Monday, January 7, 2013

Well put me on a Soap Box and listen to me CHATTER

Good Morning Friends
*GROWL, Moan, Gripe*

Those may be more technical terms for my chatter UGH!!

It started on Internet.........I called that much dreaded automated person
And got the recording that there was high call volume with over an hour wait, due to 
a major outage, YUP I hung up!!!

And Waited and Waited..........did I say I waited? POO!!!

So it came back on after hours of being off, only to go right back off again
*Isn't it lovely to pay for a service and miss many hours of using it*
Credit would be grately appreciated but I am sure out of the Question!!

so late Friday evening I call and I had to undo my machine and hook it all back up again
yes unscrew this, unplug this, turn this on, go here.........go get the drift of it!!

so then it is working HMMMM
so it appears that I need to call out a service guy for a new machine seems I have a bad
connection on the back of it???? REALLY, did I not just change service and get this thing
three months ago?????? So in the mean time, I have lost emails etc. sorry I have not replied to 
your comments

Also in the mean time

I have my trusted tools out and I will continue to mess with it
if need be............problem...........if I would keep my clutzy 
 self from hitting the darn thing on this little desk I would not cause it
to disconnect??? But at least I know how to fix the problem until it 
can be replaced!!
I have picked out a new computer and I am working towards
getting enough funds to make that wonderful purchase, oh I have waited 
and put this off long enough......I can not wait for a new one!
I have researched and sure got a lot of negative response about 
Windows 8??? so not sure I want to get one with that program or not
Any suggestions Friends?

Have a Wonderful New start to a New Week


  1. Sorry Brenda, I am no help in computer stuff, have problems of my own, Good Luck, Francine.

  2. So sorry dear I am not god very computer stuff too... Good luck with it xxx

  3. Stick to Windows 7 because a lot of items I use now are not compatible with 8. I know because my new computer came with 8 and I cannot use some software with it. Although it is great there is a big(pain in rear) learning curve!
    take care

  4. I hope someone can help you with good info. I went to a class on Windows 8 and I liked what I saw but I don't have it so I don't know how hard it is to use. Good luck and sweet hugs!

  5. I hate computer problems, too. GRRRRR!!!! I've asked before about getting that elusive credit and was met with complete silence. Thanks for visiting me today.

  6. I just bought a new lap top with windows 8...There is a lot to learn...I ended up buying the book called Windows 8 for helped me a lot.. I now have no problems except my mouse on my new lap top is not working...using a wireless mouse... taking my computer to my techy son tonight...

    As for your cable company..I don't know who you have...We have Media com... Always asked for the retention department.. never customer service.. Retention department can bring down your price per month and probably give you a credit if it is their fault on their end...if it is your computer then they won't...just by asking for the retention department and talking with them they cut my bill $20 per month...

    I have come to love windows 8...
    Hope this helps...Lisa

  7. Yuck, I had a cable issue over the weekend. It all (phone, tv, pc) went down and "magically" came back up last night. I had WOW come out anyway and he brought some tech window up on the tv and showed me the glitch and took care of it yea! Hope yours gets taken care of soon.

  8. I use macs but I do have a dell for programs and sewing machine, not sure if I have windows 8 on it, will have to check and see what Bill is using on his, and let you know how they are.


  9. I have windows 8 and well I dont like it but I am stuck with it until I get a Mac which will be never lol

  10. Hubby and I were looking at computers at bestbuy and lady showed us imac...It was a dream. If I could learn how to use it...Lots of pros...I'd be willing to learn...lots of money, but I think I'd learn to love it...Until then, I'm sticking to my windows 7 laptop and windows xp desktop...Love, Laura


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