Monday, December 10, 2012

A Winner, My last giveaway of 2012, another joint giveaway, My dogs, and I WON!!

WOW where do I start *GRIN*
covering lots of ground here today 

First the Winner of week #7's Ornament giveaway is
congrats Diane I will contact you as soon as I get this long winded post accomplished

Next there is another joint artists Giveaway going on this week
or just jump down to my next post

And just look at them!! The other night we put Santa hats and collars on 
Shelby and Rango
Yep with dirty faces and all, they had just had a bath?? Only my girls!!
Well as always any and all attire freezes Shelby up, she can not and WILL not
move an inch in fact she would not move for me to take it off *SIGH*
she just has that look, like, What on earth is this? 
They already need grooming again
And it turned winter over night here?
Yes we even had a handful of white flakes this morning and black ice!!
Hubby said there were accidents on his way to work this morning
All I know is it is DARN cold YUCK!!


Week # 8's giveaway

Since these guys have been a big hit I am going to give away
A snowman to three different winners
Inside of those boxes will be some extra items for gifts

All you have to do is be a follower of my blog
New followers are welcome
Leave a comment on this post
And yes if you have signed up for previous weeks during the ornament giveaways
those will count for extra chances
And if you have already won you can win again so sign up
This will not end until December the 20th
I will announce the winners on the evening of the 20th so I can ship priority mail to them 
by December the 21st


And now for our laugh of the day
This morning I go to 
Well we know how fun Marie's bag posts are
She had a surprise giveaway announced
If someone could tell her what this angel is made out of they would win a prize
I was the second one but I won a prize anyway

Look close at first I said a cotton ball and then I blew up the picture

I laughed so hard I had water running down the face and in other locations as well
Don't forget to sign up for this last giveaway of the year!!

And last but not least
for those gals that donated a prize for my joint giveaway your little
packages will be in the mail by the weekend!
Have a wonderful day everyone
Thank you all for making 2012 so enjoyable
on my blog


  1. Hi Miss Brenda,

    OMM (oh my mohiar) do you mean you tinkled cause you were laughing so hard? Giggle.

    Yes, I would like very much to sign up for your last giveaway. It has been so much fun signing up each week.

    We are so excited that Miss Lavender Dreams won that cutie of an ornie.


  2. You know I'm going to read it here first! haha! Oh, I'm so happy! I 'need' something new this year! And I love your beautiful creations! Thank you SO MUCH! I'm doing the happy dance! YIP PEEE! Oh I didn't mean to say the P word! teehee! Holiday HUGS!

  3. Congrats to Diane on the win! I KNOW WHAT IT'S MADE OF!!!! OMYSTARS!!!!!!!!!
    Sign me up for your next Ornie Giveaway, Brenda!!!!

  4. Brenda, you are so generous.Please sign me up for the last giveaway.

    Thanks, Janie

  5. Thank You for hosting all the wonderful giveaways, I have been very busy but I haven't missed a week, please enter me one last time

  6. Oh my heck is that made from know what? That is going above and beyond creative!!!! ha ha. Congrats on your win though. Brenda, I would another chance to win this wonderful ornie. He is sooo cute. Thanks for all the fun this year. You are truly talented and so giving. -Steph-

  7. Hmmm.... not sure what I think about that ornie!

  8. Now that's a creative ornie...too funny!

    Will post your giveaway on my sidebar ~ Lori

  9. I would love a chance to win one of your snowmen, they are so fun and you can also pack Rango in there too, lol. I love your pups and they look so cute in their hats.


  10. Congratulations to Diane!
    I would Love to be entered in this weeks Giveaway to win one of your wonderful Snowmen.
    I have entered in all the other ornie Giveaways from the start! #1,2,3,4,5,6,7
    Have a wonderful evening!

  11. sign me up! i signed up for at least 4 of the giveaways. denise[]

  12. Yea!!!! I love that snowman with his big nose! He's a Mr. MaGoo snowman! Awwwww.

    I have entered all of the giveaways from start to finish.

