Sunday, December 2, 2012

I am smilin

Of course you know why

Went to the RV this morning, no luck!!
so back to the storage building
Now every year I put everything down inside of two stuffing boxes taped
together?? Who put my Christmas stuff up last year?? *SMILE*

We looked and looked, I found two bags with tree parts in them
yes!!! That is a start..........not sure if it is all there yet 
But by golly I can build it to work LOL

So I open a small box up and there are lights?? I am thinking hmm
yes that box was from Christmas last year??? just maybe

Then I turn around and look in another small box and lo and behold there is more
Christmas??? So I found another one!! YES

Of course all the while having to listen to hubby 
say you pack em down I will put them away this year LOL

so I am happier today, gee it is just stuff anyway!!
I am just glad to be getting a little better health wise and have
so much to be thankful for besides decorations

Thank you all for your sweet emails and comments
Nothing better then blogging friends
so many offered to send me Christmas Decorations
You're all SO Sweet

today is the last day of this weeks ornament giveaway



  1. Yey!!!!!! Glad you found Christmas, LOL happy to hear your on the road to recovery to Brenda.......Enjoy, Francine.

  2. That's good news. I am smiling with you.

  3. So glad you found Christmas..Happy for you..Sounds like you may be feeling a little better as well..Yay..

  4. i am smiling with you too :)
    love x

  5. I saw your blog title and KNEW you'd found it!! YAY for hidden boxes that reveal themselves! Not just decorations....those are MEMORIES!!

  6. So glad to hear you are smiling today my friend! Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

  7. Woooohoooooo! Yippeee!

    Now, rest a little bit too! We want our Brenda feeling better too!

    :) Hugs and Blessings to you!

  8. Yay!! Your holiday decorations are starting to surface AND you're feeling a little better!!

  9. That's great you found them, you were probably just stressed and overlooked them. So far I've misplaced a small tree I always put up in the family room, it's nowhere to be found! But I know it will show up.

  10. I am so glad you are finding your decorations. It is just stuff, but stuff that we have had for years and gifts from others and lots of wonderful memories that make us smile when we see them.


  11. Oh, Brenda! I'm so glad you are finding some of your Christmas things. I know how frustrating it is to 'hunt' for stuff! I just hate having to do that. I hope your day has been nice! Sending you a few extra HUGS!

  12. Oh, what luck!! I would have been a crazy screaming wreck and wouldn't have stopped looking until I either collapsed or found them. I am so happy for you. Hopefully you will find all the rest soon. Glad you are feeling a little better:) What great friends you have that would send you decor for your home. Isn't blogging the best? -Steph-

  13. So happy for you Miss Brenda!! Glad you found your goodies. Nice to hear you are feeling better.

    Have a wonderful evening~Becky

  14. So glad that you found them!Hugs,Jen

  15. Oh Brenda I am so happy for you! I just know you will find the rest too. You said how nice it was of your friends to off to send decor and it was so very sweet but you know my dear you get back what you send out and you being so kind and generous all the time you are just getting the same back to you! (((Hugs)))
    Be blessed,

  16. Awwww, we're all smiling now! I'm so happy for you, Brenda. What a relief.


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