Monday, January 7, 2013

A great giveaway and by the way...

if having a giveaway, win a Pattern a month for the year
be sure to go and visit, I love her patterns I am currently working 
on a couple of bunnies made from Maureen's patterns

And by the Way I just read up on windows 8 on PC world's site

and watched the Video
hope the link works if not look up windows 8 on pc world and go to the bottom
of the page and view the video

WOW now it is confession time, I am a back mouse girl as it is??
Yep, has bothered every boss I have, has even bothered hubby when he sits
down to use my computer, I have to turn my mouse around to use it to get it to navigate
for me........thus why if I try to use a laptop I can not get the darn scroll to work

now if you are laughin.........just stop it ok!!! no I am not messed up this is the only
backwards issue I have..........with that said I will let you know all this computer mess
has drove me to drinking a beer tonight *GRIN*

oh my............I will say I have been very productive done several loads of laundry
and finished 4 orders today well as done a bunch of reading about windows 8
if you did not read my previous post, it will explain what I am coping with ...... hmmm 
maybe I need more stress to get me 
going this good everyday LOL
I can just imagine me attempting to use the touch deal to navigate my screen on my PC?
looks interesting


  1. I guess you're going to Windows 8? It's cold and my ankle hurts, so I'm not too productive today. I did get some embroidery hoops done yesterday.

  2. I love using the scroll now, much easier and no mouse to worry about since I use a laptop on my lap. I got a freebie pattern with an ugly annie, want to try it, looks fun.


  3. I'm not laughing but I really have never heard of that before. Have you tried to change your settings for your mouse in your control panel or a different mouse? Maybe the touch screen would be good for you. I hope you figure it out! I use a mouse with my laptop. Sweet hugs!

  4. I've been warned several times about Windows 8..Not a fan..bad program..


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