    Silly OLM... Gross... But, silly...

    Blessings, Dear Friend! You are sounding like yourself again!!!!


  13. HEHE! Ms. Brenda! So glad I was able to give the laugh for the day! HEHE! Yes, she is front and center on my tree, and most DON'T know what she is made from...giggles!
    You my friend are one generous gal, missed out on many, BUT please enter me for the adorable fella! Will have to do the blog hop tomorrow! OLM

  14. Please sign me up for the giveaway ~ I have signed up for all of the previous weeks, too! Merry Christmas!! ~Karen

  15. I'm already a follower and would love to be entered in your last ornament giveaway:-)

    Your doggies are so adorable and I had to giggle at their expressions! I tried to put a Santa hat on my mom's cat yesterday but he wouldn't even let me near him with it! lol xo

  16. I am a follower and would love to enter your giveaway! Cute puppies with their santa hats!
    Thanks for the chance.

  17. Very cute snowman. I will be happy to be a follower. Thank you.

    Please enter me.


  18. Adorable!! Please include my name in your drawing:)

  19. I so love everything you do.....please include me in your giveaway!!!

    Kim Dilney

  20. I love your work! My list of my WANTS grows bigger and bigger! You are one generous lady!


  21. Oh I would love to add one of your snowmen to my collection. Sign me up Scotty...oh I guess that is beam me up! LOL I signed up for all of the other ones but 1.
    Your pups are too cute, dirty faces and all.
    Congrats Diane!
    Thanks for everything Brenda!
    Be blessed,

  22. Love peeps with imaginations LOL..Please enter me in your last giveaway..I am a follower.

  23. I oh so love your work...please enter me in your last giveaway. I am on my way to sign up on the other blogs.
    Happy Holidays <3

  24. I follow you and would love to be included in your last draw.
    Did you ever make a dolphin ornament? Fantastic gifts.

  25. Hello Brenda, I have just signed up for your blog and I would love to be entered for a chance to win the snowman ornament, I think it is just wonderful!!! I just adore all of your work! Blessings to you~ Anne Pelletier

  26. Oh baby it's cold outside, we gals in the south enjoy our warm days!!!
    Congrats on a great year Brenda, your crafting is always amazing, I do hope to get back to creating this coming year. Enter me to win your last giveaway for 2012.
    Best Wishes to ya gal, better put another log on the fire tonight.

  27. Oh Brenda, I love, love, love your creations so much!! One of these days I'll be a lucky winner! LOL What a sweet snowman! Thank you for all your generous giveaways! xoxo

  28. Brenda please enter my name in your ornament drawing....I'm a follower too. I've signed up for all your past weeks too. :0) Need to do the blog hoping thing though...your my first. :0)

  29. where do I begin with comments? Yikes... what a jam-packed post! First - congrats to Diane!!! Yea!!! And, yes, yes, please enter me in your last giveaway!! I've been so hoping on these sweet Lisa doodle fellas! I'm a follower and have entered all of the other weeks except one. (Please don't ask me the number of that week or I'll have to pout....and that's not allowed this time of year....but it was the blog hop week....)

    Your pups are adorable. I really think the Snow Dog would look dapper in a Santa hat...but, ummm...that ain't gonna happen ANY time soon!

    And LOL at OLM....and congrats to you! Somehow I missed her post...but, gee, I think we called that a "plug" back in the day... ;o) So, you had tears of laughter running down your legs? Too funny!

    Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  30. Please sign me up for your giveaway.

    Your dogs are adorable, esp. dresses up.


