  3. Rainy and cold here today.Enjoy your coffee and I am sure you will create something gorgeous( you always do) when you get to the craft table. Hugs,Jen

  4. Hi, Brenda. I hope you enjoyed your coffee this morning. Right about now, I'd say you are in need of a much-deserved break!
    I'm up to my elbows in fur today.


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