Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Mixture of Season's out there

REALLY is it only 28 days till spring??

We had rain all night long
And this morning it is still raining
With a little sleet now and then a few flakes of snow?? 
The ground temp is too warm for us to really get anything?

and tonight we are suppose to get Severe storms??
So I suppose I will take my robe on and off and reset my thermostat 
a dozen times throughout the day *Sigh*

And the birds are just chirping outside *smile* poor things

I have been so busy attempting to catch up on orders
And I threw in completing a Couple of new items

Dreaming of Spring, and sewing apparently up a storm *smile*
have a wonderful day


  1. I love your bunnies. We are getting up and down weather here. We just got 3" of snow in a short period of time. Friday is to be a mixture...oh joy!

  2. Hi Brenda~

    I love your newest creations!! I too am dreaming of Spring...we got four inches of snow yesterday with more on the way. Spring can't come soon enough for me.

    Have a great day~Becky

  3. I love your rabbits, fun and prim.


  4. Love your new items! It is supposed to be rain and storms here over the next several days. Ugh! Have a good day!

  5. Hi Brenda, oh love your bunnys, so prim perfect.....Keep cozy, Francine.

  6. Oh girl, did the snow miss you guys? It started here about 8:00 this morning and still going. This afternoon it is supposed to turn to rain, then freezing rain tonight stopping tomorrow afternoon. Our first snow in 2 years so the kids and I are excited. Headed out to play in it now. You all be careful! Stay inside and create away, love your bunnies!

  7. The calendar promises that spring is not that far away but Mother Nature insists on sticking with winter, I believe. We are forecast to have over four inches of new snow tomorrow and this morning when I woke up it was a mere ten degrees F. However, when spring wants to show up, it will push Mother Nature away and she will head south. ;-)

  8. Love the bunnies! Another snow day here...waiting for that rain so it will melt the snow! ~*~Lisa

  9. Adorable Bunnies Brenda!
    Sunny day here today ~ Yah!!!
    Stay Warm ~ Happy creating!
    Prim Blessings

  10. Love your new bunnies!The weather is cold here but supposed to be warm this weekend.Stay safe and warm.Hugs,Jen

  11. Oh my! Your bunnies are SO CUTE! I love them.

  12. I've already been over at your Etsy store! I just love the OOAK bunnies with the feedsack dresses. They are just the cutest! I know they will be popular for Spring! Sweet hugs!

  13. Oh cool! Excellent prim bunnies. Carol likes :) Sounds like you did sew up a storm or two... lol.


  14. Brenda, I LOVE the two new bunnies. Blossom is adorable in her feedsack dress.
    Snow's coming this weekend, 8+ inches. Yahoo!

  15. Hey Brenda; I absolutely LOVE all of the Beautiful things that you make!!! I wish that I were half as creative as you are!!!
    Speaking of Spring, I am a Spring Baby, as my B-Day is the First Day of Spring, March 20 :-)
    Take Care

  16. Your new offerings are delightful!
    We got 6+ inches last night. Hubby has it all scooped out but who knows what will happen tomorrow. It is a heavy snow so we don't have to worry about drifting.
    So-so-so looking forward to spring!

  17. Who doesn't love such sweet bunnies!? I think we are all ready for a nice warm Spring! Have a wonderful week. Hugs Anne


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