  31. I would love to enter for your snowman giveaway and I have entered all the other giveaways.

  32. Giggles at your pups.Yes I was laughing at OLM's ornie too but glad you won.Conut me in for the final giveaway.I've signed up for each week.Hugs!~Amy

  33. Love the snowman! Love your pups too. I recently lost my beloved Moose. Seeing happy pups lifts my spirits. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  34. Please enter me in your last give a way. I have entered weeks 2-7

  35. Thank you for having the giveaways! Please sign me up for a chance. Thank you!

  36. Congrats to Diane! Love your pups but that is no surprise.LOL!They are so cute in their hats.Congrats on your OLM win!That was just to funny.Please sign me up for your giveaway.Hugs,Jen

  37. Please sign me up for this weeks giveaway. I have signed up for all of them. Thanks for such great giveaways, Valerie

  38. Congrats to Diane and to you on your win!
    I haven't entered one of your giveaways for a very long time. I figured I should let gals who hadn't won have a chance to own one of your awesome creations. Then I saw this darling little snowman and I said to myself, " Linda, you need one of these!" So, here I am, a snowman lover without one like this, begging for a win.... And I know it is shallow of me, but if begging works, it is worth it!

  39. Hi Brenda~

    First..congrats to Diane.

    Your pups look so adorable. Love the look on Ms. Shelby's face.

    Congrats on your win from Marie. I just hope your prize isn't that tampon angel. Hehe!!

    I would love to enter your giveaway. I have entered each week so far.

    Have a wonderful day~Becky

  40. Congrats to Diane on winning the giveaway. Brenda, I'd love to be entered in your next giveaway. I have got to pay a visit to OLM'S blog to see if there were others who responded to the angel in the same way. Happy holidays~

  41. Oh yes sign me up and count me in to win this...I follow via gfc as M.j...ciao4now64 at yahoo dot com.

  42. Hi Brenda!

    I always look forward to your giveaways and blog(I am a long time follower)! I hope you are enjoying this holiday season.


  43. Oh Brenda, please tell me that's not a tampon! LOL.
    That's a perfect win for Diane, I'll bet she's thrilled :)
    Aww, your babes look darling, even though they may disgruntled.
    What an exciting time for you with everything that's going on. Be careful on that black ice.


  44. love your blog , thanks for the give away hope I win
    Debb Halloween Jinglesbells Boo

  45. Cute ornie as usual! Please include me in the drawing.
    Marie is such a goof!

  46. I just love these guys! I have signed up for previous posts..but as you already know...not sure how many! Katie

  47. Your snowman is so cute! Please enter my name for the giveaway. Thank you, Brenda, you are so generous !

  48. Hi I am one of your new followers. Love these snowman, glad to find you here. Please enter me to win a snowman please. Thanks so much, Merry Christmas, Jayne

  49. Hi I am one of your new followers. Love these snowman, glad to find you here. Please enter me to win a snowman please. Thanks so much, Merry Christmas, Jayne

  50. Sign me up! Sign me up! I've signed up on weeks 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7. And I'm a follower too!

    It only took me a few seconds to figure out what the angel was made out of! hehe Wonder what that says about me :)

    PS Love the dogs! My dog would never pose with a hat on! He's a naughty guy!

  51. Congrats to Diane for her winning.
    What adorable Santa pups!
    Please enter me in your last drawing. I've been in every drawing so far, maybe this will be the one ?!! I hope, I hope!
    Happy Holidays.

  52. No snow here in Denver Colorado! Just wicked cold! Brrr...... I love your giveaways! I love those sweet pets! You are an amazing lady! Hugs Anne

  53. Oh, I thought I'd a;ready signed up for this one. I entered all of the other 7 giveaways. Please enter me for this one. Thank you Brenda :)

  54. Love the snowman!! Please enter me !!

  55. Good morning Brenda, Sadly I have only had the chance to enter in a few of the others as so much going on this time of year, even though I wish I could have had more time to do so. If you would kindly enter me into last giveaway I would love it!Your talent and generosity is amazing my friend!
    Big Hugs,

  56. Hi Brenda
    I've entered them all. Pick me me me

  57. I can't believe how generous you are with your giveaways - please include my name in your drawing!

  58. I'm a new follower. Please enter me in your giveaway. Couldn't we all use some snowman cheer in this time of sad events? Merry Christmas.


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