Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Kids are bored and Gloomy!!

Well I can't tell you what my actual Kid's are doing right now
probably all three working!
All the many miles away from me that they are

But the fur kids..........oh my
It rained all day yesterday what a blah day for the girls
Then it rained all night long
And thus far all day today, I am not complaining we needed the rain

They do not nor will they go outside for me when it is raining
they wait for hubby to get home and tuck them under his coat
and take them out under the carport to do their business
When I go out there with them they just jump up on my leg
wanted me to take them back inside??

There is a window in the living room and even though I edited some
due to the glare of the window
This little guy is keeping them entertained

Directly out the window about 6 feet from it is this large tree
Hubby put some corn out and for days and many ears of corn 
we have fed several little guys

Shelby and Rango sit on a Trunk at the window
*yes I have a blanket there so they can watch outside*
And they have been enjoying the company
He will just eat and eat even with the dogs barking
if I remotely attempt to open the door to get a good shot
He shoo's up the tree
But I finally got a shot through the window
had to stand away from his view and stick my hand up inside the blind
so he would not spook and take off

I think he is Teasing the girls
knowing they can not get outside to him

So are you dry today? is it raining in your neck of the woods
This gal has been sewing and sewing some more

Making Spaghetti for dinner this evening
what is on your menu tonight?



  1. Hi Brenda! Long, long time, I'm baaaaccckkkk! lol Our dog is the same, doesn't want to be outside and barks at everything outside that moves! It's raining here!! January in the British Columbia Rockies and it's above freezing and raining!!! I can hardly believe it myself! We are having a roast beef dinner tonight because our daughter and granddaughter are visiting a cousin and our poor son-in-law is alone and lonely. :) Love his roasts!

  2. Hi Brenda, mild here for a change but snow for the weekend....cute Squirrel eating the corn.......Having steak tonight for supper, Blessings Francine.

  3. how neat to be able to see such beauty!

  4. It is not raining here today but has been so dark and cloudy. A bit warmer too. Cute picture!

  5. Very good entertainment for everyone! My MIL loves to watch the squirrels and birds at her house.
    Glad you are feeling better and creating away. A bit of snow yesterday and a winter storm warning beginning here tonight at 9and all day tomorrow. That figures... I have stuff to mail out!
    Pulled some homemade ham and bean soup from the freezer and just made cornbread to go with. Stay dry and warm my friend! hugs~

  6. So cute. I bet he is entertaining them. It would be to me :)
    Woolie hugs

  7. No rain, cloudy and mild temps. Just a day of crafting. Yep, this weather can get one down. Don't blame those sweet fur babies. Hubby brought home pizza tonight. Spaghetti sounds good too. Enjoy

  8. We have birds that do that to my cats. They sit on the rail and or on the edge of the roof and twitter at them and drive them crazy. Once a bird sat on the porch doing that, moki just went through the screen, lol. Had to replace it with the old fashioned heavy ones.


  9. We had rain in our neck of the woods here in Michigan. When I got out of my car to get the mail this evening a red fox ran past me. He was about 6 feet away from me...really cool! It was just getting dark. We had grilled cheese sandwiches with chicken tortilla soup. Loved the pic of your squirrel, Janice

  10. We're rainy here too. Kitty kats go out, but not for very long.
    I've had to sneak a pic or three in with some of our backyard critters too. That is an awesome one you took there :)


  11. Oh he is a sweet fellow!I am sure that the furkids are getting a kick from watching him.Gretchen is the same,she will not go out in the rain.Hugs,Jen

  12. It was warm and humid here today. We grilled hamburgers! Can't wait to see what all you are sewing! Hugs!

  13. cute photo!
    sounds like little paws run the household! wet feet?? no fun at all. we had potato soup & apple pie

  14. Feel like Spring here today and we have rain coming tomorrow afternoon and storms on Friday morning.
    The squirrels here tease my dogs like crazy. They run up the tree so far and then just stay there switching their tails and that makes my yorkie girls go nuts!!

  15. Lucy doesn't like going out in the rain either! What is it with dogs and rain? Yet anytime the bath water starts to run she runs in and will hop in the tub if you dont catch her before! Crazy dog! We have snow here, but it's been warm so some is melting! I don't mind...Christmas is over so the snow can go! Katie


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