Sunday, December 16, 2012

Adding goods to my giveaway and Last day to sign up for mulit artists giveaway

Good Morning

City Sidewalks busy sidewalks
dressed in Holiday style
come on sing along this morning..........

So tell me have you seen busy sidewalks, wonderful holiday decor at stores

It is confession time.............I HAVE NOT!!!! *sigh*
I just do not go out in the hustle and bustle of things
I sometime's miss it, being that I am from a large city

But I believe I will stay here in the country life :)
And sing my Christmas Carols, and yes make orders!

And look at my trees, I do hope we go out for an evening drive
to maybe catch some Christmas lights?
My tree sits atop my Antique Trunk
The two large bells you see in the bottom of this picture
Are there in case NOSEY aka Miss Rango

my extra sweet little always into things *grown* but will always be a puppy????
decides to investigate??

I am in a Bunny kind of mood! Ready to put away the Christmas creating
As soon as I wrap up a few snowmen
Oh I do have some sweet new contrasting Quilting fabrics
to do my bunnies out of this year!!

I am making extra little goodies along the way to put in those packages

I have pulled out many spring patterns to start on Rabbits

Do not forget Today is the LAST day to sign up for the 
Multi Artist Giveaway

So what is your favorite Christmas Carol
Are you ready for Christmas
All your gifts bought and wrapped
All the baking done??
Well then I am coming to your house for Christmas
Set an extra table setting for me I will be right over *Smile*

Have a Beautiful Sunday


  1. I am going to create christmas all year, at least, that is the plan, lol. Love how your ornies look on the tree. I love the song, Mary did you know. I have my christmas cd's that I listen to while I sew in my room.


  2. my favorite carol is Pine Cones and Hollyberries and sleigh Ride. i've got all the gifts i'm gonna get and they are ready to go under the tree on far as the baking NO! gonna do come on tue and wed . Merry Christmas!!!! denise

  3. Brenda at Cozy Little House had a mention of you on her blog! COngrats! You are such a cool celebrity! Love oyur bunnies but you always have fun here! Have a beautiful day and thanks for sharing your giveaway with everyone! Hugs Anne

  4. aww cute bunnies and i love all the ornies so much.
    happy sunday dear x

  5. Ahhhhh, Rango is a sweetie pie...... I love to here The Christmas song, my fav....wrapped presants yesterday, no baking yet...... Getting there though, Enjoy your day my friend, Francine.

  6. Moving on to spring?!?!?!?
    Yikes, I was thinking Valentines Day.......there is never enough time when we are crafting.
    I used to like to get out in the stores and shop but I've become a home body, shopping on line or if I do go out it's to small independent shops or TS. Shopping like the old days isn't near as fun, no one smiles or says hello and if I do to them it's like I'm intruding!
    Hoping to bake next week.
    Stay warm and enjoy your day!

  7. Shopping? Baking? Hello??? I'm supposed to that c*#p too???! Ummmm. NO....I have not started....I'm still reading/grading papers. Grrrrr.... I do have a bit of decorating done...only because I decided to join in the Merriment Chain (I figured it might be the only way to get anything up this year, and I figured correctly....) - but still have a long way to go. Daddy Crow brought a tree home - and it is standing neked and dark in the corner. I'm SOOOO not ready for bunnies!!! Somebody send me a Christmas elf quick!!! :o) Robin

  8. Come on over Brenda, the more the merrier!
    Be blessed,

  9. Brenda~ You are more than welcome at my house for ventured to the mall a few days ago no fun went home and found exactly what I was looking for on line.I've took a few country drives to look at the decorations.Warm Blessings!~Amy


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