Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ok so ........... a new CHEAP tree

Oh my word this day has been priceless LOL

so the tree, the tree that was no more
Hubby reminded me *he believed that last year since I insisted I would always get a live tree*
That I cut on the branches of my artificial tree to use pieces in stockings etc  that I make

HMMM..........that would explain why I have a lighted top of a tree and no branches *Smile*
So off to Family dollar we went

I could of gotten a live tree.............I could of bought a better tree
But due to illness lately and doctor bills, hospital bills etc. I did not want 
to spend the money, not knowing exactly what other bills would be pouring in
before Christmas, I mean with my luck Christmas Eve some doctor will send me 
some big bill..............I will smile and say a prayer for them *SIGH*

So back to Family Dollar.............they had a flimsy 6 foot tree for $25.00
but wait..........leave it to me...........I dig back to the back boxes for mine
and find one marked $20.00..........guess it was last years LOL
Then when I go to pay for it, the trees are 25 % off
YEP I was thrilled *Big Grin* here............can you not just see my grinning face
so for $16.35 I got a tree

We brought it home and I opened it, now it lacked that luster and sure did not
appear that it would have much if any fullness to it
*But hey I wanted a slim tree....Sigh*

Here my friends is my cheap tree

I know I should of edited the picture I am sure you will see it again
I put it in a corner on my old Trunk and covered it with a Burlap Coffee Sack

when a Tree is sort of Bare with thin branches
There is a fast fix
LOAD it down with ornaments LOL

at least I can dim the lights and enjoy tonight

I now I need to tweak it here and there, and you know I will
But I am so much happier, may be nothing but
envelopes will bills under it *BIG BIG SMILE*
But hey I got a tree!!! YEP I am happy
Thank you all for such sweet sweet comments

Better photos will follow on other posts I promise


  1. Aww it is truly a very sweet tree and all the ornaments are looking so lovely on it..
    Love for you x

  2. Oh Brenda. What a special story and a fun memory to go with the tree. You saved it from another dusty Christmas on the shelf. It's so happy and beautiful now. I am proud of you:) It's glorious. -Steph-

  3. Smiling along with you Brenda. A great buy on the tree, After all Christmas is not in the tree but in the heart. Your tree is beautiful and girl you deserve to sit back and enjoy it tonight.

  4. Oh Miss Brenda, your tree is bee-u-tee-ful, we love it.

    If you need me I can come and help you, I am very good at taking care of things and humans. And a hug from a teddy bear works miracles.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  5. The new tree is very pretty and for the price, done good......Blessings Francine.

  6. it looks very pretty all lit up!
    hope the bills do not appear, and that you have bundles of pretty papers instead!

  7. Brenda, I love your cheap tree. I had a 300 dollar tree , that I got on sale for 125. I used it 2 years and gave it to my daughter. it was big and need lots of assembly. I got myself a Bob Evans tree. 6 foot tall and skinny. Doesn't take up too much space. Comes in 3 easy to assemble kidding. You should take a bow for being so thrifty. I pray thinsg look up for you this Christmas. xo, Susie

  8. I LOVE IT Brenda! I prefer the trees with holes in them because of what you said: you can load it with your favorite things and hide them inside the branches close to the trunk. Can't do that with a full tree! I want a slim tree too. Hang in there! ~*~Lisa

  9. It looks great from here! That was a great deal.

  10. Love it! I have a 3' tree from the dollar store I use for our vintage ornaments and my kids popsicle stick reindeer and sleds. We loaded it up with those big "cut glass" lights and garland. Looks awesome and I paid 8 bucks for it! The kids are so proud of it! You cant beat a good deal and your tree is beautiful!

  11. The tree looks beautiful and I Like cheap trees, I think they look more prim, lol. I got one like that and one year I found a box with 3 alpine style, so those are the ones I use.


  12. I think if you never mentioned how much you paid for it, one would never know! Love the story and the price and if it makes you happy that's all that matters. All those lovely handmade ornaments sure hides any flaws it may have.

  13. I think your tree is simply wonderful Brenda!! So glad you found your ornaments!!

    Enjoy your evening~Becky

  14. Brenda so glad you got a tree!It is a lovely tree and the ornies are fantastic. Hugs,Jen

  15. Brenda, keep smiling. I am smiling for you. Your tree looks wonderful. Just right for that corner. Think of the stories you can tell years from now. One year after I left the farm, I couldn't afford a tree. I went to the Woods and Forest nursery, and in their throw out nearly dead plants I found a tree in a pot. Cost nothing..I bought a roll or Christmas ribbon and tied bows all over it. It looked fine. Now every year I put one of those bows on my tree to remind me.

  16. I think it looks nice ~ and your ornaments look great on it!

  17. Big smiles and big hugs to you Brenda! I think it is just as special as you are!
    Be blessed,

  18. Yes surely you'll remember this adventure next tree looks lovely.I have a pencil tree and use it every year.I used to love the real tree but with 3 animals and a busy schedule the simplicity of the fake is so much easier.Enjoy your twinkling lights and looking at all the ornies people made for you.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  19. I'm with the others, Love it! I usually try to pick up trees like this at the end of the year when our store knocks them down by 90%. I'm working toward a tree in each room and just about have the mission completed. Just like yours, i load them with ornies and when the lights come on, they look like a million dollars. You did goooood. ;)

  20. Your $16 tree looks great filled with all those wonderful ornaments!! I love sitting and looking at our tree. Especially this year with all those fabulous ornaments ;) !!

  21. Well I think your tree looks great! You did an awesome job decorating it!

  22. Brenda, you're a trip gal... lol. I love your cheap tree and consider it very valuable. Full of your spunk and splendor :)


  23. I think it looks wonderful.....and a great story to go with it!

  24. You are too funny Girlfriend. Love your cheap tree....After all, the tree's beauty is in the hands that decorate it. We usually have a real tree...a mess, and I never know what I'll have to work with as Mr. Crow picks it out himself. :o I keep telling him I want an artificial one and want to hang it upside down from the ceiling to give us more space in the nest. He is about two phone calls short of calling the looney bin for me. :o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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