Monday, February 18, 2013

My broken hearted Fur Baby

Good Monday Morning
The Above picture was taken in October of 2011
Rango was only 5 months old

See the toys? Notice that pumpkin
Well we broke her heart this weekend
That is right Since the day this photo was taken that pumpkin
has been Rango's security toy
she plays with it everyday

Well this is that pumpkin today

It has been washed hundreds of times and sewn up hundreds of times
REALLY *smile*
As I take it to the sewing machine she follows and stands with her 
front paws on my leg watching to make sure I am not hurting it *sigh*
And yep it still has a squeaker in the darn thing

she has mutilated this poor toy
And now this is where it sets
up high on a shelf.......I told hubby to throw it away!!

We have endlessly searched and searched to find one of these
pumpkin toys, we got it at PetCo

so this weekend while out shopping we replaced it with a new toy
NO not one like this......we gave up on that!

Now my dogs have a bed full of toys but you know
that she digs and digs until she will find her trust worthy pumpkin
She carried that pumpkin to the front door, when she would
go out to Potty, she would lay it down by the door and on her
way inside she would pick it up!

Last night as they were playing, she went to her bed
and then proceeded to walk around in circles in the middle of the floor
whippering because she could not find her pumpkin?

OH ......... I so wanted to give it to her
But hubby finally got her to playing with the other toy
First thing this morning, she went digging for that pumpkin
she always gathers it up to put it in the recliner with her 
when she curls up in her blanket to nap in the mornings

*I don't know who is more broken hearted her or me!*

So her pumpkin has been retired
I know she will get past it and forget 
but in the mean time.......I sure am having a difficult time with it *smile*

my sewing table is loaded down with orders
today will be a busy one
Hope you have a wonderful Monday


  1. Oh, that precious little girl. Our Jessie has "baby" it's a moose from PetSmart. I think she is on #12 now. Thank goodness they have carried them for years and I always have one in reserve.

    Could you make a replacement from a picture of her baby pumpkin? Maybe you could find one online?


  2. Those fur baby's get set in their ways just like us. I have a favorite coffee cup that is mine, God forbid if someone else were to use it ;-)
    Looks like you better put your sewing machine in "overdrive" and get moving!
    Happy Monday~

  3. Poor little doggie! Hope she finds a new favorite toy soon.

  4. Ohh poor sweet doggie..big hugs x

  5. Poor Rango! Our kitty has a cat puppet it has carried around every day since he was a kitten.He would go nuts without it so I can only imagine how your pup feels.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  6. Poor Rango!Gretchen has a pink monkey that has became so tattered that I am afraid to wash it.Tell Miss Rango that I will be watching for her a new pumpkin toy.Have you thought about making her a new pumpkin and stuffing it with the old one so it would have the same smell? Hugs to you both,Jen

  7. That's just like my Tucker. He has a weasel that we got for him at Cracker Barrel with the ball on it that rolled around and drug the weasel after it. The ball has long disappeared but he drags the weasel with him everywhere.

    Why don't you get some orange fabric and make her a new one Brenda. Maybe she wouldn't know the difference


  8. Oh I know she is still looking for it. Poor little thing.. Well, if I ever come across one I will pick it up for you. With my two, I am back and fourth to Petco often.

  9. Our Chihuahua had a Beanie Baby Leopard that he stole from our daughter's room. He drove me NUTS with that thing. Hope she adapts to the new ones soon!

  10. My dog is like that too, he loves his stuffed squeaky toys but he can't hear anymore, so it is sad. Sometimes he will try to squeak them, but gives up thinking they are broken.


  11. Poor Rango, our Atticus has a giraffe we called Mr. Jingles who was retired a few months ago, I know he still misses him. I found a dog pumpkins toy on the link below that looks very similar you should have a look.


  12. Thank you so much Brenda! Your kind words are appreciated. So thoughtful of you to visit.

  13. Oh poor Rango and Brenda! :( You are so talented I bet you could make her another one just like it!

  14. I am wondering if you made her a new toy with the stuffing from her favorite toy if that will work. Maybe the smell from the stuffing will convince her that the new toy is just as good. lol. Just a thought. They sure are great looking pups.

  15. This really touched my heart Brenda, thanks for sharing! What a heartbreaker. Love the pile of fabric pic too - happy sewing ~*~Lisa

  16. You can recover that punkin--the smell would be there. the squeaker would be there. might make you feel better......

  17. Bless her little heart! Hope you come across another one sometime!

  18. Oh oh, not to good, poor pup....Hope you can find another, Francine.

  19. It's always a good idea to get more than one of a kind toy, they do sometimes think that they have a
    "baby" to take care of. That's why she's so sad.
    I hope you can find some-
    thing to make Rango happy.

  20. Oh my goodness, poor baby. I can just imagine her searching for her lil comfy toy. They're just like our children aren't they :)
    Those are some nice looking fabrics.


  21. Oh my goodness Brenda, that is SO sad, breaks MY heart too!! Poor baby! I wouldn't be able to take it, I would have to give it to her, lol. It's hard to see our babies hurting. =[

  22. Well DOG-GONE IT...punn
    I feel for makes tears come but I so understand...there comes a time.
    Bless her little heart I can just see her looking and being sad. Hopefully she will get past it sooner than later.

  23. have you tried to make her a new pumpkin...rub it on her before you give it to her..just a thought

  24. Oh the poor puppy. Hope she is adjusting by now. Blessings! Lara

  25. Oh pets are so funny! Just like people they have their favorites too! Love it! Next time you will have to buy two of the new toy!


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