Thursday, January 10, 2013

Still Computer shopping?

*Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head*
Day three and it is still raining outside!!!

Ok so some morning I am going to wake up and not be able to get on my computer

If I do not get my rear in gear and get something soon!!!!

Let me say I have been shopping since way before Christmas time
And when I started there were many computers available to purchase without
windows 8 on them, now not so many

*A tech informed me that if 8 is installed that 7 is still on a computer*
But that 8 comes with so much junk you can not remove from a computer???
also for those that spoke of the touch screen deal on 8
Not all computers with 8 on them come with touch screens
And from what I have read on those computers you still utilize the tool bar??

So I have found one with the following specs on it

6 GB Memory: 1TB hard drive
23" screen.........oh this would be a upgrade from my 17"
*better on the eyes*
Bluetooth *I would not use* memory card reader *I would love to have*
windows 7 home premium
with the option to upgrade to 8

DANG it Santa has already flown NORTH!!!!!!
And my funds don't cover this much

I am not sure if I want an All in One
Does anyone have one that can shed some light on that??

My other option, since my screen is only a couple of years old
I may just get me a new tower???? And then I can get a new Printer
with a scanner !!!!!!

Wish I could get paid for all this major computer shopping I have done
*The hours I have spent, looking online!!!*

I know BORING..........I promise I will come up with something better soon
to post about...........can you tell I am consumed with the computer situation?

Have a wonderful day


  1. its worse than buying a car isn't it?? So many different things to choose from.. Write down what you want with the computer and then go from there. Cars and computers are a pain to buy because of all the decisions... Wishing you luck with your decision... Lisa

  2. Oh, good luck with that! I'm worried about having to replace mine, and I don't want Windows 8, either. If I had the $, I'd buy one and put it away.

  3. I went and bought a new screen when mine died, then the computer stopped working, lol. Just make sure the screen works with the new systems, everything is 3D and high end graphics so you want the screen to be able to show that. Have you thought about a laptop?
    I always had towers and now I only use my laptop, so much easier and you can use it anywhere and doesn't take up a lot of space. I have a studio Dell that I use for my programs but I love my mac, easier to use and beautiful graphics.


  4. Yes, so many choices, aren't they? I do not want Windows 8 either. My 2 year old HP laptop runs just fine on Windows 7. I also have IE and Firefox, both browsers, on this laptop. This, combined with a great security system= no problems :)

  5. AGAIN!! Both of my computer techs warned me not to get a new computer now.."Windows 8 is a disaster"..One of them said that lots of people are bringing in new computers with Windows 8 asking him to put 7 on it..Can't be done YET..He feels sure that microsoft will come out with a program that will allow one to change from 8 to 7..Apparently that's what happened with Vista..He said 8 is much worse than Vista...

  6. I feel for you Brenda, My computer went to God just before Christmas. I have just got back on air yesterday. I ended up buying a lap top and I am about t buy a new big screen so when I am home I can use that. I was like you and bought one with window 7 on it. I didn't wasnt windows 8 either. Good luck with your hunt.
    Hugs Kay

  7. Hi Brenda. I have an iMac and it's all in one. I loooove it. It has blue tooth mouse and keyborad too. We have had it worked on and the screen comes off to get into it. The cd goes in the side. I like it because we don't have a lot of space and it can sit on the counter. I don't like the towers all over the floor by your feet collecting dust and the cords everywhere. All the connecters are in the back and if you have it against a wall or in a hutch it might be hard to get to them. Good luck.

  8. My family has MAC and they love it..wouldn't go back..Just takes a little getting used to..She's a proficient blogger...

  9. Can't help you with the computer debate but an Epson all in one printer (with the scanner) can be bought at WM for under $100 and they are great.
    Good luck

  10. Well, not to great with coputers but hope you get what you really want, Blessings Francine.


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