Thursday, January 17, 2013

They are gone!!!

Note to Self!!!
Do Not be Hasty to Hit that button??
Or any other one until I figure some things out

yesterday while uploading some pictures 
I seen something about shared and being as DUH
as I can be before consuming the Normal load of Coffee
I thought *Those are not shared??*
Shame on me *BIG GRIN*
I guess they said shared because 
GRRRRR..........they were emailed to me
by ME before changing computers

Yes I feel extremely.........Foolish!!!!
So I scamper around on pinterest, on etsy, on facebook
to Picasa and grab some of my pictures

The Mouse and Carrots are New creations
the new pictures

Isn't she sweet? She is made using a pattern by Soft in the Head
A special order for a customer

So back to my pictures..............oh my there were 1,000's of them!!!!!

my old computer had a broken CD drive, I had a plug and play one
but had trouble getting it to write  

So........I figured I would be ok just gathering them all up
Until I realized I had a file in my photos
that had hundreds of graphics, some I had even purchased
*Dad Gum It!!!* "a little southern slang thrown in

So this afternoon I have to drag out all of the pieces
and put my old computer together and email all of those back to myself again

OH what a Pain!!! 
This morning I have orders to work on

After I consume my coffee........I am getting a late start today!
I believe my 5AM mornings caught up to me and I needed 
some rest today, so I slept in

Have a wonderful day and............
Don't Hit any Buttons Until you are sure what they are! 



  1. And you think you are alone? Ha, join the club.

    We Northerners say "darn it" or "rats" (although I do like little ratties). (o:


  2. I still haven't taken the time to get all my pics and documents off my old computer and on to this one. Dreading the chore plus I need to delete a bunch of crap!
    I was told once, ok more than once,
    "if you don't learn from your mistakes, what's the use in making them?"
    Hang in there!

  3. You aren't alone, seems we never think of it until it happens. The mice are darling.

  4. Rats! Brenda you are not alone,I am afraid I will wipe the entire computer one of these days! Sorry about all the extra work.The mouse is so adorable.Hugs,Jen

  5. Aww the mice is just me :)
    Love x

  6. Brenda,

    Computers are a wonderful big old pain aren't they? hugs!!! OLM

  7. I saw your mouse piece and she is adorable and I love how you did the carrot tops.


  8. Oh Brenda.....that is terrible, I still am not to sure what all the buttons are for......Love the carrots and mouse, great job, Francine.

  9. I know, too! It sure can be frustrating! I hope you get them all back! Sweet hugs!

  10. I hate that. I had so many pictures on my old laptop that I had never switched over to my new one. They sat in that computer for years (I never used it after I got my new computer).......I lost it once and realized what I had done. So, I searched and searched all over the house and every closet as to where I put the dang thing. Finally, found the dusty old computer and got them on a thumb drive. I will never do that again. Good luck on putting the parts together and recovering your pics.

  11. There's a program that lets you transfer all your stuff from the old to the new..I have it around here somewhere...or..most computer places will do it for you when you buy a new one... Your mouse is adorable..

  12. Been there done that my friend. Glad all is good now though. Love your version of Lovey mouse, she's pretty.



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