Friday, January 18, 2013

Writing down all my Learned Lessons

Taking Notes
I am going to call it the journal of Boofs *grin*

sitting here waiting for this day to draw to an end
ok well maybe not end, I am waiting for 6 PM or so to roll around

my youngest son is on his way down

I have not seen him in so long!!!

DIL is working so she could not come
The house they were looking at is under contract
darn it......but maybe it wasn't meant to be
so I have lined out a couple others for him to check out

Back to my journal

Do you need a good laugh!!!
I started this day out, needing to get my hands on many of 
my graphics for a large order, one that should almost be
ready to ship no doubt ???

So I have a thought
drag out the old computer and email the pictures to myself

Oh I did that I had one computer on the desk and one on the floor
and oh my word what a nightmare
I get pictures via email, just not the graphics
seems since I resized many of them 
that for some reason they will not come through UGH

So I have another thought, after a few tears!!

I don't have to be online, most of my graphics are
in a printing program downloaded on the old computer

so after putting it away and almost giving up
I drag it back out again, hook up my old printer
*knew I had just put cartridges in it, so I was set to go*

Printed what I needed and yep, forgot one DUH

But now I can set it up somewhere 
maybe my sewing desk in my bedroom and leave it
to utilize all of my graphics to print 

Yes friends, my world has been turned upside down 
Now I will have to rearrange my world in the kitchen where 
I work at daily to somehow add my sewing machine on my 
overly crowded Table????
If anyone needed more room it would be me
maybe I ought to be looking for a larger home *SMILE*
only that is not going to happen! almost have this one
paid for!!!!!

Have a Wonderful weekend
my orders will be a couple of days delayed
I intend to enjoy some time with my son!!


  1. What a good looking son and it will be nice that you can spend some time together. My printer still works, waiting for the day when it dies, think this is the longest, one has lasted.


  2. Hi Brenda, so happy your Son will be spending time together.......well, always seems tables get loaded with stuff....ohhhh, computers, Francine.

  3. You did make me chuckle.....I can just see it all now. You are further ahead than me. I've not tackled getting my files off old computer yet!
    You sound so happy, hope everything can work out for your son and DIL to be closer!
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Your posts always make me smile. What a great attitude you have! Enjoy the time with your son and have a wonderful weekend. (Maybe take a break from all the computer work, HA!)

  5. Hi Brenda!! Spending time with our sons is so awesome!!! Your son is a cutie too!! Love to know I am not the only one that battles myself all the time!! LOL At least you still had the old computer!! Good thinking!! Take care and enjoy that son!! XOXO Fran.

  6. Enjoy your time with your son.Sorry the house fell through but I 'm sure the right one will come along.Sounds like you need to get that workshop Blessings!~Amy

  7. You would have made a good pioneer! You can always figure out some way to make things work! Enjoy your weekend! Give that boy a HUG!

  8. You should take time to enjoy your son! How exciting. Have fun.
    Be blessed,

  9. Enjoy the time with your son Brenda!!


  10. Isn't the electronic world lovely? It can be great or want to make you tear your hair out! We have all had these troubles at one time or another. Looks like you are getting if figured out... good! What a handsome son you have, enjoy your visit!



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